How To Get Blue Axolotl in Minecraft?

Axolotl is added in the Minecraft update in 1.17 and most of the players want it in the game. Mostly there are players use them to fight underwater monsters and more importantly, the Axolotl is available in cyan, brown, pink, yellow and blue color variants in the game.

The most popular Axolotl color variant is Blue and most of the players usually want it in the game. But the chances of getting the Axolotl is around 1/1200 and does this make it rare you can only get them by the breeding process? Where you need to breed two Axolotls.

In simple words, getting your hands on Blue Axolotl is using a breeding process and the chances of getting it are 1/1200. So to get the Blue Axolotl you need to do lots of breeding and for this, you need two Axolotl.

Blue Axolotl in Minecraft?

How To Get Blue Axolotl in Minecraft?

There are two ways to get the Blue Axolotl in the Minecraft game. The first is simply breeding lots of Axolotls to get baby blue Axolotl and the second method is using the Minecraft command that is only available for Java and Bedrock editions to spawn the Blue Axolot and saves the time of breeding.

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Here we explained both methods.

Getting Blue Axolot Using Breeding Process

For breeding the Axolots first you need to obtain them and the best way to get the Axolots in Minecraft follows.

Minecraft 1.17 Version: You can find the Axolotls in water pools and caves.

Minecraft 1.18 Verison: You can find Axolotls in the water in lush caves biome

Minecraft 1.19 Verison: You can find the Axolotls in the Lush Caves in biomes under the clay.

Once you grab the Axolotls simply put them into the water bucket and then in inventory. Once you have lots of Axolotls you’re ready to breed them for this you need to build a water pool.

To build the Pool use glass blocks and lots of water in it once the Pool is ready simply place the Axolotls into the pool. In case if you don’t know how to build a water pool watch this video that has complete information about it.

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Make sure, you always keep your inventory with tropical fish and lots of water buckets. Because in order to breed the Axolots there must be lots of food around.

After plenty of breeding, you will luckily get the Blue Axolotls in your inventory.

Getting Blue Axolot Using Minecraft Command

These are also an alternative method to spawn the Blue Axolotls in Minecraft and it’s by using the command lines that work perfectly for both the Minecraft Java and Bedrock editions. Make sure before using these commands to get the blue Axolotl Minecraft world cheats enabled.

In Minecraft Java Edition:

For spawning Blue Axolotls baby in Minecraft Java Edition, you need to use the below-given command.

/summon axolotl ~ ~ ~ {Variant:4}

In Minecraft Bedrock Edition:

For spawning Blue Axolotls baby in Minecraft Bedrock Edition, you need to use the below-given command.

/summon axolotl ~ ~ ~ minecraft:entity_born

This is sum up for this Blue Axolotl guide for more similar content do read our Minecraft Guides for more helpful information.

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