Clash Royale 2024 (Season 56) Balance Changes

clash royale balance changes

In today’s special, I’ve got the new balance change information for you guys in Clash Royale for the June balance changes and I can tell you first hand there are a whole lot of buffs, nerfs and reworks so stick with me and I’ll show you what’s to come in the June Clash Royale balance … Read more

Genshin Impact: Chords Of The Forest Guide


Genshin Impact offers you a melodious delight called Chords of the Forest Web from Sumeru’s second OST Album. In this event, players can unlock tracks and win Primogems in the process. This Genshin Forest Web event started on April 20th and ended on April 27th, 2023 and the event reward is a total of 40 … Read more

League of Legends: When Does Preseason 2024 Start

League of Legends preseason 2023 guide

League of Legends preseason was released after the end of season 12 patch 12.21. Now you might be wondering, when does preseason 2023 start for LOL? The new patch 12.22 was immediately released on the 16th of November 2022. The preseason brought a number of changes to make the game more accessible to new and … Read more