10 Realistic VR MMORPG Games To Play In 2022

MMORPG, or massively multiplayer online role-playing games, are a type of video game that allows players to explore vast virtual worlds in a customizable avatar and interact with thousands of other players to take down massive mobs in PvE modes or put their skills to the test against each other in PvP modes.

There are a lot of excellent MMORPG to choose from, but if you’ve never played one before, it’s recommended to start with a free one before going on to the more expensive ones. So, if you’ve wanted to attempt an MMORPG but aren’t sure where to begin, here are a few of the greatest free MMORPG to check out.

What Are The Finest Virtual Reality Games in MMORPG?

While categorizing games by genre might be helpful, it’s preferable to rank the top VR games on our list according to how they employ virtual reality. Some of the finest virtual reality games are just old games reimagined for the new medium.

These include games like The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim VR and Doom VFR, both based on older titles. These are suitable for novices who are making their first explorations into VR gaming and franchise enthusiasts who want to experience their favorite game in a new light.

Then there are the top virtual reality games that wouldn’t fit anyplace else. Beat Saber, Iron Man VR, and Star Trek: Bridge Crew are examples of this. Batman: Arkham VR and Superhot VR are two games that are a notch below.

These are based on games developed for traditional controllers, but they’ve been altered so much in mechanics and settings that they’ve effectively become whole new experiences.

There are also multiplayer virtual reality games to try. Keep Talking, and Nobody Explodes pairs a player in VR with another player who can’t see the bomb they’re defusing but has all the instructions. Eve: Valkyrie lets you pilot a starfighter in an online match, while Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes pairs a player in VR with another player who can’t see the bomb they’re defusing but has all the instructions.

Half-Life: Alyx is the newest hot property in MMORPG VR gaming, and it’s one of the most excellent VR games for immersing yourself in a narrative. Although having a less well-known brand and being a lot smaller project, Falcon Age provides a comparable experience for MMOPRG VR players looking for a narrative.

It shows off an experience that makes the most of its structure without being too opaque for newbies, as well as continuing a well-loved franchise’s tale after years and years of quiet.

The finest virtual reality games available right now

The Aftermath of Jurassic World

Jurassic World in VR

Between the first and second movie in the rebooted trilogy, the freshly updated Aftermath lets you explore the rubble of the titalur dinosaur amusement park. Stuck there while on a quest to recover vital research data from the laboratories, you must solve puzzles and avoid some familiar flesh-eating enemies in any way you can.

While being chased by previous deadly lizards is terrifying, the game’s cell-shaded aesthetics make it appear pretty enjoyable. For those accustomed to the more realistic appearance of the main series of films, it’ll be a new experience, but sneaking around facilities and attractions to dodge dangerous dinosaurs is a thrilling notion that will excite any VR player.

Stride VR

Stride VR mmo

Freerunning is a perfect match for MMORPG VR (if you have the stomach for it), and Stride is here to fill that need. Leap, slide, and wall-run your way over an endless metropolis of rooftops in a race to see how long you can last.

It’s a physically demanding game that demands a lot of arm movement to control your character. That becomes much more difficult when the competition includes shooters who want to kill you as you’re fleeing, but at least you have a weapon to defend yourself with. This is a game with lots of promise for virtual thrills, with infinite, timed, and arena modes currently in place, as well as a narrative mode on the way.

Saber must be defeated (Oculus Rift; PS VR; HTC Vive)


Beat Saber is a fast-paced rhythm game in which the player slices color-coded blocks to the beat of background music, and it’s one of the most excellent VR games for working up a sweat. You’ll swipe through the air vertically or horizontally using two motion controllers, sometimes holding your controller in a position to rack up points.

Beat Saber is a seated experience that comes with ten tunes. On the other hand, PC gamers may utilize a track editor inside the game to make their unique tracks, and with some bit of modification, they can even download other users’ tracks.

Orbus VR

Orbus VR

Orbus VR is introduced in the December 2017 well its an VR MMORPG base online gaming platform that allows gamers from all across the world to access the massive open world which follows mysterious and thought-provoking storyline, interesting lore, and characters. The platform has 100 of hours of quest which includes dragon pets, world bosses, player trading and crafting and much more.

It has weekly missions were added on the top of the Main Story quests. In terms of the gameplay the Orbus VR has right different unique player classes which includes Ranger, Scoundrel, Runemage, Warrior,  Shaman, Paladin, Musketeer and Bard along with four main 5 person dungeons with certain opponents along with bosses with dynamic in fighting responses which makes the game more challenging thru improved monster AI.

In terms of the communication it has in-chat voice chat feature along with private messaging and different socialization features that helps in non-stop interplayer computing as players explorer the world within the game.



