Slime Hutch in Stardew Valley Complete Guide

Slime Hutch is one of the buildings that you can craft on your farm in Stardew Valley with the help of the Slime Hutch you can generate a good amount of gold in the game along with other benefits.

Slime is a pet same to a chicken that you can keep and raise in Slime Hutch in Stardew Valley. More importantly, the Slimes required a lot of upkeep compared to other animals in the game all they need is water and no feeding.

Here we featured a guide on Slime along with Slime Hutch with the help of this guide you can know what is Slime along with Slime Hutch and other useful information. Without wasting your time let’s start the guide.

Slime hutch stardew

How to Build Slime Hutch

You need to build the Slime Hutch that looks like the dungeon prison to keep, raise and breed the Slimes in the Hutch that can hold up to 20 Slimes there are multiple tools (Slime Incubator, Slime Egg-Press) that you can also put into your Slimes Hutch for multiplying them.

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To build Slime Hutch you need to visit to Robin at her Carpenter’s Shop in the Mountains to purchase all the items you need to build Slime Hutch.

Building Cost10,000g
Building Materials500x Stone, 10x Refined Quartz and 1x Iridium Bar
Building Time2 Days
AnimalsSlimes (Any Colour)
Exterior Size11×6
Interior Size15×8

Once you purchase the Slime Hutch, meet Marlon from the Stardew Valley Adventurer’s Guild he will provide a Slime Egg, that allows you to start breeding Slimes instantly.

As a reward, you will get Slime Eggs which are valued based on the variety of colors of the Slimes Eggs you get from the Slimes you’re raising in your Slime Hutch. There are different color of Slimes available in Stardew Valley. We have mentioned all the different color of Slimes Egg along with the prices in Gold.

Slime egg values

To get the Slime Egg you need to have the Slime Incubator in your Slime Hutch that already comes when you purchase the Slime Hutch and to get more you need to craft them.

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Once you have a few slimes in your Slimes Hutch there is a chance the slime will mate (male and female) The male slime has an antenna on its head and the female slime doesn’t. You can easily figure out the gender of slimes.

Place the Sprinkler near the hutch because Slime only water and does not feed to raise. You can also place the Slime Egg-Presses in your Slime Hutch which will deliver the Slime Egg without saying the slimes.

This is the end of the Stardew Valley Slime Hutch guide for more helpful content do read our Stardew Valley Guide.

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