How To Craft End Crystal in Minecraft? Guide

The Minecraft player can easily craft the End Crystal similar to the one that appears at the Ender Dragon boss fight you reach the end in Minecraft. The End Crystal is one of the most powerful explosives compared to TNT blocks in the game.

With the help of the End Crystal, the player can use it to summon the Ender Dragon once it’s defected. All you need to summon is to place 4 end crystals on the bedrock at the exit portal. When it’s perfectly done, the End Crystal will explode and pillars will appear on the top of the crystals and the End Dragon.

In this guide we shared information how you can craft the End Crystal in Minecraft with complete steps.

end crystal minecraft recipe
end crystal recipe

How To Craft End Crystal in Minecraft?

In order to craft the End Crystal in Minecraft you need to follow the ingredients with you.

  • 7 Glass
  • Eye of ender
  • Ghast Tear
  • Crafting Table
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Crafting The Glass

Crafting The Glass

In order to craft the glass in Minecraft you need to use sand. You can get sand from desert biomes. Place the sand in the furnace and you will get the glass as result.

Crafting Eye of Ender

Crafting Eye of Ender

In order to craft the Eye of Ender in Minecraft you need to blaze power and ender pearls. The player can obtain the Blaze Power from Blaze Mobs and ender pearls are dropped.

Obtain The Ghast Tear

get Ghast Tear

The Ghast Tears can only be obtained in Minecraft when players kill Ghasts. You can use lots of Ghast in the Nether. The best way to kill Ghast is using a sword or bow and arrow. Once you kill the Ghast it will drop the Ghast Tears that you can collect in your inventory.

Crafting the End Crystal In Minecraft

Once you have 7 glasses, the eye of ender and a ghast tear you’re good to go to craft the End Crystal in Minecraft. Follow the below given step-by-step instructions.

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1. First of all open the Crafting Table from the menu with 3×3 gird.

2. In the crafting table place the eye of the ender, seven glasses and Ghast tear in the 3×3 gird.

craft end crystal

It’s important to place the items in their correct place in order to craft the End, Crystal. You need to place the Eye of Ender in the center and the Ghast Tear just under the eye. Place the glasses on all remaining columns as shown in the above image.

Once you place all the items correctly you will see the End Crystal on the right side of the crafting table. Simply move the end crystal to the inventory and use it as you prefer in Minecraft.

This is the sum up of crafting End Crystal guide for more similar content do read our Minecraft Guides for more helpful information.

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