Blasphemous How To Increase Flasks

In Blasphemous, there are several ways to improve the Penitent One, with your Bile Flasks being one of the most important. There are various improvements you may target to get all you want and then some out of your bile flasks, whether you want to remain in confrontations longer than previously or enjoy the extra comfort that comes from having more effective healing alternatives!

To get more Bile Flasks, players must look for Empty Receptacles dispersed across the game’s many locations. These Empty Receptacles may be found throughout the game, including the Elevated Temples section and The Severed Tower. It is critical to extensively explore these places in order to acquire as many Empty Receptacles as possible.

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How To Upgrade Bile Flask Limit

You can increase the number of Bile Flasks you can carry as well as their overall effectiveness by locating and returning Silver-Clad Crystal Shards to the Blood Upgrade woman in the City of the Blessed Name.

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There are only three Silver-Clad Crystal Shards in Blasphemous, all of which provide your Bile Flasks a significant increase in potency, allowing you to restore more of your health in a single swallow than previously, allowing you to save more flasks during combat!

How To Upgrade Maximum HP

Finally, Ornate Chalices are your major technique of raising your total HP. You must collect and return five Ornate Chalices to the Blood Upgrade lady in the City of the Blessed Name, each of which will provide you an additional +30 HP. When you begin your quest, you will only have 150 HP, which may be quadrupled by collecting all five Ornate Chalices, bringing your total to 300 HP.

This may be extended further by repeatedly presenting your blood sacrifice to the big Chalice in the Blood Upgrade chamber, eventually awarding you with another +30 to your overall HP, bringing you to 330 HP total! In Blasphemous, Bile Flasks are essential for increasing your healing ability.

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These flasks allow you to regain vitality while traveling, making them important for surviving in the difficult environment of Blasphemous. Players begin with a restricted amount of Bile Flasks, but more may be obtained through a special method.

That’s how to increase flask in Blasphemous as I’ll see you in the next guide.

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