How To Use Vents in Among Us as Imposter? Guide (2024)

Among is one of the best asymmetrical games when it comes to multiplayer gaming. You can be a crewmate or the Imposter in the game you need to complete the tasks if you’re a crewmate and if you’re an imposter then you need to damage items and terminate your crewmates.

And playing as an imposter is the dream of every Among Us player. Because there is lots of fun as an imposter compares to a crewmate. Especially when it comes to venting, each Among Us map has vents that allow imposters to travel from one to another room.

There lot of confusion about the Vents among players who play as imposters in Among Us. Here we have shared a guide that help you to know how you can safely use the vent in Among Us game without having a hassle.

How To Vents Safely on Among Us?

among us character venting

How you can use the vent, and also how you can also you can quickly escape from the scene without being suspected, as the venting is visible to the people who are nearby the vents. This can get you evacuated from the ship and you will lose the game. Here are some things that you must consider and learn while successfully trying to the venting.

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Vents in the game are nothing but a secret passage for the imposters. They are used to connect one room to one another. As only the imposters can use the vents.

In the starting, you should keep a distance from others players as they can sabotage you easily. When a player gets close to an imposter, they can sabotage you, and when that button is replaced with the vents button so that you can easily vent out from the scene.

vent among us

They should quickly press the button so that they don’t get caught in the act, and use the vent. The crewmate can see the imposter get in the vents if they are in the vicinity. Thus it is also the players should keep in mind that they don’t get in the view of the crewmates.

Because they can see you escape through the vents and can see you how killed them and also you will get the game lost. You should also keep in mind that there should be no one in another room where you are using the vents and they can also get you killed.

Also, there are security cameras on the ship, so the imposters also should take care of them, so that they don’t get caught in the act. If you enter a room with another person and only you come out then it also raises the question that you are an imposter.

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Things To Consider When You Use Vents?

When you are in the vents you can see that arrows are pointing toward the other vent in another room. As an imposter, you can select where you want to go using the vent. When you are in the vent the sabotage and kill buttons will stop until you get out. To make sure you win the game you should quickly get away through vents after killing the crewmates.

among us vent

The crewmates can’t find out who killed it when you move away from the body. If you want to win the game then you should get with the strategy that you should only exit and enter with vents which will make them confused about you. 

An imposter is safe when the security camera is not around and also the thing is that no other players are around him. The imposters should keep in mind that they should always consider the time when the vent is being used or the crewmates will see you.

Crewmates play an important role in suspecting who the imposter is in the game. they can call a meeting just after sabotage happens. Imposters should be aware of it and don’t get panicked, they can also see the vents when they are used such that the things are that imposter should be careful while shutting off the door which will make cremates aware of the activities the imposter is doing in the room.

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But the imposter is saved because the crewmates cannot see the color or the name of the player who used the vent.  This is how the imposter can get quickly and successfully after getting the crewmates killed they can easily kill them and escape through the vents.  

Number of Vents in All Among Us Maps

These are total vents present in each map of Among Us that you can use as an Imposter in-game.

Skeld MapMira HQPolusThe Airship
in the engine linking the reactor’s upper and lower portions.Admin > Greenhouse > OfficeElectricity, O2, and Reliability are all connected in a circle.The Vault and Viewing Deck are connected to the Cockpit via two vents.
A circular area with security, a medical bay, and electricity.Reactor > Laboratory > Office > Greenhouse > AdminSome vents are related to the corridor in the northwest and northeast.A ring of ports running between the kitchen and the engine room.
O2 Admin, three vents in the cafeteria, as well as a passageway.Launchpad > Reactor > Decontamination > LaboratoryA port connects the Admini and Research laboratories and opens up access to the South Corridor.a circle linking the entrance locations in the gap room with the main hall.
Each vent on a shield and weapon connects to the navigation system.Blacony > Cafeteria > AdminYour last ring of connections between records and showers.
Blacony > Medbay > Launchpad

This is the end of this short guide hopefully you find this article helpful to know how you can use vent safely on Among Us. For more similar content do read our Among Us Guides for more helpful information such as how to change your name in Among Us or Polus Map guide and more.

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