Among Us Imposter: How To Be Imposter In Among Us

Among Us Imposter Guide: The Among Us is a multiplayer game. The game is divided into two members, one is a crewmate and another one is an imposter. The role of a crewmember is to complete the given task in the game and survive till last.

The role of an imposter is killing crewmates and they complete the task. Both roles are randomly given to the selected players. To win the Among Us game as the cremate you need to complete the task and as an imposter, you have to defeat every player.

Both roles are exciting but gamers love to be an imposter most of the time, cause as a crewmember there is the only thing to do is a compilation of tasks. But as an imposter without a strategy, it is not possible.

Also while playing you can manipulate other players and also start a debate in-game for fun. 10 players in one match game are also new. In the new update, the crew size will increase from 10, the developers will make 12 or 15. Till then play as a 10 member or less and enjoy a role as crewmate or imposter.

imposter among us

Why Do Players Love to be an Imposter In Among Us?

While playing with friends it doesn’t matter what role you get to play you will love that role but if you are playing on servers there will be a little less fun so people prefer imposter to kill the other player in the silents.

As a crewmate, the only thing that is exciting is the completion of a task but as an imposter, there is thrill, rush, killing, suspense, and more things that are possible with the imposter role among us.

As the game starts everyone will be easy in completing the task early but an imposter will find a way to kill the cremate. The imposter role needs lots of strategies because the ratio of crewmates to imposters is very low, as one or two imposters in a game.

Other than this as an imposter player has also access to mobility through the vents line. to avoid all the cameras, other crewmates, and any suspicious activity to successfully kill players. That is why you must know how to use Vents in Among Us to be a perfect imposter in the game.

Most interesting thing is if any other crewmate finds the dead body and calls a meeting then they have to act like crewmates for some time and blame other players of the game and divert their attention of them to others.

As the crewmate, the task is not very existent every time but as an imposter, there will always be wondering if you have a smart crew in the lobby.

Among Us Imposter – Ultimate Guide

how to get imposter in among us

If you want to be an imposter it will not be possible, but if you want to spend more time in the game then you can apply these tricks. There is not such a setting in a game or additional thing you can use to be an imposter of the game. But here we mentioned some of the tips that you can use to be an imposter for the game.

There is not such a thing that you can get some setting or hack done then you can play the imposter in every game. There are two ways to do this to increase your chances as an imposter. But there is always a way to get what you want. There is one hack that you may be applying but not getting results from, filter the setting and find a lobby or create a lobby with your friends and you will get an imposter player.

The game allows 10 players in single loot, as the default setting there will be one imposter in-game. There are very less chances that you can be an imposter out of that every time. To increase your chance as an imposter you need to go to setting and set imposter number three. Maximum three imposters are allowed in a full lobby.

How To Be An Perfect Imposter In Among Us?

how to be the imposter in among us

So if you play like four to five times then you can be an imposter in a game. But we are gamers and we know how soon the game will complete like it hardly takes 10 to 20 minutes. So if you play reasonable hours with your friends in a private lobby or on the server with other players you can enjoy the great match as an imposter and crewmate both.

The other thing is putting a limit on the number. There are 10 players allowed in a game, but if you are playing with friends you can set a different number but the condition is there should be more crewmates than imposters. If there are a total of 7 players playing the game there will be 4 crewmates and 3 imposters there will be higher chances of being an imposter in a game.

Invisible Perfect Imposter In Among Us

We will not recommend doing this, play genuinely you will get the role of imposter after a few matches, but still, we are sharing so you can play the role of imposter and you get bored from doing one thing you will be played as default recommendation by servers. 

Join the game in random loot, find out your character is an imposter or crewmate. If it’s cremated then leave the looby and join the other looby. If you are an imposter then defeat the crewmate and then apply the same trick again till you get the imposter.

If you just want to play the game and no matter what the role is then you will enjoy the game. The game will not be boring if you can survive as a crewmate and find out who is the imposter among you. The game will be intense after finding out one dead body so play the game as both. Still, if you want to be an imposter try the above tips to get an imposter frequently.

One more thing is if you get a crewmate every time you try to defeat the imposter with your smartness, focus on the task and also be active about who is around you so you can defeat the imposter soon, as the new game begins you can be the next imposter of the crew.

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