50+ Best Blade and Sorcery Mods

This article has the ultimate list of mods and custom maps for Blade and Sorcery Mods. We have composed this list to save you from hours of searching, for the best Best Blade and Sorcery mods on the web.

Blade and Sorcery is one of the best virtual reality games for PC VR headsets such as the Oculus Rift S and the HTC Vive. It is an action-packed, VR-based medieval fantasy sandbox game that lets you use your body to fight and defend against various enemies.

A world where your imagination is free to run wild is made possible through the use of crazy physics and experimentation in this game. This game makes a strong case for physics-based melee, demonstrating its effectiveness under the right circumstances. 

What are Blade and Sorcery Mods?

Blade and Sorcery mods are a great way to improve gameplay by adding new elements or improving existing ones.

Thousands of weapons, themes, maps, and modifications have been created by the fans for the game. Blade and Sorcery is one of the most modded VR games ever, alongside Beat Saber, Tabletop Simulator, and Skyrim VR.

Here, we’ll show you some of the best mods and custom maps you can use to enhance the experience. You can find a complete step-by-step guide here if you need assistance installing these mods.


Blade and Sorcery Mods

blade and sorcery mods

The Outer Rim

Blade & Sorcery is called The Outer Rim, a total conversion mod of the Star Wars saga. There are plenty of lightsaber and blaster options from the Star Wars universe in this mod.

Other than the base game, this mod does not have any known dependencies. Blade & Sorcery is called The Outer Rim, a total conversion mod of the Star Wars saga. There are plenty of lightsaber and blaster options from the Star Wars universe in this mod.

A new piece of content will be added soon. Let me float in a bacta tank for a while. This mod can be installed through Vortex or manually extracted into the Mods folder (U8.4), just like any other Blade & Sorcery mod. Mods other than this one are not needed.

The following features are included:

  • A collection of blasters, lightsabers, and helmets.
  • Maps created specifically for you.
  • NPCs designed by users Lightsaber blade length adjustment, interchangeable kyber crystals.

Medieval Megapack

There are 200+ realistic weapons from various Medieval European nations (and beyond) in Medieval Megapack that can be spawned with NPCs. New damage properties have been added to each weapon to make them more unique. There may be more to a weapon’s uniqueness than its category of use. Here are some examples you can use to see what I mean:

  • Maces have dramatically higher base damage than vanilla weapons and can kill in one and two hits.
  • Penetrating and damaging enemies is much easier with arrows.
  • Axes can pierce chainmail, and they can usually kill with one blow to the head if hit straight on.
  • With single-edged weapons, you can dismember easily, you can cut faster, and you can pierce with ease as well.
  • The ease with which piercing and thrusting weapons can be used varies greatly. However, some thrusting weapons cannot cause enemies to recoil or interrupt their attacks.
  • A Nordhaus grip’s handle damage is better against armored enemies, making it more suitable against weapons with heavy-looking handles.
  • With enough force, war picks, and specialized spikes can penetrate plate armor and helmets.

Fisher’s Elemental Firearms 

U9 bullet framework: bullets are fired according to the weapon currently being used. You can toggle between the three fire modes (Burst, Semi, and Full Auto). In addition, this game features NPC waves and the ability to customize your guns.

With Fisher Elemental Firearms mods Utilize components of the sorcery framework presented in U8 to build up a new gun framework. By imbuing the weapon with a spell, the bullets fired will carry the same spell charge.

The Firearms are currently located under the Firearms tab.

  • The collision-breaking bug has been fixed.
  • The bug that broke the imbuement has been fixed.
  • The flintlock system should be continually improved.
  • Helper functions now have additional error-checking.
  • It is not currently possible to customize hand poses.
  • The left wrists of dual-wielding NPCs are twisted.
  • The code from Blade and Sorcery 8.4 Beta 6 has been ported over. Most things are working great now, and performance has improved dramatically.

Thor’s Hammer

A big hammer using Thor Hammer Mods that do whatever you think of when you think of THOR!


– Incredible knockback and damage

– The strap hangs below the hammer and can be grabbed by sliding to the bottom of the main handle

– Allows the gravity slam that staff can do.

When the trigger is pulled, the hammer returns. When you are falling, it can return faster if it finds a path around corners. However, while casting spells put on your back or hip, it will not return when you pick up another item.

A charge can be applied to ability in two different ways. Using one method of charging will remove the other. Lightning will fade away entirely when the batteries run out.

