BG3: Solution For Neural Switchboard Malfunctioning

In Bg3, a Neural Switchboard is a device. It will be helpful in Baldur’s Gate 3 journey to control the steel watchers in the foundry. For that, you need to solve the puzzle. Also, the neural switchboard is one of the tasks of the foundry quest. 

Here we have discussed where you will find the neural switchboard, how to get it, solve the puzzle, and malfunctioning neural switchboard bg3. 

What is a Neural Switchboard in BG3?

Neural Switchboard is a device that will help you to get rid of steel watchers in the foundry. In BG3 you can find a Neural Switchboard in the Necrotic Lab of Mind Flayer Colony. Also, in this location, you can find the Mind Archive Machine, which contains various creatures’ brains. 

The Neural Switchboard will be used to connect four parts of the brain. Which are speed, emotion, memory, and reason. They all are represented with different colors, such as Speed is represented by Red, Emotion by Blue, Memory by Green, and Reason by Yellow

To know how to use Neural Switchboard in BG3 go through the article. 

How to use the Neural Switchboard in Baldur’s Gate 3?

You won’t be able to use the Neural Switchboard without Neural Node. To get access to the Neural Switchboard you will need a particular item Neural Node. 

As we know Neural Switchboard is required to connect the four parts of the brain. To connect the parts you will require a Neural Node. In BG3, the Neural Node will allow you to connect four parts of the brain to the corresponding centers on the opposite side. The four colors are Red, Blue, Green, and Yellow and they all are arranged on a web of Neural Node. 

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Further, you have to make sure that the two centers are separate, they don’t share nodes. They have their own path on the other side of the web. If you are able to solve the puzzle, you can have your way in a secret area. In that location, you can find a Mind Flayer Monument and also a new brain that will be helpful to you in the Mind Archive Machine. Additionally, to get a boon from the brain you have to agree to purge it. 

Now, the only doubt is how to have the Neural Switchboard, you won’t be able to use the Neural Switchboard without it. So, let’s find out how to have a Neural Node in Baldur’s Gate 3.

How can I get a Neural Node in Baldur’s Gate 3?

You have to visit the Foundry to get the Neural Node. You can find it in the corpse of Mind Flayer, which was known as Zanner Toobin. Zanner Toobin was once defeated by the Steel Watcher. You can find the Corpse of Zanner Toobin on the opposite side of the foundry, you have to go over a large furnace and conveyor belt. 

While on your way to find Neural Node in BG3, you have to battle with the Goblins, Duergar, and Slads. After that, you will reach the corpse, from the Zanner toobin you can loot Neural Node in BG3. 

How to Solve a Neural Switchboard Puzzle in BG3?

You have to insert the Neural Node in the Neural Switchboard socket. With this process, the Neural Switchboard will activate and a puzzle will appear. That you need to solve in BG3. 

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Here, we have listed the solutions to solve the puzzle. There are many combinations, but we have listed the correct way here. Follow the steps to solve the puzzle. 

  1. Use the node of the top row to connect speed, the red color, from the left side to the opposite side. You need to light up the right side’s red center. 
  2. Use the node of the bottom row to connect emotion, blue color, from the left side to the opposite side. You need to light up the blue center on the right side. 
  3. Use the Middle Row to connect the Memory, Green Color, from the left side to the opposite side. You need to light up the green center on the right side. 
  4. Use the remaining row to connect the reason, yellow color, from the left side to the opposite side. You need to light up the yellow center on the right side. 

If the lights on each center are lit up then you have solved the puzzle successfully, if not then re-check the step and make adjustments accordingly, 

Malfunctioning Neural Switchboard in BG3

The malfunction of the Neural Switchboard is a major issue of BG3, which is a standing wall between solving puzzles and solving the disabled Steel watch quest. 

There are different factors that are causing the malfunctioning Neural Switchboard in BG3. Here, we have listed causes and solutions for Neural Switchboard Malfunctioning. 

Zanner Toobin Disappear

Zanner Toobin is one of the major NPCs to get the Neural Switchboard. But he might die during the quest, so you have to loot from the NPC corpse. To do that, you have to use the Speak with the Dead Spell on the Zanner Toobin. He will ask for a password for that, you have to mention Gond’s name. 

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Zanner’s Corpse Damaged

If Zanner’s corpse is too damaged you can use the speak with dead spell. Also, you can get the password from another source. You can have the Runepowder from the Wulbren. He will trade you a bomb in exchange you have to save his family from the Iron Throne Prison. If you manage to persuade him with high charisma, the bomb has a note with a mention of Gond’s name. 

Bypass Neural Switchboard

In Baldur’s Gate 3, you can bypass the Neural Switchboard, in case you cannot get the password from Zanner or Wulbren. For that, you need to solve the brain puzzle in the Necrotic Lab in the Mind Flayer Colony. This process will unlock the Neural Switchboard directly. 


To control the Steel watcher you have to use the Neural Switchboard. To activate the neural switchboard you have to do all the processes. First, you have to get the neural node. Which you can get from the Zanner Toobin.

After inserting a Neural Node in the Neural Switchboard you can connect four brain parts. You can follow the mentioned steps in the article to solve the puzzle. Then there is a malfunctioning neural switchboard. You have to use the mentioned solution to fix that. 

This is all for BG3 Neural Switchboard malfunction guide for more similar guides do check our Baldur’s Gate 3 guides section until then happy gaming.

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