Best Wukong Builds To Use (September 2022)

Wukong Build is one of the most powerful and sophisticated Action RPGs globally, combining oriental myths with mobile play. Wukong’s unique skill system gets richer as you level up and collect more skill sets. Skills include dashes, strong melee Combos, jumps, and more styles like Dark Lord WuKong Endless gaming adventures are waiting for you in Wukong build.

Wukong: Introduction

Wukong, also known as Luís de Camões, is a versatile fighting machine who can fight as either a close-ranged kung fu master with long Jian blades or an archer with a quiver on his back. He can not only fight but also fly and shoot energy from his palms.

Wukong was once just an ordinary monkey, but through many trials, he attained immortality by passing through fire and eating different plants that would give him different abilities. Wukong could easily destroy demons and Gods alike with ease with these powers.

Wukong is a martial artist of the Monkey Clan and the main protagonist in the classic Chinese novel “Journey to the West .”In “Journey to the West,” he is portrayed as a heavily-muscled monkey with black hair and red eyes.

The core of wukong is the ability to deploy an extra body with a ghost shroud combo to establish lane dominance. By combining clone stampede, you can attack four targets at any given time, heavily potentiating your damage output and securing kills quickly.

Utilize clone stampede’s nature and wukong’s mobility via decoy or displacement to take care of the lane with more tactics and pinch lanes together for an even greater punishment on your enemy’s towers or base.

Wukong is a melee fighter who can be played as an assassin or a tank. He can transform into an invincible monkey, which makes him immune to damage and able to deal damage in return.

The Best Wukong Builds are:-

Wukong Builds

The Iron Staff Build

The Iron Staff Build is a new build with the Wukong patch. It is a solo-laned build that allows players to deal massive damage in skirmishes and team fights.The Wandering King the item gives you a lot of attack speed, so it can help you to deal more damage.

The Iron Staff this item gives you more magic power and cooldown reduction, so it will help you to cast your spells more often. The Infernal Staff this item allows you to deal more damage with your abilities.

Void Stone this item will allow your abilities to slow enemies and give you some magic resistance. Wukong Build is a new build for League of Legends that was released in the year 2022.

Riot Games have created the Iron Staff Build to give Wukong players some more options to play with. It also allows Wukong players to play with a different kind of playstyle, which could be more suitable for their gaming style or preferences.

The Primal Fury Build

The Primal Fury Build is a Wukong build that relies on Primal Fury to stack up and maximize its damage output. The Primal Fury Build has some similarities with other builds, but it also has some key differences.

The most important difference is how it utilizes the passive ability of Wukong’s passive ability to get stacks of Primal Fury. The player will have to be careful and watchful as they accumulate stacks because they will have a maximum number of stacks before hitting their cap.

Wukong is one of League of Legends’ most iconic champions, and he is also one of the most popular in the game. He was released with a new build called “Primal Fury,” which was released on January 24th, 2022.

This was a major overhaul for Wukong’s abilities, and we will discuss what it entails below.

The New Defy Build

The New Defy Build abilities are in the 2022 update, and one of these abilities is the Wukong Build In 2022, which will allow you to evade incoming attacks. With this ability, when the enemy has an Augur Message, your Defy won’t break.

This is a new ability that you will be able to use when the Wukong in 2022 update launches. This ability will allow you to evade incoming attacks, giving you increased survivability. With this ability, your Defy will not be broken even if the enemy caught you and they had an Augur Message.

Wukong Build is a game-changer in the world of The New Defy. It has many abilities that will allow you to become who you have always wanted to be and make your character unique.

The Clone Build

Clone Build is a feature in the game Fortnite that allows players to create their player character. You can edit your appearance and customize your hero’s abilities and loadout. This is a great way to play around with different builds and see which abilities you prefer before committing to one.

The game offers some pretty powerful weapons but doesn’t allow for the full range of items found in the Save The World version of Fortnite.

