Blue Archive Reroll, Tier List (December 2022)

Here we have explained all about the Blue Archive Reroll along with the strongest tier list of the game characters.

The Blue Archives Tier Ranking is shown below. It is based on customer reviews of the game’s first Japanese release. They are evaluated only on the basis of their PvE performances. Scores for PvP will soon be provided.

The videogame has indeed been made available worldwide! The rating has been changed, and units that are no longer accessible were deleted. To guarantee that the rankings are as exact as possible,, we’ll be making adjustments in the coming weeks.

Humans offer a Blues Archives Quick guide whether it was looking for extra details about the sport. It might assist students in comprehending the fundamentals of a tournament before they play it.

For an additional fee closer look at the type to use, check out in our Blues Archives Discount Code section. Want to learn more about each playing game? For a list of the top dolls, visit our Resurrected Witch tier list page. The top figures in the video game are ranked on our Miniature Imagination leaderboard. It’s shortly to be released everywhere!

blue archive reroll

How the players will be able to reroll the blue archive

  • Use a temporary registration to sign into.
  • Continue till users can lift x10 entire introduction.
  • finish the very first 1-1 assignment (2 bouts)
  • Receive the incentives in their email.
  • Take three draws.
  • Inside that uppermost middle quadrant of any computer, select the 8-dot emblem.
  • Select “Profile.”
  • Inside the box beside the “Delete Password,” select “Next.”
  • “BlueArchive” must be typed.
  • Repeating

Blue archive reroll priority

On November 8, 2021, Nexon formally released the well-liked Bishojo X School role-playing game Blues Collection for the international market. The game Blue Archive is available on either Android or ios. The main character of Blue Archive, called “Sensei,” has misplaced his memories and is taken back in time to the town of Kivotos, where the story all began.

The game is a top-classroom simulation. Players can forge their personal route by making crucial choices that affect the plot while engaging in battle in a 3-dimensional setting with many sorts of topography.

All of the personalities in Blue Archives are referred to as “Kids” and each one has stunning 3-dimensional graphics and living 3D chibi models.

Each student is given a role that requires a specific set of skills. Each student has the option of being a Special or a Striker. While Special units support the Strikers by using their powers, Matador troops are all those youngsters who proactively engage in battle using their weapons and talents.

Before starting any fight scene, gamers can build a configuration of 4 Protesters and Two Specials under the configuration tab. In a top-down three-dimensional world, the combat mechanisms of Blue Archives account for several elements including topography control, coat, etcetera.

Essential 3 units


They Greatest Player in the games and unquestionably among the best picks in most climactic scenarios Well would she do generally if you gave her a grade of one to five stars? An easy 5 out of 5.


optimum Infantry supporting unit. Somebody decided it would be a fantastic thing to purchase this dog a cannon. But after some thought, He truly concurs. Its both these abilities too are flame, and her EX talent deals bussin’ power.


Coloured unit with the best core Damage; however, he could be cultivated in later strong intensity levels. Yakubu is one of four or five strikers in Blues Archive’s main game that do Turquoise power. That does cause violence, big injury, and much more great damage, wow is she amazing? She is absolutely insane.

Notable 3 units


Highest PVP DPS for red/explosive. She has a power that grants capability power, allowing players to perform their Max abilities more quickly. It is primarily on just this list among Multiplayer enthusiasts, which is amazing for PVP, she is also usually good and excels in Group2.


She is without a doubt the best protector in the videogame and the only one who has all the biggest talents that are typical of a shielding fighter, including rehabilitation services, healing, and taunting. Because obtaining her primary determinant ability, the player must quickly raise her diamond rating.


Researchers have classified Blue Library individuals into six categories using the following coefficients obtained: top X, rank M, rank A, rank A, and level C. These Strongest monsters are found in Rank Z. Many of the greatest creatures are in the Tier S slot. Good characters can be found in Tier A. The personalities with overall ratings are found in Rank B and c Finally, tier C, with characteristics who are below mediocre.

Blue archive tier list:

Tier S characters include Haruna, Cherino, Hina, Bunny, Shun, Kosaka, Wakamo, Hoshino, Koharu, Azusa (Swimsuit), Kotama, Kuromi Serika (New Year ver.), and Neru. Tier S characters include Kuromi Serika.

Maki is successful based in the sport while facing off against a single foe. She not only lowers defence, but she also contains a massive self-damaging enhancer in the EX ability and deals more damage to adversaries who have been tagged.

She is very effective against lone foes, but when there are more, she loses all effectiveness. Her mark hits enemies fully at random, yet her AI is so dim that this really frequently chooses to ignore the marked foe. Although difficult to incorporate into PVE material as a whole, the credit phase is still fantastic.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

What is the meaning of the blue archive tier list and the reroll?

Blue archive tier list is a rating list which is based on the Japanese original version of the game. The main base of this game is the PvE performance. The players will be able to see the PvP ratings there very soon. They just have to wait a little while.

How many essential units are there?

There are three essential units. Those are Lori, Hibiki and the last one is Haruna.

How many notable units are there?

There are a total of three notable units available.  Those are Shun, Tsubaki and the last one is Akari.

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