The ball will cause lightning to shoot outward, killing enemies.

Make a quick downward motion to call lightning from the sky onto your nearest opponent.

Use the trigger to fly. Depending on how far you press the trigger, the speed of the fly changes. A trigger can be used together with another trigger for a speed doubled when used together.

Homing can be activated by throwing the object. If it receives a call for returning, or if a charge has run out, it will run a pathfinder continuously until no enemies are present.

Custom NPC Voices Framework

There is a setting file included in the mod (Level_Settings.json):

In the tauntActivationRange property, the time between taunts is specified as a range from min to max.

The friendlyDeathActivationRange property determines the minimum and maximum amount of time before a ‘friendly death’ voice line is triggered.


(Attack, hit, death, and falling sounds) replaced with custom voice events).

The following new voice events have been added:

 (2) Taunt: Automatically triggered voice lines

 (2) Friendly Death: When a friendly NPC dies, a voice line is triggered

 (3) Grab: When the NPC is grabbed, the NPC voice lines are accompanied by tones

 (3) Telegram: A voice line that comes on when gravity is applied to an NPC

There is an option to replace specific NPC voices or all NPC voices

The same NPC(s) may be targeted by multiple voice packs simultaneously. NPCs can choose from a variety of voices with the voice packs all this you can get in NPC Voices Framework Mods.


Use the Lightning spell to gain various lightning-based powers, such as electric punches, levitation, and electrifying your enemies and objects.

U7’s electrical system was rebuilt from the ground up. In addition to the smoother interface, an enemy mage lightning absorber and charged shockwaves have been removed from the game. It wasn’t exciting enough for me, and I hope that more vital abilities will replace them in the future. Big.

To Use:

  • A variety of lightning-based abilities can be obtained when you equip the Lightning spell.
  • Having lightning equipped causes punches to shock and launch the opponents.
  • When you pull the trigger while holding an enemy or weapon, you will shock whatever you are holding.
  • As someone shocked them, they grabbed the trigger, and released it while still holding the grip.
  • You will be thrown away from where your hand is facing if you press the trigger while in the air with lightning equipped. A more extraordinary ability to fly!
  • The object will be electrified when it is brought close to your body using telekinesis.

Fisher’s Pistols Pack

There is a unique sound, animation, and behaviour for each pistol. We can customize the capacity, force, and recoil of our weapons. The scripted modules and pistols will be added through regular updates. You can download the mod from the mod page.

We have added some new pistol waves found in “Firearm Waves.” Have fun! Next week’s update is already underway. In some setups, the more giant waves may have performance issues.

There is a unique sound, animation, and behaviour for each pistol. Scripted modules and new pistols will be added regularly in future updates. Open Item_Weapon_*.json and edit the values in “modules” to modify ammo capacity, bullet force, and recoil.

The following features are available:

  • Piercing bullets with a custom damage model
  • Detects headshots and kills instantly
  • Animations can be scripted for reloading, firing, and emptying the magazine.
  • – Sharpened pistol whips knocked down opponents with blunt damage
  • Ammo capacity, bullet force, and recoil can be adjusted.”
nexus mods blade and sorcery

Mine and Sorcery

Located within an old mine teeming with rich minerals and secrets, this gloomy level this mods offers an Arena-like experience like no other. There is some explosive equipment left behind by miners who once frequented this area. Be careful!

The area available for exploration is relatively small, but the collapsed tunnels may be cleared over time, and more areas may become available.

In addition to shooting Minecraft arrows, the crossbow can also shoot fireworks with its central bolt.

A big thank you to Bowtie for the script!

The type of splash potion you choose largely depends on your objectives. Currently, there are the following:

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Healing: Gives you an instant boost of health. Doing instant damage is harmful. For some time, your health is slowly restored through regeneration.

A poison slowly reduces your health to the point you are left vulnerable.

Decay: Wither away your enemies, similar to poison, but more deadly!

Better Sword Handling

You can swing the sword around quickly, and it doesn’t slow down; it works for slow-motion too. More slots are added to the U8.3 version and the handling of swords by enemies is improved.

Additionally, we have added only more slots and better sword handling. If you want only more slots or only better sword handling, please use these files – both with and without boosts.

Adds better sword movement when swinging around two-handed swords as well as giving one-handed access to two-handed swords. While in slow-mo, the sword will not slow down and may behave sluggishly.

Have fun jumping and running higher than the other players 

There is now an option for no speed boost or jump boost in the update. 

