Baldur’s Gate 3: Profane Womb Location Guide

While exploring Baldur’s Gate 3, you might have reached the Mind Flayer Colony. You have to reach to location Profane Womb Baldur’s Gate 3. In the Mind Flayer Colony creatures reside and are ruled by the elder brain rules. In that location, you have to look for the profane womb. Profane Womb is a large item in the Underdark area in BG3. 

To get to the Profane Womb in Baldur’s Gate 3, you have to reach the Miind Flayer Colony. Your quest will begin from there. Go through this guide to reach the profane womb in the Underdark area. 

Baldur’s Gate 3: Profane Womb Location Guide

To reach the Profane Womb Location in Mind Flayer Colony, Underdark, you should consider the mentioned steps.

Enter the Mind Flayer Colony

To reach there, you have to interact with Hollow Tower and grab a prompt to leap. Also, you have to get in touch with Ketheric Thorm, and after that reach the darkness by jumping from the Chasm and you will land on the ground. You will be entered in Mind Flayer colony, where dream visitors will inform you about deadly creatures that reside in the area. 

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Head to the Flesh Wrought Doors

After the dream visitor, to reach further in the area, you need to speak with membrance. It will help you to unlock new areas. While on a journey, you will encounter the Intellect Devourers. You don’t need to worry about them the creatures are passive. They won’t harm you or attack you. 

If you take the advice of the Devourers, they will help you to reach the Flesh Wrought Doors. From that location, you can extract the Morgue. 

Explore Morgue Area

Further in your journey, you will be reached to the location Morgue Area. in the Morgue Area, you will find the corpses, known as the Neural Apparatus, also there will be free mind and restoration. 

On your left you might find eye-gazing Mind Flayer Brain, it will be different from all the world. Furthermore, you can choose to save the brain to continue the journey with it in further battle. As you complete the conversation with the brain, you should head towards to find the console. 

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If you choose to interact with the console, it will deploy the corpse, known as chop after hatching the item. 

Complete Persuasion Check

Further, you will notice that the chop was snatching the victim’s brain. After that, the absolute will convert it into the intellect of Devourers. This event will force Chop to ask for your help to release the caged brain of Morgue. If you want to help the Chop and agree to release the brain, chop will give you a tool to unlock the cage, if you use the tool to free the brains, you will also receive an item Summon us. 

Search the Profane Womb

If you successfully reach the area, and clear all the obstacles on your way, you will get the helms in that location. You can use the helms to upgrade the inventory. 

Before you reach to get the womb, you will face many enemies. To get that you have to surpass all of them. You are required to defeat the Winged Horror, Death Shepherd, and a zombie in the Necrotic Laboratory. 

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As you are done with the battle, it’s time for the reward, check out the loot and extract Profane Womb from there. You will find the Profane Womb in the location where enemies were first seen. 

Wrapping Up

You can find the Profane Womb in the quest of the Mind Flayers Colony in BG3. there is no specific use of the profane womb. It is required and also on a way to unlock the Necrotic Laboratory to complete the mind flayers colony quest. 

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