Baldur’s Gate 3: How To Help The Dead Monk Spirit Of The Amulet

In BG3, help the spirit of the amulet to have the Sentient Amulet item. You can have that item while exploring the Adamantine Forge location. It’s a side quest though, but it’s an item to have on your way to the next act.

However, it’s a bit complicated. Once you start you have to end it, or you will be cursed throughout the journey. To get rid of the curse, you have to help the spirit of the amulet in Baldur’s Gate 3. It’s a kind of cursed monk and he has a request to fulfill. You have to willingly or forcefully accept the request of the monk. 

Let’s find out all about the Sentient Amulet and help the spirit of the amulet in BG3. 

How can I have the Sentient Amulet in Baldur’s Gate 3?

It won’t be that easy to reach Adamantine Forge in the Grymforge location. But with a well-balanced party, you may clear all obstacles in your way to get the Sentient Amulet. Your party has to reach the coordinate at -624, 224, there will be a locked chest on the rocky platform, at the dead end of the path. 

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While heading to the area, you have to defeat the Lava Elemental. The whole area is covered with the lava floor, and due to that, you will lose some amount of health. To save the health and cool down the area a bit you have to defeat the Lava Elemental first, it will be roaming around that area. 

Finally, you will reach the location, Adamantibe chest is locked, to open you will need a key. The player who has rolled the bg3 rogue has required dexterity to open the lock. On the other hand, another player will be required to have 20 or more to pass the skill check. Don’t lose hope, you can find the key in the surrounding area, you can loot the skeleton nearby for keys. 

Also, there you can loot some of the items from the skeleton, however, there will be some kind of curse to it too. 

Once you have access to the Sentient Amulet, you will encounter the spirit of the amulet. And it is a curse to laugh uncontrollably. However, it has three abilities that you can acquire later. 

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Now, there is a lot more than that, you won’t be able to equip tough, you have to go through the wisdom check. To get through the wisdom check, you have to resist the curse of laughing uncontrollably. He will have one request, that you have to fulfil.

Baldur’s Gate 3: How to help the spirit of the amulet?

The Cursed monk, who was living in an amulet, has a request. And you have to help the spirit of the amulet. The Spirit of the amulet has the request to meet his granddaughter. You can accept that request, and it works as a quest. Spirit’s granddaughter is located at Wyrm’s crossing and you have to hand over the amulet. 

But, there’s little cache in here, the granddaughter died years ago. When you reach the Wyrm’s crossing, head to the open-hand temple. When you find Shirra Clarwen, she will inform you that she is dead. 

Now, she is buried beneath the temple, to get your way into the tomb, reach the kitchen, there you will find the hatch that will lead you to the crypt. Further, you have to interact with the tomb, the monk will look into your body and talk to you. There you have the choice to kill the monk or accept the madness. 

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At the end of it, as a reward, you will reward Tasha’s Hideous Laughter per long rest. 


It’s a rollercoaster adventure, you have to go through the lava road, and unlock the amulet. Further, I have to face the spirit of the amulet. After that wisdom check and have to find a granddaughter. At last end the madness or kill the monk. 

This is all for how to help the spirit of the amulet for more similar guides do check our Baldur’s Gate 3 guides section.

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