There are two folders within the zip file, so you need to drag one of them and handle the sword more effectively. 

You may also get

A better sword-handling version without any speed boosts (this version does not have a speed boost or jump boost)

For the optional files, you must install them only if you use the standalone version with more slots or better sword handling. 

Butter Stabs

Using the Butter Stabs mods you can Enhance the smoothness of every damager (including modded damages). Facilitating the insertion and removal of the blade. Furthermore, everything can be pierced! Added JSON customization, meaning no more 19 versions!

Damagers of all kinds, including newly created ones, are affected now.

Removing Butter Slashes (made it it is mod)

 An option to manually input data has been added. 

The following features are available:

The smoother the piercing, the less pulling and pushing there is

Everything is pierceable (you can pierce anything, including plates, chains, and stones).

4K Lightsaber Pack U8.3

These are some of the features you get in Lightsaber Pack Mods.

Lightsabers imbue with power

Lightsabers can now be imbued with magic. The double-bladed ones can have each blade imbued with a different magic type, so Darth Maul’s Lightsaber will have fire and lightning.

Overcharge for Force

Overcharge the lightsaber with your intense force powers so you can slice your enemies to pieces with one hit, so press the trigger now! 

Mesh with Dynamic Imbue

This feature is not very useful, but I am happy I found it 😛 the imbue disappears when you retract the blade, but you can keep it imbued by releasing it afterward.

The dynamic weighting system

My recent experiments with weighting resulted in dynamic weighting, which makes the lightsaber blade seem weightless, as it should.

Fort Toth – Map by Drags (9.3)

These are the features available in the Blade and Sorcery using the Fort Toth mods.

  • There are 7 Wave Locations
  • – Correct colliders (perhaps some were missed 🙁 )
  • Optimized to the max!
  • It was made climbable.
  •  Updates and Changes

A new area has been added! There are several areas where you can climb and waves to catch. The rocks have been redesigned! Their appearance has improved dramatically. Many optimization improvements have been made!

A small amount of cleanup work should be done at the start. Flags are now available. Swingable lanterns have been added The back area has been equipped with spike traps. There have been some minor changes.

A ring of shadow surrounds the character. You must increase it in the book since it is shadow distance. The underground tunnel close to the torches may have some lighting errors. There are no colliders in the tunnel of candles and It sometimes cuts out when the ambiance is playing.

Sands of Time (U8.3)

The Sand of Time mods allow you to reverse the time of NPCs, items, weapons, rocks, mugs, bottles, and everything else. Wreak havoc with the Sands of Time by freezing them with a powerful spell. You can rewind time for up to 30 seconds with the Sands of Time if you are equipped and charged!

Your enemies will retreat backward into history if you stop them from touching your body with arrows and blades. Your midflight fireball should be retargeted. Charge the Sands, hold them in both hands, rip them apart, and freeze the world for 30 seconds with their devastating power.

It’s time for you to use your time wisely. The enemies have been frozen mid-attack, and you have already conquered time itself. Swords were dropped and stuck in midair. There is a thick layer of sand in the air. You will not be able to cast your spell on newly summoned enemies.

There are some limitations to the Sands! You cannot turn back the clock on death. When something dies, it stays dead, but when it comes to their corpses, that is not the case and those who hold the Sands are not affected.

how to install blade and sorcery mods

The Leviathan Axe by Lamberchain

Like a sword, this axe is a balanced weapon that you can use however you wish. You can throw it and it will reappear in your hand if you hit the grip button. Further, it has two types of throwing modes top of that. You can enable it using the Leviathan Axe Mods.

Over-the-head throws cause enormous damage and freeze targets if they are punctured, but are slow. Side throws are powerful light throws that can sever limbs if they are aimed properly.

They are activated by side-throwing. There is also a two-handed heavy model that is currently implemented. The weapon grows ice and becomes heavier when both your hands are on it.

Bond Wire

Swinging around with a grappling hook is your thing? Argan Industries’ newest invention, the Bond Wire, will keep you safe! You can attach it to just about anything and swing like crazy. Please refer to the detailed description for instructions.


  • The bond is created by pressing the trigger (the one to cast the spell).
  • The bond must be released by releasing the trigger.
  • Shorten the bond by pressing the alternativeActionButton (the one you use to activate the spell wheel). For extra vertical speed in your mid-swing, use this device!
  • Use the alternativeActionButton to perform an air boost in the direction the Bond Wire is facing when no bond has been created. When you use it abruptly to change directions, your momentum is cancelled!

