Gastrodon Weaknesses in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond/Shining Pearl?

The Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl are known to be very famous among the early 20s kids and the remakes were available in the year 2006 on the Nintendo as the role-playing game that is loved by many out there.

Pokemon games have a huge fan base among all categories. The series and pokemon shows hold a unique place in everyone’s heart. The games based on pokemon receive much affection from users worldwide. Pokemon Brilliant Diamond/Shining pearl gives a pleasureful experience to all the users.

Various creatures are available whole we play of the Pokemon Brilliant Diamond/shining pearl. Each of these characters has its strengths and weaknesses.

The power and disabilities are known to everyone but mastering the skills to defeat a character at the right moments shows the skills of the player. The player needs to understand the weakness of the opponent’s character and hold fire at the right point which could be very brutal for someone who is fighting against you.

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One such character is the gastro doc and many don’t know its exact weakness of it. Thus, we are here to get into a detailed analysis of the weakness of the gastro doc.

What are the weaknesses of Gastrodon?

The character of gastrodon was introduced in generation 4 and then it again appeared with a more classical and visually appealing sight in the Pokemon Brilliant Diamond/shining pearl. It is known to be an east variant of the sea with a touch of blue color on the skin.

Although it is not the most powerful creature in pokemon yet its color and the dual typing of the ground as well as the land makes it hard to catch for the opponents and can win different battles. One of the basic weaknesses of the gastrodon is the grass attacks.

Gastrodon Weak AgainstGastrodon Resistances Against
Grass Type PokemonElectric, Fire, Rock, Steel  and Poison

As we know that the gastrodon can both ground and water grass type of attacks can be very helpful to defeat the gastrodon. The electric type of attack is useless for the gastrodon. Thus, gastrodon could be defeated if used the right tactics.

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Many try to use the electric type of attack but they forget that the gastrodon is also a ground type of creature and thus can neutralize the electric attacks. But gastrodon not being much more powerful gets the damage via different kinds of rocks, fire, and moves of steel.

Gastrodon Fighting Stat

It is known that the gastrodon has lower or reduced stats when it comes to its defense mechanism. Every player should know the weakness of the opponents to win against them. Making the right move or using a particular type of ability to defeat the opponent can be very crucial in battle.

Best Attack MovesetPokemons
Wood HammerRillaboom
Petal BlizzardMeganium 
Grass KnotZarude
Leaf BladeDecidueye
Energy BallCelebi
Mega DrainTapu Bulu

Thus, using the grass type of attacks like the leaf blade or the bullet seed can make fatal impacts on this creature. Grass can give damage up to 4x while rock, steel, and fire can give damage of 0.5x.

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Besides this gastrodon also possess various abilities like the sticky holds which are its ability to be immune when its water. Pokemon Brilliant Diamond/shining pearl needs a lot of skills in order to master the moves.

It also has power which means it is immune to these types of attacks as well. The gastrodon weaknesses are there if the players of Pokemon Brilliant Diamond/shining pearl use it wisely over some time.

Each creature in the Pokemon Brilliant Diamond/shining pearl has their own ability and weakness. Getting to know the exact weakness and the ability can be very needful in order to tackle the opponent like the gastrodon.

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