Pokemon Go Friend Codes (September 2022)

Searching for the Pokemon Go Friend codes then you’ve visited the right article. Here we have shared some of the working Pokemon Go codes that you can redeem without having a hassle.

We can provide you with the welcome dose to your friendly trainers with whom you can trade, battle, partake in raids and much more.

In June 2022 you can grab some of the dynamic codes of Pokemon Go and easily redeem them on your Pokemon Go account to get benefits.

Pokemon Go Friend Codes List

Here we have gathered all the latest Pokemon Go Friends Codes in a single list in order.

  • 0721 9381 5868
  • 8324 2119 6520
  • 9007 1468 7356
  • 2590 0130 4920
  • 2743 5127 0347
  • 6721 6642 5078
  • 7019 2299 1976
  • 2490 4379 7739
  • 5598 5634 2743

All these Pokemon Codes are raid, trade gift, battle and many more. Because Niantic’s Pokedex-filling game is designed to be played with friends and shared, it’s critical to include as many trainers as possible.

Having a large number of Pokemon Go buddies is always a good thing. June 2022, on the other hand, is shaping up to be a fantastic month for the mobile phenomenon. The arrival of the Pokemon Dedenne as part of the Da de Muertos celebration is the highlight of the month.

This began in June 2022 and will end soon, with a lot of unique research to be completed. A new collection task has been added, and fulfilling it will reward you with an elusive Shedinja. In addition, certain Pokemon will appear more frequently. Cubone, Sunkern, and Sableye are among them.

A separate celebration will be held to commemorate the forthcoming release of Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl. Niantic is being deliberately vague about what it would entail, but a unique event will take occurring between November 16 and November 21. Dialga and Palkia will almost certainly emerge in five-star raids.

Of course, there’s also a monthly Community Day, during which one Pokemon is highlighted. Shinx is the theme for November. In June 2022, it will appear much more regularly in wild encounters.

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