Tame Panda in Minecraft | Guide

Minecraft is full of amazing things that you can explore and craft. The game has lots of animals such as a Cow, Cat, Dog and more. One of the popular animals in Minecraft is the Panda which most player wants as a pet.

You can see Pandas in the dopey or Bamboo Jungle eating the bamboo tree. If you want to know how you can tame Panda in Minecraft. Then you’re in the right spot here we cover all information about taming Pandas in Minecraft.

How To Tame A Panda in Minecraft
How To Tame A Panda in Minecraft

How To Tame a Panda In Minecraft

In Minecraft Panda is a lazy animal that you mostly found in the Bamboo Jungle eating the bamboo tree in group of 2 or 3. You can find Normal, Lazy, Worried, Playful, Aggressive, Weak, and Brown Panda personalities in Minecraft.

But unlike other animals such as Dogs or Cats, you cannot tame a Panda in Minecraft to make it your pet. You can only use the Name Tag on Panda to keep it from disappearing but you cannot use lead on the Pandas.

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You can lead them to your home using the bamboo tree and breed them with other pandas by feeding them bamboo trees. Make sure to build fences around them it’s similar to the breeding of cow and sheep.

Once Panda breed in Minecraft, they become more passive towards you and do not fight in case if you accidentally hit them. More importantly, if you want Panda on your farm then make sure to keep them in little distance to each other least 5 to 7 blocks away from each other. Because they get eating bamboo to each other at a closer distance.

Watch this YouTube Video created by AserGaming based on how to tame Panda in Minecraft.

This is the end of the taming panda in Minecraft guide for more helpful content such as how to breed cats in Minecraft and more do check our Minecraft Guide section.

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