You’d better be ready to face the walls all the time, and you should also be able to handle motion sickness well.

Cosmic U9

Take advantage of the cosmos’ power. You can manipulate weapons and enemies by controlling gravity and summoning stars and black holes. Control gravity, summon stars and black holes and use guns and enemies. It includes casting, merging, and imbuing.

You must include your Player.log file, the reason for the issue, and explain the problem if you report a bug. Please understand that your bug report may not be considered if you encounter an issue with a mod immediately following a beta release.

Currently, it is recommended to avoid Vortex since it has been broken in the latest version of the game, and all mods have been changed.

If you wish to use Vortex, you must ensure that your B&S Mods folder contains only one Cosmic folder. You no longer feel gravity’s pull on objects when casting since you reduce their velocity.

If combined with Collect and Impulse, it can effectively act as a defensive shield against projectiles or offensively. There is a conservation of angular momentum.

Ragdoll Physics Overhaul

To improve the physics of NPCs, the limbs must be made more flexible. It avoids ridiculous poses. It has some optional features that I will describe below.

You can see all the features and changes that the mod has made on this YouTube playlist. As versions 1.4 and 1.5 are U7 to U8 ports, they don’t have videos.

The ragdolls’ flexibility is the only difference from Standard. In addition to the weight, everything else is the same. When you use Vortex, it is the version that is automatically downloaded. Vortex can also download the other arrangements, but you must go to the “Files” tab to select them.

There are no death animations: The same as Standard, but without death animations. There may be very rarely a death animation because of my method’s incapability (see the FAQ section for more information). NPCs more often use Ragdolls than anything else.

NO DEATH ANIMATIONS AND DOUBLE THE WEIGHT – Same as No Death Animations, but ragdolls are twice as heavy, and their animations are twice as rigid to compensate for the weight increase.

With the ragdolls now more severe, it is harder to use hand or telekinesis to pick up NPCs and throw them that way. I do not recommend deleting the “Brains” folder if you choose the weight addition without death animations. But if you do, only the added weight will be added.

Neck Snapper

You can use the sophisticated physics engine against your enemies in many ways in this game. Neck Snapper, by creator JohnnyJohnnyBS, allows you to grab an enemy’s head to snap its neck. All you have to do is flick your wrist!

By applying sufficient force to the head at the right angle, it is also possible to snap a neck for a more immersive combat experience. As a result, you would effectively sever the brain-spine connection.

mods for blade and sorcery

Energy Sword

As a kid getting into “big boy” gaming with Halo, I thought the Energy Sword carried by Sangheili Elites was incredible. Playing pretends fights with my friends, and I remember pretending to have one.

With this beautiful Energy Sword mod by creator SyfeFireshard, I can now wield my dream weapon in a VR environment, letting me live out the make-believe fantasies of a pre-teen Spartan.

You will be able to cleave through your enemies with ease with this weapon. It’s also sophisticated enough to turn the energy blades on only if the gun is picked up, and they disappear when the weapon is dropped.

Halo Gravity Hammer by Fisher (U9)

The fully functional recreation of the Halo 3 Gravity Hammer includes plasma lighting effects, customization options, and special damage, making it a deadly weapon no matter how it is used. Upon direct impact, enemies are dismembered. 

Type-2 energy weapons are powerful melee weapons comparable to giant hammers. There are three components to the gun: a shaft, head, and blade. Jiralhanae energy swords are highly symbolic weapons similar to Sangheili ones.

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It can also manipulate gravity to force opponents away, making it even more dangerous. Kinetic pulses are emitted (*5.0 meters) by the head-mounted field generator. A UNSC investigation is currently underway to find out how it works.

The following features are available

  • All nearby enemies are propelled upwards and outwards by a kinetic burst upon impact
  • Whether it is used as a pure melee weapon or a slashing weapon can be toggled on/off 
  • This weapon has been custom-designed for slashing and blunt damage
  • A light effect when the weapon is idle or when it is activated.

Iron Man Gauntlets

As I grew up with Halo weapons, kids these days pretend to be Marvel characters. Kids shouldn’t be exposed to virtual reality because their optic nerves are vulnerable. That doesn’t stop you, the modder (I assume? ), from showing off these Iron Man Gauntlets.

There’s more to them than simply looks! In their imaginings, you will be able to shoot beams of light and fly as Robert Downey Jr. As a VR experience, it is absolutely insane.

