How To Make Money In Smurfs Village

Smurf’s Village is a game based on the film in which the player must construct the hamlet. This includes structure construction, plant cultivation, and plant gathering. This game is similar to Farmville and Hay Day in that you must rebuild your village after it has been devastated by foes.

The major currency in the Smurfs Village game is gold coins. It is used to purchase products, build Smurf Huts, excavate and cultivate crops, and for a variety of other purposes throughout the game.

It is mostly obtained by crop harvesting, although it may also be obtained through a variety of other techniques, as detailed below. Because Smurfberries can be purchased with real money and coins can be purchased with Smurfberries, coins may be acquired indirectly with real money.

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Smurfs Village How to make money 

Coins can be earned by the following means, amongst others:

  • Harvesting crops (see Crops for full details)
  • Sending out Rafts (see Rafts for full details)
  • Playing Miner Smurf’s Mining Game or Miner Smurf’s Cart Game
  • Playing Marina’s Underwater Game
  • Digging on theMountain Top
  • Digging up Crates from Craters on the Swoof Planet
  • Collecting from Butterflies or Ladybugs
  • Collecting from Sandboxes
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You can spend your coins on the following things;

  • Plant flowers in flower boxes
  • Plant crops
  • Build Smurf Huts
  • Dig up Mounains
  • Unlock All items.
  • Double XP

Smurf Berries are the game’s secondary yet scarce currency. Berries will be accessible to you only on level 2. These Smurf Berries, on the other hand, may be purchased with actual money, and Coins can be purchased with Berries. In other words, coins may be purchased indirectly using actual money.

Alternatively, there is a software to hack this game. The name of this hack apk is ‘Creehack.’ Creehack is one of the most successful game hacking programs ever created. This program just skips a game’s payment option. This implies you won’t have to pay to get cash or Smurf berries.

When you click ‘Buy’ in the game, you will generally be transported to the payment site. However, if you install the Creehack software on your Android device, you will not be directed directly to the payment platform; rather, the payment site will be accessed through Creehack.

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That’s how to make money in Smurfs Village as I’ll see you in the next guide.

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