Blox Fruit Leveling Guide to Level Fast

Blox Fruit is a popular Roblox game for One Piece fans basically in Blox Fruits their multiple levels that players need to reach and does the player prefer to access some guide that can be helpful regarding Blox Fruit levelling up without much hassle.

Here we featured information related to the Blox Fruit Levelling that helps players to know how it works without wasting their time let’s focus on the guide.

Blox fruit leveling guide

Blox Fruits Levelling Up

If you want to explore more places in the Blox Fruits you are required to level up your character. Here are some tips that help to level up in Blox Fruits.

Complete Quests

It’s basic information for the players that already know that by simply completing the quests you can easily level up your character in the game. You need to process the story of the Blox Fruits to become the pirate king.

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So in order for this, you need to complete all kinds of quests in the game and we recommend you take higher-level quests to level up your character fast by simply completing the quests.

Use the Blox Fruits Codes

There are lots of working Blox Fruits codes that players can use to get different items in the game to proceed to the private king story. Items that you get from codes allow you to be stronger in the game and defeat opponents that help you to level up in the game.

Following are the Blox Fruits Codes.

Blox Fruits CodesItems
Axiore Two times the XP for 20 minutes
fudd10_v22x Beli
Sub2UncleKizaruReset stats
Starcodeheo Two times the XP for 20 minutes

Pick The Best Island According To Your Character Level

Once you complete all quests on a particular island you need to move to the next island. There are multiple islands in the Blox Fruits more importantly each island has a level requirement that players need to reach to access that island.

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So you need to select the perfect island that suits your character. Following are the islands with levels that low-level players can access.

Blox Fruits IslandsIsland Level
Starter Pirate0 – 10
Starter Marine0 – 10
Jungle11 – 30
Pirate Village35 – 60
Desert65 – 70
Frozen Land70 – 120
Marine Fortress122 – 150
Skylands152 – 200
Prison200 – 250
Colosseum226 – 300
Volcano350 – 420
Underwater City420 – 450
Fountain City625 – 750

Focus on Character Stats

Character stats play an important role in levelling up your character in every game. The better stats points allow you to deliver high-end damage to the opponent and more.

Always remember you have limited stats points in Blox Fruit and you should use them mainly in the Defence and Melee. If you are out of the Logia fruit then it’s important to focus on the Blox stats.

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This is a sum for the Blox Fruit Level-up guide. Here at Gameinstants, we cover all information related to video games for more helpful content do read our Roblox Guides.

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