How To Get Mega Energy in Pokemon Go

Wondering, what are the ways or how to get mega energy in Pokemon Go. Well, there are some easy ways to obtain mega energy without raids in Pokemon Go.

What is Mega Energy?

To transform the pokemon into max evaluated level the pokemon candy is required. The energy will sustain the power for eight hours. The minimum sustain time for pokemon is eight hours but additional supplies can also increase the time for the evaluated version.

The trainers of the pokemon can use this energy of mega evolved pokemon to win many matches with their skills, the mega evolved pokemon will give you the power to boost the energy of the pokemon which will help you to any raid battle easily.

The upgraded pokemon with mega energy increase the power of the pokemon by 33%  whereas the normal pokemon will get a 10% increase in their power. From the last update in 2022, the process is changed to obtain the mega energy. 

The clear way to get mega energy for pokemon to evolve is by defeating the mega pokemon while raids. As the specific mega pokemon is defeated the trainers will receive the energy for the evolution of the pokemon and use it for a minimum of eight hours, if they found the energy sources while raiding the trainers can also increase the time for evolution.

how to get mega energy in pokemon go

What is the use of Mega Energy In Pokemon Go?

The energy will depend upon how fast you can defeat other evolved pokemon on raids. The energy depends upon the time limit, if you defeat the other pokemon in less time then you will receive the extra mega energy for the, after defeating the other pokemon the trainers will receive 90 to 50 mega energy points after each battle.

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In-game, the mega is all about the battle between the same power level 5 rias. As the level is the same the trainers can team up with other trainers as they want. The mega raids for mega-evolved pokemon will appear a week before its changes.

After the first update of the mega energy, the developers implemented new features in the game version, to obtain the mega energy with the help of the buddy system. To get the one mega energy for the pokemon the trainers have to walk with a buddy. further, the developers decided on the occasional rewards for the trainers, to get rewards the trainers have to complete a certain survey during the game.

Which Pokemon is Added in Mega Energy Evaluation?

When the game was updated for the mega evolution, only five pokemon are included in that link, other pokemon are not possible to allow evolution during the first update. The first five pokemon who have the power to mega evolve are mega beedrill.

pokemon go mega evolution

Charizard X and Y, Blastoise and venusaur. After that many other pokemon are included in that list to make it more attractive, the other pokemon are updated during the festival occasion

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To evolve in mega evolution there are two costs for that. The first is applicable when the pokemon is mega evolved the first time. The first cost for the mega evolution is higher than any other mega evolution charge. After the first mega evolution, the mega evolution power cost will reduce accordingly.

What is the Cost Per Mega Evolution?

The evolution charge for the first time evolution is between 100 to 200 and the cost after that is the range between 20 to 40. It the cost-effective as per the mega pokemon.

As mentioned earlier, fast trainers defeat the raiding enemy according to the time the trainers will receive the mega energy evolution for their selected pokemon for specific times. The energy will not be obtained from the first raid, it requires multiple raids to win the mega energy for the pokemon.

Is All Pokemon Get Mega Energy In Pokemon Go?

Keep in mind that all the pokemon will not mega evolve as per your time, the pokemon will be presented year-round, do make strategies as per pokemon availability.

While in this time period, out of trainers’ pokemon, few selected pokemon are allowed to evolve and that is also for a specific time furthermore only one pokemon is allowed at a time.

The evolved pokemon also have a time period after the time they complete the pokemon will be in normal levels, so check the time in the pokemon screen and raid battles according to that.

Can Mega Energy be Used To Defeat Opponent Pokemon?

While reading, don’t forget to use the mega-evolved energy to defeat the enemy pokemon as the raid will be in the same tiers, the raid time matters the most.

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So if you don’t use the mega-evolved pokemon to win the battles fast the extension time for the mega evolved pokemon will end. To increase the time of the mega evolved trainers have to win battles but not with less time.

The initial cost to mega-evolve pokemon is high but it is required to win the battle after some tiers or you won’t be able to stand in the raids.

The alliance is another important format in the game where you can team up with other players to raid the enemy. After the first mega-evolution is completed the other evolution is not high, you can evolve more powers easily after the first is complete.

how to get mega energy

Other than this the pokemon have a standard eight hours time you have to attack that time period to utilize their energy and to get an extension in the time, while not raiding on the farm the trainers are required to practice with their pokemon to see the probable results of the battles.

As you practice with the trainers will be able to come up with new strategies to complete the battle soon. Other than this upgrade pokemon power after some time and change and choose as per time while raiding.

This is the end of this short guide hopefully you find this article helpful in order to finding out how you can get mega energy in Pokemon Go without having a hassle. Check other Pokemon Go-related guides below.

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