There are also no traps or contraptions to help you defend yourself against enemies, so focus on building defenses for protection instead. Clone Build is a new feature in “Star Wars Battlefront II .”The Clone Troopers use their DNA to create a clone of themselves. Their new clone will have the same weapon and abilities and replace the original trooper when they get killed in battle.

Some of the Abilities

Celestial Twin

Wukong summons his twin brother, who charges forward, dealing damage and knocking up enemies in his path. Wukong spins around, dealing damage to nearby enemies and knocking them up. Wukong dashes forward, dealing damage to all enemies in his path.

If he hits an enemy with this skill, he will bounce off that enemy and go in the opposite direction. As an expert in martial arts, he also uses his skills to fly through the air with ease and perform other amazing feats. Wukong is equipped with many skills that allow him to transform into different forms and use them in battle.

Cloud Walker

Wukong can walk on the clouds, which allows him to avoid some skill shots and make it easier for him to get into fights. He can walk on the clouds, and his skill set is based on physical damage. Cloud Walker: Wukong will walk on clouds while moving at high speed and gain CC immunity.

Also, upon activation, Wukong will be temporarily unforgettable by enemies and can pass through them as they move around him while still.

Wukong, also known as the Cloud Walker, is a Legendary Hero who has a diverse range of abilities covering all types of combat situations, ranging from close-quarters melee fighting to long-range skills, like a ranged attack; called “thunder.

“Wukong can use his ability to traverse the environment by using his cloud walker ability, which allows him to jump infinitely while staying in one spot. This allows Wukong to move quickly around the map without spending time running back and forth across open spaces.


He can use his staff to deal damage and stun enemies. Cyclone’s ultimate ability allows him to spin around with his staff, dealing damage and knocking back enemies in the process.

Wukong’s passive ability is Defy which grants him bonus armor and magic resistance for every enemy champion he hits with an ability or basic attack.

This makes him a great champion for taking down tanks and other high-health champions. When Wukong crashes into something or falls from a high place, he stays where he stands or falls without injury. He also has an ability called Absorbing harm which allows him to absorb attacks like meteors for energy.

Aside from these two, some other abilities include: flying in the air for long periods, having super speed, and invisibility. Wukong is a character from League of Legends who has defeated over twenty-one different gods.

He was able to achieve this by using his abilities which are the basis of his fighting style. One of the abilities that he can use is Defy, which makes him immune to physical damage and regenerates health over time. Wukong’s ability to absorb harm helps him break through the enemy’s defense and allows him to kill enemies quickly and efficiently.

Primal fury

He can transform into an invincible monkey, which makes him immune to damage and able to deal increased damage. Wukong’s abilities are made up of his ultimate, Primal Fury, and his passive, Iron Staff. His ultimate enables him to charge toward enemies, dealing damage and knocking them back with a mighty combo.

His passive gives him the ability to steal health from enemies with every damaging auto-attack on an enemy champion. Wukong becomes invisible for 1 second and leaves behind an illusion that will deal magic damage to nearby enemies.

Wukong spins around, dealing magic damage in a circle around him and knocking up enemies hit by it. Wukong dashes forward, dealing magic damage in a line in front of him.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the frequently asked questions related to the best Wukong Builds with complete information.

Is Wukong AP or AD?

Wukong’s E, Nimbus Strike, is nearly identical, with the exception that it now scales with AP rather than physical.

Is Wukong a tank?

In addition, if he rushes into an opposing jungler, he can easily escape with his w. The clear of Wukong isn’t all too horrible. His passive allows him to tank while also providing him with sustain, as it heals the more stacks he has. You should always begin on the red side.

Is Wukong worth learning?

Without a doubt. He’s got some great skills and a solid healing option, so he’s a bit of a tank. His initial ability effectively gives you a free Spectre. His second heals and gives him remarkable range of motion.

Can Wukong build tank?

Wukong employs a combination of AD and tank gear to deal damage and stay alive. The Black Cleaver is an excellent example of a tanky equipment for Wukong. With Wukong’s attacks and abilities, you can quickly proc the passive’s 5 stacks. Wukong’s Divine Sunderer is another fantastic gadget.

This is end of this short guide.

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