How To Get a Shiny Lucario in Pokemon Legends Arceus

If you’re looking for to ways to get Shiny Lucario in Pokemon Legends Arceus. This is your lucky day here we covered all information that help you to know how you can get Shiny Lucario without having a hassle.

How To Get Shiny Lucario in Pokemon Legends Arceus

Generally, there are two ways to get Shiny Lucario in Pokemon Legends Arceus and here we have covered both ways.

More importantly, you can use the Shiny charm within the Pokemon Legends Arceus to boost the chances to encounter the Shiny pokemon.

Encounter Shiny Riolu or Lucario

shiny lucario
shiny lucario

In Pokemon Legends Arceus there are two places where players mostly encountered the Riolu or a Lucario within the game the places were you can encounter the Riolu or Lucario most are as follows.

  • South of Snowfall Hot Springs (Alabaster Islands)
  • Icebond Falls
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The best way to get the Shiny Lucario in Pokemon Legends Arceus is to encounter multiple Riolu and Lucario in both places until you get the Shiny Lucario. Here you can use the Shiny Cham to increase the chances to get the Shiny Lucario with fewer efforts.

Mass Outbreaks and Space-Time Distortions

In Mass Outbreaks and Space-Time Distortions, the player can spawn Lucario for mostly 15 minutes the faster the player catches the more it spawns and it will boost the chances to encounter the shiny Lucario.

Similarly to the Mass Outbreaks, the Space-Time Distortions also work on the same principle but are mostly the best reliable compared to the Mass Outbreaks. So we recommend the player never miss the chance to get Shiny Lucario in the Space-Time Distortions event in Pokemon Legends Arceus.

Why is capturing Lucario so hard?

shiny riolu
shiny lucario

The reason behind this is their skills. The pokemon is one of the rare ones in the game. Furthermore to hide their training they hide in the mountains from the other pokemon and trainers. It is hard to find them roaming around there for a while.

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It is not possible to capture them in the bushes, to capture the Lucario you have to find their training location and have to start the capture from there. Lucario is hard to find, so is the shiny Lucario. Either you can use the normal Lucario or can evolve it after a while.

If you are lucky enough you can capture the shiny Lucario. Moreover, if you find a herd then you can swap it till you get the evolved version of it.

The shiny Lucario is one of the rarest pokemon. The chances of getting it are around 20 to 30 in 4026. The pokemon has a horn in his head. When Lucario senses the dangers these horns get straight. This horn works as an alarm for trainers. If the trainers have the pokemon then they can prepare themselves after the alert.

What difference between the Lucario and the shiny Lucario?

The physical appearance of the pokemon is very different from the evolved version. The main thing you will notice is the skin colour of the pokemon. In Lucario, you will notice the pokemon has a bluish colour and in the chest and belly part the yellow colour.

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Whereas in the shiny Lucario the chest and belly part turns out blue including the legs and horn. Where the other body colour changes to blue. Like colour-swapping between evolved and normal Lucario.

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