Spider-Man Webshooting (U8.3)

Spiderman Web shooting Mods is your favourite superhero. Do you want to web sling with him? Now you can, thanks to this spell! Induces motion sickness. (WARNING: a motion sickness inducer). In the detailed description, there are instructions.

Since that mod uses the same code as Bond Wire, it cannot be a simple reskin of Bond Wire.

Look at “Item_Weapon_Webshooter.json” to see how you can modify the values (for example, disable the line helper).

Useful information

  • Click on the spell wheel and choose “Web Shooter.”. Whether you are using Spell Injector or not, it will work.
  • The web-shoot will begin once you click cast!
  • You can shorten the web by pressing the spell wheel button (touchpad with Index).
  • By pulling the grab trigger, you can grow the web, allowing you to move around with more freedom.
  • To be able to pull an item or an enemy, it must be attached to it. The item you hold will be stolen if you remove it.
  • To show the spell wheel, press the spell wheel twice in a row (touchpad with Index).


You need not worry if MCU’s version of Elon Musk isn’t to your taste. Avengers can be chosen from other groups. Additionally, Blade & Sorcery modder Awonya adds the Thor experience right into the game.

Thor’s legendary hammer, Mjolnir, capable of almost all of the feats seen in Marvel films, lets you become the God of Thunder. In addition to flying with it, spinning it around, throwing it, and even calling it back to you, it has many other uses.

Hold it up to the sky while immersed in lightning, and then use your godly power to blast away enemies. Meanwhile, she was looking awesome in-game but silly as hell in reality.

blade and sorcery vr mods

Dungeon Gauntlet II (U9)

There are multiple areas in this adventure map, culminating in a boss fight. There are a total of 8 theatres, and a little climbing, in this challenging challenge.

This combat challenge is divided up into multiple battle arenas that change as you progress through the game. Throughout different environments, you will encounter additional risks, challenges, and opportunities, creating a purposeful combat experience.

  • The challenge requires 6 out of at least eight different combat arenas to be chosen.
  • A variety of paths are available
  • It would be best if you fought through the beginning and ending
  • In a final battle with the boss
  • What you need to know
  • Each arena has its wave of enemies
  • and there are a variety of difficulty levels

Magpie- Arming Sword

An arming sword used by European knights. The weapon can be used with one hand. The Europeans used this sword to arm themselves. Double-bladed weapon held in one hand. It makes it versatile. This weapon is suitable for close combat.

  • The half-swording feature is enabled.
  • A duel-imbued sword can have its blade and pommel charged separately or together, depending on where it is held. Imbues pommels just like a staff so that they can be smashed. If magic is applied to the pommel, it will affect the blade as well.

Since everything is so overpowered now, I think it’s overrated.

The last update was:

  • Compatibility with Update 9 – prior versions won’t work
  • Enhances effects by imbuing them.

Fisher’s Semi-Auto Pistols

It’s okay if we keep things simple from time to time. Therefore, a good-old firearm may be a better alternative to magical hammers.

The gun must be the right gun. Among the most immersive Semi-Auto Pistols in Blade & Sorcery are those from SwordFisherL42, with features like removable magazines, a realistic lock, and other goodies.

The gun is more of a proof of concept and even a tool for other modders to use. But you can still have fun playing around with it!

Fisher’s Pistols Pack

SwordFisherL42 isn’t just interested in immersive gunplay and adding guns to Blade & Sorcery. Gunpowder in a medieval setting would be indistinguishable from Sorcery, wouldn’t it? Several pistols are available in this mod, ranging from a classic 9mm handgun to the Drakefire Flintlock Pistol, like in a Sea of Thieves game.

Each one is unique, both in terms of appearance and statistics. Going up against medieval foot soldiers, these might feel a bit overpowered. Our team has thought about it. There were also waves of enemies holding pistols, as the creator made sure to add. Shootouts are coming!

Bloodborne Firearms

All the weapons in our beloved horror game are some of the most remarkable and unusual guns ever seen in a video game, although not as cool as Bloodborne’s variety of trick weapons.

BSorcerySorcery now features the top Bloodborne guns from Yharnam, thanks to this mod by Razor. It also includes staples like the Hunter’s Blunderbuss and the Church Cannon. The original game uses all meshes and textures. It means you can’t say that it wasn’t true to the source!

blade and sorcery how to install mods

Lashing U9.3

As you fly on grappling hooks, you will be able to grab things. Remove limbs from your enemies. Create zip lines, ladders, bridges, and other fun structures!

