Baldur’s Gate 3: Solve The Enclave Library Puzzle

Are you having trouble solving the Enclave Library problem in Baldur’s Gate 3? There are many intriguing places to visit and discover on the continent of Faerun. There are Goblin camps visible from afar, as well as items like the Arcane Tower that are concealed in plain sight. 

These historic structures have a rich history, and it’s always worth examining every nook and corner of these sites for hidden doors, secret chambers, and other surprises. Unfortunately, some places require more than a lockpick to get in. One such intriguing location is the Enclave Library in the Druid’s Chamber, which has a hidden vault beneath it. Here’s how to get to it. 

Enclave Library Puzzle Solution In Baldur’s Gate 3 

When you enter the Enclave Library, look for four tiny podiums arranged in a circular manner. Except for one, each podium contains a runestone with an animal emblem. The Rune of the Wolf is the only one that is missing. 

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The Rune can be obtained by saving Halsin from the Goblin Camp. When Halsin returns to the Emerald Grove, speak with him and he will advise you to speak with Rath to get your recompense for your pains. Rath can be found directly outside the Druid’s Chamber. Speak with him to obtain the Wolf Rune.

You might also steal the Rune from Rath. To pickpocket someone in Baldur’s Gate 3, approach them and hit the right mouse button (hold X on Xbox and Square on PlayStation controller) to access the pickpocket menu. To pickpocket effectively, utilise a character with the Charlatan passive, such as the flashy vampire Astarion. 

Once you’ve obtained the Rune, return to the Enclaved Library and set it on the vacant podium. Now, engage swiftly with all four podiums so that they all illuminate at the same time. This will cause a stairway to appear, leading to the secret vault.

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Unfortunately, the vault contains nothing spectacular other than a rare-tier two-handed sword named Sorrow and an uncommon-tier Robe of Summer material.

That’s how to solve the enclave library puzzle in Baldur’s Gate 3 as I’ll see you in the next guide.

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