Best Helicopter in GTA Online and GTA V Guide 2024

Grand Theft Auto mainly focuses on cars, but other vehicles can be purchased in GTA Online and GTA V. Attack helicopters are one of the most powerful vehicles that you can get in GTA Online. There are a lot of options when you decide to buy a helicopter in GTA online and GTA V. 

Best Helicopter in GTA Online and GTA V

Players can choose to go with a fast helicopter or one with fighter jet weapons. With so many options, we have listed the best helicopters you will not regret buying.


Buzzard GTA V
Image Credit: GTA V Fandom

You can get this helicopter from Warstock Cache & Carry for $1,750,000. Buzzard is one of the most popular helicopters in the game. It can fire homing missiles that deal large amounts of damage. You can call the Buzzard from the CEO menu, and it will spawn right next to you!

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Akula GTA V
Image Credit: GTA V Fandom

You can purchase a stealth helicopter for $3,704,050 or a trade price of $2,785,000. By pressing the D-pad, it will activate stealth mode. It will retract its weapons, and you’ll disappear from the map. Any goods, business supplies, or heist equipment you’re carrying will vanish when in stealth mode. 

As a result, it’s ideal for performing resupply and sale missions without the risk of a major loss. If you do get up in a conflict, the Akula has explosives, a mounted turret, and the option of homing missiles or barrage missiles.


Volatus GTA
Image Credit: GTA V Fandom

The Sparrow will cost you around $2,295,000. The Volatus is a high-speed luxury helicopter with a streamlined design. At the same time, it lacks offensive weapons, but its speed and ability to transport VIPs quickly and safely compensate. The Volatus is an excellent alternative for individuals seeking a beautiful and quick helicopter.

What is the Best helicopter to own in GTA Online and GTA V?

Buzzard is considered one of the best helicopters in GTA Online. It is relatively more affordable and spawns next to you. Thanks to its rapid-fire machine gun and rocket launchers, it is useful in battle. Additionally, it can carry up to four people, making transit during missions or heists simple.

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The extra onboard space, homing missiles, and other key features make it one of the best helicopters in GTA Online by players.  

Fastest Helicopter GTA Online and GTA V

Akula is the fastest helicopter in GTA Online and GTA V. It is categorized under stealth gunship attack helicopters that debuted in the Doomsday Heist Update.

It can go up to 253 kilometres per hour it is an all-rounder with impressive acceleration, maneuverability, flexibility, and speed. Moreover, it can take up to 3 RPGs or 3 Homing Missiles before it blows up. It is also bulletproof from the rear. 

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