Valorant Haven Map Guide for Beginners

Valorant is one of the 1st person tactical shooting games similar to Fortnite. Currently, there are 7 maps in the Valorant and each is different from the other. Haven is one of the most popular maps from all sevens maps and most players prefer to play it more frequently compared to other maps.

If you’re a new player and prefer of Haven Map guide then you’re in luck today. Here we featured information that covers all collectables, and areas in and out of Haven Map. Without wasting your time let’s focus on the guide.

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Valorant Haven Map Guide

The haven map is located in Thimphu, Bhutan developer introduced this as a beta map with Bind and Split. Compare to other Valorant maps the Haven map has lots of active players and it was the only map that has 3 sites within it.

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Here we explain all three sites of Haven in detail information as Attacker and Defender.

Playing as an Attacker in Haven Map

The following guide explains how you can play as an attacker in all sites of Haven Map in Valorant.

Haven A Site As an Attacker

The A Site is a bit more difficult for the attackers because there are multiple locations on the map that can be helpful for defenders that allow them to launch surprise attacks more quickly. We suggest that you use the smoke bombs.

You can easily plan to spike whenever you want the perfect spot is A-Long because it’s one of the best spots to shield from enemy attacks. Another correct spot is at the top corner just under the window at the A-site Box.

Haven B Site As Attacker

Haven map B Site is the same as the A Site because here attackers also have disadvantages over the defenders. This site has multiple spots similar to the A Site that give Defenders an advantage to deliver high damage to the attackers.

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Here as attackers, you can use smokers to hide from defenders and we recommend you plant the spike on the T-Shaped container in the center because most of the time it is safe to defend in the center compared to corners in B Site.

Haven C Site As Attacker

The C Site has two routes C Long and C Garage that attackers can use against the defenders. Using Omen Smokes in Garage can be a good call because mostly the defenders are camping there behind the window.

Always when you’re planting the spike make its in L shaped box because it faster way of spiking. After planting the spike hide behind the boxes.

Playing as a Defender in Haven Map

The following guide explains how you can play as a defender in all sites of Haven Map in Valorant.

Haven A Site As Defender

A Site in Haven has lots of spots that defenders can hold because all the spots on the map give you a perfect view mainly in the A Long and the Sewers. The best place to check the plant on the site is the A Long route.

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Haven B Site as Defender

B Site is similar to the A Site and defenders have more advantage over the attackers in this site. Because there are lots of Window on the site that allows you to keep a commanding view and clear view to the attackers.

Haven C Site as Defender

On C Site the defenders have a disadvantage because this site has areas such as C Long and Tunnel. However, you can hold your positions on the C-Site Box to get a clear view of the attackers and the planting area.

This is to sum up for the Valorant Haven Map guide for more helpful content do read our Valorant Guides.

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