Best Gun Game Map Codes in Fortnite (2024)

Fortnite has lots of different maps and modes that players can enjoy with their friends as multiplayer. The Classic Gun Mode is one of the best Fortnite modes that players prefer most to play because there are lots of maps available for this mode.

If you’re looking for some of the best Fortnite Gun Game map codes then you’re in luck today here we featured information that covers popular gun game map codes that you can explore. Without wasting your time let’s focus on the guide.

gun game fortnite code

Gun Game Fortnite Codes

The Fortnite developer introduced Creative Mode in 2018 with these in-game machines and new features players can design their own map in Fortnite.

One of these modes is Gun Game in Fortnite in which the player obtains a new weapon and defeats the opponents and the player who defeats the most player will get the win.

Here is the list of the Fortnite Gun Game map codes that players can play to get new shooting experience without having a hassle. We have tested these codes on September 1, 2023 and all the codes are working fine.

Summer Time Gun Game5497-9533-0527
Bikini Bottom Gun Game3300-7669-9591
Gun Game Quest8402-5347-6470
Jack and the Beanstalk7024-4351-4835
The Yacht Gun Game6695-6434-6688
Among Us Gun Game1665-4835-6529
First Person Gun Game6821-7528-4726
The Underworld Gun Game5719-7469-6732
FortCraft Gun Game3423-7109-4953
N64 GoldenEye Temple4396-1463-7998
Fantasy Princess Gun Game2933-9593-6272
The Forbidden Hollows Gun Game6361-2584-3679
Sundown Showdown5043-5771-6731
Overgrown Gunfight8033-9552-5694
Time Twist Gun Game5918-7034-6151

Summer Time Gun Game (5497-9533-0527)

Summer Time Gun Game map
Image Credit – .Epicgames

If you love to the beach then you must try the Summer Time Gun Game map. The interface of the map is amazing as in this map you can get fast food trucks, boardwalks with carnival games, a Ferris wheel and more. Simply get the 25 eliminations to win the game.

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Bikini Bottom Gun Game (3300-7669-9591)

Bikini Bottom Gun Game map
Image Credit – Epic games

This is one of the popular gun games in Fortnite in this map players can explore Spongebob along with the underwater city called Bikini Bottom. Get the maximum eliminations in this anime that resemble a map. More importantly, while exploring the city you will get different types of weapons that can be useful for you.

Gun Game Quest (8402-5347-6470)

Gun Game Quest map
Image Credit – .Epicgames

This map is different from other Gun Game maps in this map you need to level up your gun by getting more elimination using them. In simple words the more elimination you have with the weapon you’re using the more rarity you get for that weapon.

Jack and the Beanstalk (7024-4351-4835)

Jack and the Beanstalk Map
Image Credit – .Epicgames

This gun game map is inspired by the popular fantastic fairytale called Jack and the Beanstalk. You need to reach the beanstalk building that was located at the center of the woodland if you are able to reach the location first and collect the 10 coins first you will win the game.

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The Yacht Gun Game (6695-6434-6688)

The Yacht Gun Game map
Image Credit – .Epicgames

This gun game is designed on the Yacht which means its short map can easily to memorize. More important players need to mind their corners when they’re inside the doors of the Yacht and watch your lower decks when they’re outside on the Yacht. This map has 40 weapons that players can use to win the game.

Among Us Gun Game (1665-4835-6529)

Among Us Gun Game map
Image Credit – .Epicgames

If you ever played the Among Us game then you know properly know what this map is all about. In this map, you need to kill anonymously and use the vents to sneak from locations. This map also has The Skeld one of the original maps of the Among Us.

First Person Gun Game (6821-7528-4726)

First Person Gun Game map
Image Credit – .Epicgames

We all know Fortnite is a third-person shooting game if you want to play as the First person then you must play this game gun. To win it you need to get the 25 eliminations first.

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The Underworld Gun Game (5719-7469-6732)

The Underworld Gun Game map
Image Credit – .Epicgames

This is one of the popular gun game maps in Fortnite in this map you need to save your soul from the fiery inferno known as The Underworld. If you are able to get 30 wins against the 16 enemies you will win the game.

FortCraft Gun Game (3423-7109-4953)

FortCraft Gun Game map
Image Credit – .Epicgames

This is gun game map is a combination of the popular games Minecraft and Fortnite. On this map, you will get everything that is available in Minecraft. There are a total of 21 guns on the map that players can use to win the game.

N64 GoldenEye Temple (4396-1463-7998)

N64 Goldeneye Temple map
Image Credit – .Epicgames

If your fan of GoldenEye 007 then this is the perfect gun game map for you to play. This Fortnite map is designed similarly to the GoldenEye 007, more importantly, this map also has different modes similar to the original game.

This is, to sum up, the Fortnite Gun Game map codes for more helpful content you can read our Fortnite Guides.

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