How To Get Notos Orca Whale Ship Skin in Lost Ark?

You can easily get the Lost Ark whale ship skin. You will be able to get it free of cost. Therefore, you have to finish several missions. After finishing all of them, they will provide you with Shards. Then you will be able to market the shards for getting the whale ship skin.

The skin of the ship is so much important because it helps to increase your sailing speed, it helps when you are sailing around the water bodies which is done often by you. This article is going to show you how to get whale ship skin in Lost Ark.

What are Lost Ark Skins?

Lost Ark skins are just like a kind of in-game skin. They are available to alter the appearance of your character just like an outfit. It is not related to your standard equipment though.

Lost Ark skins are usually the top layer clothing items that are available to replace the equipment that you wear especially for the stat boosts.

If you do not like the look of your trusty gear set you will be able to change it with Lost Ark skins and for this, you do not need to lose the stats for which you have strived so much.

You will be able to see Lost Ark skins on the characters even in the lowest combat level. You can earn the skin in many ways: clearing some special in-game achievements, beating certain bosses, buying through the in-game shop, and completing time-limited events.

Lost Ark whale ship skin

The Process Of Getting Whale Ship Skin In Lost Ark

Whale ship skin is also known as orca ship skin. You can show your love for the game by the whaleship skin and it is not so difficult to get.

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You have to check first whether you have Amethyst shards to exchange for getting whale ship skin from the vendor of Amethyst exchange in Lost Ark.

As soon as you are sure that you have managed to acquire enough Amethyst Shards for getting whale ship skin or orca ship skin you have to meet with an Amethyst Exchange vendor who is available in the main cities.

He will show you a lot of items for exchange with your Amethyst shards. These items are mainly Notos Orca ship skin, which you can only get through this vendor. This can not be acquired through any other ways.

The whale ship skin is supposed to be the extraordinary ship skin that you can get only with Amethyst shards. You have to do different works and win a or of missions to get the 6600 Amethyst shards which are the basic requirement of getting the whale ship skin with ease. The missions only eats up your valuable time.

You have to complete all the levels for collecting 6600 Amethyst shards that will help you to get the whale ship skin. These levels or achievements are as follows:

Light’s Call is the first step that you have to complete the prologue but there is no way to skip this step. You will be able to earn about 500 Amethyst shards.

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Universal Troubleshooter: You have to enhance a character to Combat Lv. 50 as the first in the Roster or row. You will be able to reach level 50 on a character and earn 500 Amethyst shards. You will also achieve a title and 1,490 Squad XP.

We’re All Buddies: You have to join a guild. You will bring yourself about 500 Amethyst shards.

First Step: you have to take an entry to the proving grounds. You have to win the Trial Arena. You will be able to earn about 500 Amethyst shards.

Beginner’s Luck: you have to win in the proving grounds. You have to win the Trial Arena. You will be able to earn 2000 Amethyst shards.

Favorite Person: It means the number of friends who are already registered for this game. It adds about 50 people to your friends list. You will be able to earn 1000 Amethyst shards.

After achieving all the levels you may still require a few Amethyst Shards now. The number of Amethyst shards is 6600 and that is not so easy.

Again you have to achieve several achievements to complete the number of 6600 Amethyst shards. Once you have succeeded to acquire the number of Amethyst shards that are mentioned here you will be finally all set to get the Lost Ark whale ship skin without any difficulty.

What Are Amethyst Shards

Amethyst shares are actually a currency unique to the western version of Lost Ark. They are mainly the rewards that are achieved through prime gaming.

The Places Where We Can Find The Amethyst Merchants

You will be able to find the Amethyst vendors in the manor cities in Lost Ark. The major cities are:

  • Major festivals
  • Stern’s origin
  • Rothun
  • Village of Nia
  • Castle Vern
  • Luterra Castle
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Can We Find The Lost Ark On Console

At present times Lost Ark is available only on PC. There are several players of this game who have a strong belief that the Lost Ark game will be available on the console very soon.

They have seen the huge popularity of this game and the popularity is increasing day by day. So they think that they will get the game surely on the console. However, it will take some time to be available on the console if they have the plan to move to a console like Xbox.

You choice be able to discover, equip and lead off a lot of collectibles and decorative items with which the world of Lost Ark is loaded. Nora Orca’s ship skin is one of the numerous collectibles in the game. Lost Ark whale ship skin is entirely aesthetic.

There is no difficulty to get the skin and it is available for free. This helps you to sail around the water bodies without any issues. I hope, you have understood fully how to get whale ship skin or orca ship skin in Lost Ark.

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