Roblox is one of the most popular platform among the gamers, it was introduced in 1st September 2006 by Roblox Corporation and its  supports multiple platforms which includes Windows, Xbox, iOS, Android, macOS. Moreover, this VRMMRPG platform allows other users to program games and play games developed by other users.

In simple words, its an free to play games that offers other in-game purchases through the virtual currency known as the Robux. check out how much $1 robux in Roblox game. Moreover its also servers the purpose of the imagination platform where you can develop and play games over 3D online games.


Zenith mmo

The Zenith VR is also one of the best VR MMORPG platform which is an Action Anime Combat RPG game which is inspired by JRPG MMO playable game that supports multiple platforms. Which includes Oculus Quest, Quest 2, Rift, Playstation VR, and SteamVR for example its also includes adrenaline-pumping action game in which players can easily engage themselves for hours because its the dynamic interface of the game which looklike the real world.

In other terms the platform is build with massive detailing compare to the real world in which you can found stylized futuristic city that resembles just like the real world its all configure into the  post-cataclysmic event which is known as the  “The Fracture”. Where the gamers are engaged in the fighting gods to prevent the resurgence of  another disaster aiming at wiping off humanity.

Vendetta Online

online  MMORPG game

The Vedetta Online is an MMORPG game which is introduced in 1 November 2004 by the Guild Software for multiple gaming platforms such as Andorid, Linux, Mac OS X, iOS, and Microsoft Windows. This gaming platform used the NAOS game engine which is an fully real time combat and flight system for the first and 3nd person interface and real world environment.

Moreover, the gameplay is based on the centred around correctly lining up a shot against an opponent ship and avoiding the incoming fire. The ship moves in the 3D space that why the dynamics of the game can be hard to understand for the beginners. The ship can be easily be control with the mouse or the game pad.

VFR Doom (PS VR; HTC Vive)


Doom VFR is a VR adaption of Doom’s blockbuster relaunch from 2016 rather than a complete VR game copy. This means Doom VFR has a new plot and campaign and drastically altered combat characteristics created just for VR.

Because the game regularly requires you to raise and lower your profile and swivel around rapidly to deal with opponents approaching from all angles, this title is best played in a standing or room-scale configuration. Although this title allows for unrestricted movement with a controller, the game was initially intended to be played using a teleportation mechanism to traverse enormous distances.

Since Doom: Eternal was released. Lately, this is no longer the newest Doom title. However, this feature isn’t accessible in VR, making Doom VFR the most excellent choice for ripping demons apart with maximum realism for now.

Room for recreation (Oculus Rift; PS VR; HTC Vive)

best mmo game

Rec Room is one of the most excellent VR games for unwinding and relaxing or for novices afraid of motion sickness from more intensive games. This game offers a low-impact, free social sandbox with locations to visit, stuff to pick up and throw, objects to interact with, and minigames to play alone or with others online. This game works well with the room size and maybe played sitting or standing.

Rec Room is primarily intended to be a social experience, so anticipate a lot of people to be on the mic and consider joining in the conversation. A rec room isn’t going to provide you with an indefinitely replayable gaming world to explore, but it should aid folks who are just getting their VR feet wet before moving on to more in-depth experiences.

Fallout 4 Virtual Reality (HTC Vive)

fallout 4 VR

Fallout 4 has received the complete MMORPG VR treatment, similar to Skyrim and its VR edition, bringing the whole single-player campaign to HTC Vive headsets on PC. This transports you to a post-apocalyptic version of Boston, where you’ll encounter a variety of humans, creatures, and robots attempting to live in this harsh new world while searching for a lost family member.

The VR adaption operates similarly to MMORPG Skyrim VR, allowing you to walk about the world of Fallout on a room-scale level, utilize direct control stick movement on your controllers, travel from point to point through teleportation or any combination of the above. It doesn’t rule out sitting games entirely, but it encourages standing and at least some turning and strolling about.


Even the finest virtual reality games aren’t always accessible on all platforms. Make sure you’re choosing a game that you’ll be able to play with your headset. Always verify the compatibility information before purchasing one of the greatest MMOPRG VR games on our list.

Make careful to check a game’s space needs as well. Some games can be played while seated. Others may need or allow you to move about in your playing area. If you have ample space, this shouldn’t be an issue, but if you don’t, look for MMORPG VR games that don’t need you to walk, run, or hop about as much.

If you’re a new headset user who isn’t sure which of these games to play, start with the finest MMORPG VR games on our list that feature free versions. While many games are only available as MMORPG VR titles or special editions, other games may include VR functionality. Whether you’ve just purchased a headset, go through your current game library to see if there’s anything you can play right now. Alternatively, if you’re not in the mood for VR, get a game that can be played without a headset.

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