5 Tips For Beginners in Dawnlands

Dawnlands encapsulates survival, open-world adventure, crafting, and resource management in one compact game. Released in August 2023, the story is about the main character taking the mission of saving their world from ‘Evil.’ It can be played with friends by inviting them into your world or solo.

The journey in Dawnlands might seem daunting, especially in the beginning stages. The player has to fight hordes of monsters to gather resources, craft tools, and search for materials to upgrade their shelter with virtually no proper weapons and armor. They must also make the best use of raw meat and mushrooms available in the wild.

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Here are a few tips for beginners in Dawnlands.

#1. Make good use of Grill Fires

A hungry stomach is more problematic than the monsters in Dawnlands. While at the Hungry stage, energy consumption is twice as fast and movement is slowed. Foraged berries and apples may only satisfy a part of the problem and give a few HP points. Thus, it is better to eat roasted food instead of consuming them raw.

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Grill Fires lets players prepare different food items after learning their recipes. For example, 3 units of Mushrooms make Roasted Mushrooms. These provide double the amount of health provided by consuming the three mushrooms and massively fill the hunger bar. Keep preparing unique food items to lower the cooldown for grilling.

#2. Use Bows when fighting monsters or Kenda

Bows can be crafted from Wood and Leather Scrap. 4 units of Wood are required to make 20 Arrows. It is the handiest weapon in Dawnlands as it allows for long-range shots while on foot or while mounted on a horse. The hunting aspect of the game gets easier the more you master the bow.

Kenda is the first boss introduced to players in the ‘Break the Seal’ mission. His rush attacks can be avoided by simple dodge/running steps but the monster is proficient in close combat, dealing massive damage with a flurry of strikes. This is where bows are important apart from a full set of ‘Crude’ gears.

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#3. Avoid traveling at night time

Day offers more support to players with a low beast spawn rate and better availability of raw materials like stone and thatch. Maximize the daytime activities to lay the groundwork for solid gameplay the next day while evading the heightened risks posed by nighttime adversaries.

At night, sword-wielding skeletons and other terrifying powerful creatures start appearing around the first village. Only experienced players, around 20-25 level, could take them down. If you insist on exploring Dawnlands at night, equip yourself with a Torch – a beacon of light that deters dark monsters.

Once done with the daytime activities, get some rest by sleeping in your Thatched Bed. Resting ushers in the dawn of a new day while you also gain any lost HP. Keep in mind that resting in an area surrounded by monsters will not make you impervious to attacks, so best build some Thatched Walls around your abode.

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#4. Keep your Gear updated based on the Chapter

As you progress through the story, new gears and items will get unlocked. It is best to craft the whole set before challenging the main boss of the Chapter. Accumulate Santicfied Dust and pray to the Goddess, who will reciprocate to your offering with valuable rewards, including Recipe Page items. These can be used to unlock new gears.

Crafting gears also helps increase a player’s proficiency in discovering items. For example, crafting a Thatch Bed unlocks the ability to spot and harvest Thatch in Dawnlands. To sum up, increasing crafting proficiency helps increase harvesting proficiency. You may also come across a few monsters in the journey – increasing Sprinting, Crouching, Horse Riding, and Weapon proficiency.

#5. Plan beforehand

Before undertaking a long journey, check if all necessities are sated. Stock up on potions and food items, craft axes or weapons like axe and swords, and the best gear available. Make stops near bonfires at night to be safe from lurking nighttime monsters.

If a player is defeated, a message pops up saying that they have ‘passed out’ along with three options: Respawn at Resurrection point, Respawn at base, or Respawn here. The latter costs a Revive potion. If you choose the other potions, a portion of your items fall from where you passed out. Quickly regain the items before they disappear.

This is end of this guide for more similar guides do refer to our Dawnlands guides section and thanks for reading happy gaming!

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