Best Wukong Builds (2024)

Wukong is one of the best warriors in Warframe. He resembles the well know Money King and some of the dynamic abilities such as ​Celestial Twin, ​Cloud Walker​, Defy and ​Primal Fury. That allows him to survive among huge numbers of enemies.

However, the Wukong Builds can help you to boost your abilities to the next level and more importantly the builds allow you to use the Primal Forces, Heavenly Cloak, Cosmic Armor, Monkey Luck, and Sly Alchemy.

If you’re looking for the best Wukong Builds then you’re in luck today. Here we have featured all the popular Wukong builds that might helpful for you.

Without wasting your time let’s focus on Wukong Builds.

Wukong Builds

The Iron Staff Build

Wukong The Iron Staff Build

The Iron Staff Build is a new build with the Wukong patch. It is a solo-laned build that allows players to deal massive damage in skirmishes and team fights. The Wandering King the item gives you a lot of attack speed, so it can help you to deal more damage.

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The Iron Staff this item gives you more magic power and cooldown reduction, so it will help you to cast your spells more often. The Infernal Staff this item allows you to deal more damage with your abilities.

The Primal Fury Build

Wukong The Primal Fury Build

The Primal Fury Build is a Wukong build that relies on Primal Fury to stack up and maximize its damage output. The Primal Fury Build has some similarities with other builds, but it also has some key differences.

The most important difference is how it utilizes the passive ability of Wukong’s passive ability to get stacks of Primal Fury. The player will have to be careful and watchful as they accumulate stacks because they will have a maximum number of stacks before hitting their cap.

The New Defy Build

Warframe Wukong New Defy Build

One of the best abilities that Wukong has is Defy which allows him to revert the absorb harm to the opponents. This build is more focused on the Defy ability that provides him transitory invulnerability.

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More importantly, if you want to build a strong Defy build for Wukong then you need to focus on boosting the Power Efficiency and Power Duration. This build is best when you’re going to face lots of enemies, especially in survival missions.

This is all for the Wukong Builds guide. Here at Gameinstants, we cover gaming-related information. If you are interested do read our Warframe Guides for more helpful user guide content.

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