  • The targeting pointer is shown when the spell is cast. Release the grip to create a lashing. Retain grip to start drawing the lashing.
  • Lacings can cause the NPCs or objects they are attached to become decapitated.
  • An individual can grab a lash, climb on it, and zipline on it.
  • By holding the grip in mid-air and pressing the trigger, you can ‘snip’ lashings. The grip should remain in the air (don’t grab the lashing)
  • You can use arrows to create a lash on whatever you hit with them.
  • By pressing the cast, you can use wrist blades as grappling hooks. Fire an edge into an enemy by grabbing them and releasing them.

Cosmic reduces gravity, while Recall retrieves wrist blades fired while using cosmic!

What does this mod have to do with Surgebinding? You’re right.

Bond Wire (Grappling Gun)

Windlands, which revolves around using grappling hooks to move around an expansive, beautiful world, was the first VR game I ever played.

I was captivated by the concept. Due to modder Ebediam, I relived the same swinging experience in Blade & Soul’s engine.

With the Bond Wire, you’ll have a grappling hook that can attach to whatever surface you want. If you want to try this, you’d better have a lot of motion sickness resistance before diving in. If you remove the headset after using heavy machinery, you shouldn’t operate it.

 Easier Dismemberment

Battles in Blade & Sorcery revolve around dismembering enemies. It certainly isn’t that difficult to accomplish. When you’re wielding a magic axe, a lightsaber, or a super-sharp sword, it’s jarring when a limb grasps onto your hand like it’s reinforced with adamantium.

Thanks to this simple mod by developer Kinetic, it should be as simple as breaking apart a KFC chicken wing to separate a limb from a torso. In other words, it’s not too hard.

Death Pit Fortress

Modding in Blade & Sorcery makes it easy to find custom maps. Some are simply ports of Counter-Strike maps, while others are masterfully recreated locations from Star Wars movies.

Every Star Wars fan is interested in a good mod. My favourite would have to be the Death Pit Fortress, which is also one of the top-rated systems in terms of gameplay. Thus, YouTube videos featuring them are frequently viewed around the globe.

You walk over a bottomless pit on narrow walkways, which dramatically restricts your movement and forces you to think quickly to survive. Keep your head up, no matter what.

Modular Weapons (U7)

Use different parts to create weapons! Blades can be enchanted with foreign powers, even with magic elements using Modular Weapons mods.

The following features are available.

  • You can build more than 25 different weapons using these parts! When close to another element, ungrab the first.
  • The fire pommel causes the blades to burn since it contains some magical effects!
  • Users can also build their parts with it.

Here are some notes:

  • Holding a handle is the only way to attach objects.
  • Not every part can be connected to every other part.
  • Unfortunately, it is not possible to separate parts. (Maybe, later on, it will become a feature)

The following issues are known:

  • There is no colliding with the player’s hand (to fix this, grab the handle with another hand).

Slugga’s Combat Overhaul

By no means are the battles in Blade & Sorcery destructive. However, when it comes to making things as realistic as possible, you can always make improvements. The Combat Overhaul mod by Slugga17 tweaks the game’s mechanics to deliver an immersive and realistic battle experience.

In addition to enhanced ragdoll physics, shield bashes, and leg sweeps, the mod enables you to hit vital spots like the head or torso for increased damage. The ultra-realism version is also available if you’re serious about it. As a bonus, it enhances immersion as well.

how to install mods for blade and sorcery


As we’re messing with the combat mechanics already, why not improve our opponents’ AI as well? Over 1800 lines of C# code are added to vanilla AI by modder Silk in SharpAI.

Using all this fancy code, they can dodge your attacks and counterattack by taking advantage of any opening they find. The enemy also won’t lose weapons so quickly, and they can’t be pushed around as much. Having even the most minor combat skill or wanting to step up the challenge is a must.

Medieval Megapack

For those interested in adding variety to their Blade & Sorcery arsenal without sacrificing immersion, Sushin’s Medieval Megapack might be of interest.

Over 90 realistic European weapons from the middle ages are available in this massive mod, both for you and your enemies to use. Daggers, rapiers, bastard swords, and bastard swords are among the many items included in this collection.

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There are possibly some real weapons, too, such as hiltless swords and double-headed axes. Take a look at what this offers and see for yourself.

Fantasy Megapack

Bringing both swords and sorcery to a new level is the Fantasy Megapack, which features over 90 fantasy weapons, all with differing effects.

