How To Get a Shiny Lucario/Riolu (Pokemon Legends Arceus) 2022

Most useful guide based on how to get a shiny Lucario / riolu on Pokemon Legends Arceus with complete information.

There are so many pokemon that it’s hard to know all the names of all the pokemon. There is one pokemon that everyone wants to grab. Pokemon is not impossible to get. After some effort, you will end up getting a shiny Lucario.

Many of the players don’t want to catch the normal Lucario, they want to catch the direct shiny Lucario or encounter it. So you can do both as you conveniently play with it. We here mentioned some of the tips which probably will help you to catch shiny Lucario.

Why is capturing Lucario so hard?

shiny riolu
shiny lucario

The reason behind this is their skills. The pokemon is one of the rare ones in the game. Furthermore to hide their training they hide in the mountains from the other pokemon and trainers. It is hard to find them roaming around there for a while.

It is not possible to capture them in the bushes, to capture the Lucario you have to find their training location and have to start the capture from there. Lucario is hard to find, so is the shiny Lucario. Either you can use the normal Lucario or can evolve it after a while.

If you are lucky enough you can capture the shiny Lucario. Moreover, if you find a herd then you can swap it till you get the evolved version of it.

Skills and strengths of the shiny Lucario:

The shiny Lucario is one of the rarest pokemon. The chances of getting it are around 20 to 30 in 4026. The pokemon has a horn in his head. When Lucario senses the dangers these horns get straight. This horn works as an alarm for trainers. If the trainers have the pokemon then they can prepare themselves after the alert.

The other skill is that Lucario can read the aura and can also track the movements. The pokemon can use the aura of the enemy against them and attack with full potential.

Also, the pokemon can communicate with others via telepathy and know human speech. The pokemon can judge what is right and wrong, from that they can do the right thing for every scenario. No matter what the circumstance is but they always stay with their trainers and always have their back. The chances of capturing the Lucario is 11.9% and the Pokedex is 448.

Where to capture the shiny Lucario in pokemon legends Arceus?

There are two to capture the shiny Lucario. First, come first have to encounter the shiny Lucario or shiny Riolu.
Second, you have to spend time behind the pokemon and search for the shiny Lucario here and there to capture it. This is possible during the mass outbreak of the Lucario. Otherwise, it is not possible to capture while travelling.

While hunting for the pokemon if you find the shiny riolu then you can evolve the shiny riolu to the shiny Lucario.

Where to encounter shiny Lucario:

To capture the shiny Lucario in an encounter there are two places. South of snowfall hot springs in albasater islands and in icebond falls. In both mentioned places you may not get the shiny Lucario or shiny riolu in one go. To capture the evolved Lucario you have to encounter it till you get it.

If you find the shiny Riolu by chance then you can evolve pokemon to shiny Lucario.
In an encounter, there is a particular time like when you will get the pokemon, and have to perform the encounter till you grab shiny Lucario.

The other way is during the mass outbreaks, around 15mins there will be lots of Lucario to spawn. In this time as you get the Lucario as many times you can spawn so this increases the chances of getting the shiny Lucario more. The other spawns a way to get the pokemon during the space-time distortions. This dont work all the time like every time you will not catch it.

shiny lucario
shiny lucario

The moves of the Lucario:

As we mentioned the skills and strengths so now you have to know it’s time to know the moves of Lucario. With these moves, the enemies have a hard time holding their ground.

There are different moves you can use in different manners. In situations you face:
● Sword dance
● Meteor mash
● Close combat
● Bullet punch

There are four moves and from the name, you can imagine the damage behind it. If you know how to fight and how to use the skills of the pokemon then it’s hard to lose any match with the Lucario.

How to find the difference between the Lucario and shiny Lucario?

The physical appearance of the pokemon is very different in the evolved version. The main thing you will notice is the skin colour of the pokemon. In the Lucario, you will notice the pokemon has a bluish colour and in the chest and belly part the yellow colour.

Whereas in the shiny Lucario the chest and belly part turns out to blue including legs and horn. Where the other body colour changes to blue. Like colour swapping between evolved and normal Lucario.

It will look bigger than the normal version. You will notice the horn on the head and the triangle blade shape on the hands. The other changes will be noticed in the pokemon as in the personality if you had first the normal version and then the pokemon evolved.

At last, if you are not able to get the pokemon then try to capture it from the other servers in North America and Europe. After the capture, you can evolve it in the game. The best way to get the pokemon is by encountering the pokemon.

It is not possible to find during the search option on the mountains and chances are very less to find. Because they have the sense of the danger so they will protect themselves from you. With encounters, the chances are also very less but you will get the other pokemon and increase your skills of yours.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Question

These are some of the commonly asked questions related to the Shiny Lucario with complete information.

How rare is Lucario shiny?

Riolu/Lucario first appeared in Pokemon Go in October 2018, but it appears to be extremely difficult to obtain/catch this Pokemon, as it is only available within a 7-kilometre radius and the chances of obtaining/hatching one are quite slim (2 percent )

Is there a shiny Lucario?

Lucario is one of two Shiny Pokemon that have participated in the Pokemon GO (the other being Shiny Zangoose after his mutation). Shiny Lucario is one of the few Pokemon that have reached their full potential in the game

Why is Lucario not a legendary?

Because of how they must be gained, Lucario are mistaken for pseudo-Legendaries. On Iron Island, Lucario can only be gotten when Riley gives the player a Riolu Egg in Diamond and Pearl.

What is the best Moveset for Lucario?

Counter & Aura Sphere is Lucario’s strongest moveset, with a Max CP of 2,703. Lucario may use its aura waves to read its opponent’s emotions.

This is the end of this short guide, hopefully, you find this article helpful.

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