Most of the weapons in the Medieval Megapack are like those found in that pack. However, with the advent of magic traits like Shredding, blood loss is now an inevitable consequence. Alternatively, volcanoes are capable of bursting when they are touched because of their burning power. Be on the lookout for super-powerful spawns sometimes, so stay vigilant!

Katana Megapack

Weapons with magic are fine and dandy. Since I’ve watched anime since I was a toddler, I know there’s no more perfect sword than a super-sharp Japanese katana using katana megapack mods.

Silk’s mod adds katanas into the game, along with a host of Japanese-derivative swords. A Nagamaki is a half lantern, half sword. A Wakizashi is a small and versatile knife. Awe-inspiring is the high level of detail on the blades. When you fight with these, you’ll feel like a real Samurai.

Mythical Weapon Pack

As part of the Fantasy Megapack, we covered a mod called “magical weapons.” Nevertheless, this Mythical Weapon Pack by Sushin offers the most mysterious weapons you’ll need to engage with to comprehend them fully.

The total number of weapons is 20. Others, such as mind control, have more complex effects such as draining life and causing earth damage.

One of the swords can even think for itself, ready to fight for the life of its master. A sword with its mind and a desire to keep you safe even exists. Because it’s a fun mod, it has acquired some real popularity with modding communities.

how to install mods blade and sorcery

Bloodborne Trick Weapons

The first time I saw the Bloodborne Trick Weapons mod, I was amazed that NexusMods user Razor had trouble porting these complex weapons to the game.

Upon realizing that they both work the same, I was astonished. It is just like the weapons in Bloodborne. The way they wield their weapons is also very similar. It means they can take on different forms, mimicking what is done in the original game by transforming. I like this.

You won’t find as many weapons as you would in some other mods in this mod. However, what you do get is some of the most exciting and unique weapons you can find anywhere in Blade & Sorcery. If you can, you might want to give it a try.

Fire Bending

Install via Vortex, or drop the unzipped file into your StreamingAssets folder within Blade and Sorcery.

Follow these steps:

Fit the “Bend Fire” spell onto the spell wheel with the spell wheel. Lightning bends mainly through static, whereas fire bends mainly through motion. Fire a flame burst by pushing forward without holding the trigger or grip.

You can sling an arc of fire by holding the trigger with your forefinger and swiping it with your forehand. It should be considered super alpha, and the following issues are known: First, I think it’s delicious. Second, it is a bunch of massive AoE attacks with no mana cost.

It is pretty annoying to hear the fire arcs when slinging them. Here is what I released in its current state because it was fun enough for me to want to share it!

Atomic Disintegration (U9)

The new spell will disintegrate enemies on command using the Atomic Disintegration mods.

A spell that causes the atom to disintegrate:

 – Fires a projectile that disintegrates enemies on impact

 All enemies within range are turned into ash by the spell merge/pull

 Turning enemies into ash by grabbing their necks and pulling the trigger

 If a standard imbued weapon hits an enemy, it turns them into ashes

 – Crystal staff imbues enemies with a powerful defense projectile

 Spells customized to suit your needs

 The ability to imbue custom content

 A custom particle system

 The wheel of attacks can be customized

Here are some fun extras:

 It would be best if you shot arrows of disintegration

 – Using Fisher’s basic gun framework, you can shoot bullets that disintegrate enemies.

Witchcraft and Wizardry (Harry Potter Megapack)

In conclusion, I have included both a blast from the past and a ride on the Hogwarts Express in my list of franchise megapacks.

The Mod for Harry Potter: Witchcraft and Wizardry is a conversion of the Harry Potter series. With this game, you can use elemental and elder wands, with the primary rod capable of six spells. The Golden Snitch, which looks like a flying grenade, is also included, as the Gryffindor Sword. You can also fly in-game the Nimbus 2000 and Transylvanian Barb with this mod.

In addition, the megapack contains custom maps as well. They include the Quidditch Field and Diagon Alley (or is it “diagonally”? ), as well as custom waves of AI to battle in these places.

4K Lightsaber Pack (Weapon Mod)

LeoVanceMusic intends to expand this project into something comparable to The Outer Rim, but he has created one of the best Lightsaber mods available for now.

The new mod features tens of lightsabers from the Star Wars universe, including Kylo Ren’s, Luke Skywalker’s, Master Yoda’s, and, yes, Darth Maul’s double-sided sword.

The mod also offers other features and functionality, including dynamic imbuement meshes that disappear when the blade retracts and remains when the edge is rereleased.

install blade and sorcery mods

Fisher’s Pistols Pack (Weapon Mod)

Gunpowder hip shooters to modern military sidearms, SwordFisherL42’s Pistols Pack adds various custom-built pistols from across history.

With its custom sound, animation, and behaviour, each pistol is a unique piece of art. In addition, you can customize things like ammo capacity, bullet force, and recoil.

That makes sense to me. But, on the other hand, even though you’re shooting at enemies with sharp swords and maces, it might seem a little unfair. So, in addition to waves of enemies equipped with pistols, the mod also features waves of enemies with knives.

Dark Chains: Telekinesis and Force Choke (Feature Mod)

The Dark Chains mod by Ebediam multiplies the concept of a sandbox by about a million: you can rip apart NPCs with just your fingertips and throw them around like ragdolls.

Dark Chains lets you use your telekinesis powers on both objects and enemies. Furthermore, it can enchant your other weapons with force-like abilities, allowing you to use them as melee instruments.

Divine Strength and Speed (U9.3)

You will be given the ability to be SuperStrength and SuperSpeed after installing this mod. It will also give you unlimited health, focus, and no fall damage. A weapon also feels weightless with this effect.

  • It will feel as though weapons are weightless when you are super strong.
  • You can move and sprint more quickly.
  • Your jumping ability is impressive.
  • It doesn’t take much effort to climb.
  • An increase in punching power occurs.
  • An increase in kick power is made.
  • Heavy objects can be picked up and thrown.
  • It is impossible to be unhealthy
  • You can focus on anything
  • Fall damage has been turned off.

Ice Wind Spell (U7)

Make your spells more powerful! Activate an icy wind to freeze (or stop) the movement of enemies. A weapon can also be imbued with power!

Use these instructions:

  • If you equip it like lightning (don’t forget that the left spell wheel is broken), it will be like lightning.
  • Slow it down until you completely freeze an enemy by casting it at them.
  • You can use freeze energy to imbue it with ice damage each time it hits.

Telekinesis (Dark Chains)

It allows players to use new kinetic powers and attacks thanks to its lightweight design. Moving objects and attacking enemies with ease is made possible by your mental strength.

It can either be enabled as an enchantment or be enabled automatically on all tools. The sword, pickaxe, bow, ax, and shovel work with every weapon and tool. Besides Silk Touch and Fortune, it also works with this software.

Magic Weapon Effects

Several other mods, including the Marvel, Assembled mod below, require the Magic Weapon Effects mod. As a standalone feature, Magic Weapon Effects does not affect. Neither new features nor modifications are provided.

Nevertheless, MWE allows modders to modify their weapons with different effects. It will enable modders to add custom effects like fire, ice, color changes, beams, and power upgrades to their creations. If you haven’t installed it yet, you should do so right now since it’s a necessary mod.


During the third Servile War, Spartacus Mods led a revolt against the Romans. This mod honors him. In addition to swords, daggers, and shields, there are a few gladiator swords.

Including Agron, Ashur, Nasir, Varro, and other gladiators from Spartacus, the game also features eight other gladiators.

Check out Jupiter’s Temple custom map, which is recommended alongside this mod!


For Blade and Sorcery, Earthbending is another excellent mod to try. You can easily control the Earth with this mod. From the map, you can take control of spikes and fire rocks at your opponents.

The earthbending spell is required on both hands to take advantage of any of the mod’s abilities. There is a tutorial map that explains the commands in this mod. The addition of magic combat fighting makes the game more enjoyable.

Injury Reborn

Last on our list is the Injury Reborn mod for Blade and Sorcery. The mod will allow you to increase the tempo of gameplay. Injury Reborn adds a customizable injury system to the game, including stamina mechanics, bleed mechanics, and more.

The injuries it has are as follows:

  • The person who suffers this injury will be less mobile. If the person loses both legs, they are not able to walk.
  • This injury causes seizures, making it easy to kill.
  • A broker’s hand cannot be used to fight if it is the hand of a player.
  • Neck – Only blunt trauma can break the neck. It is easy for the channel to snap when broken.
  • Your enemy will become immobile from a spine injury.

Pirates Attack

Two pirate ships appear on the map Pirates Attack. Pirates are attacking your ship, so you have to defend it. Be careful not to fall into the ocean. Otherwise, it’s all over!

There are swinging ropes in this map to assist you in navigating between the ships. In addition, there are several levels, planks, and scattered items throughout the class.