How To Tame A Panda in Minecraft | Full Guide

How To Tame A Panda in Minecraft: In this article, we are going to show the complete process of taming a panda in Minecraft.

The players of Minecraft may know that there are various animals. All of those animals have different types of behavior. All of them have different food preferences, different adorable quirks, and so on.

Of these differences, the players love to have all of these animals as their pets. Among all these animals, the cutest animal is the panda. Pandas are the most cuddly and fluffy animals of all.

Therefore, the players of Minecraft want to get the pandas the most. In this game in most places, the players will find the pandas eating bamboo. This has been made from a real scenario.

So if there is any player of Minecraft who may want to get a panda and want to tame them then they may read this article.

The players will be able to know all the needy information from this article relating to taming a panda in the game of Minecraft. Therefore, the interested players may read this article at once.

How You Can Tame A Panda in Minecraft

The players will agree with this line that to tame a dog, a wolf, or an ocelot in this game Minecraft is very easy.

How To Tame A Panda in Minecraft
How To Tame A Panda in Minecraft

They do not need to give more effort to lead a dog or a wolf or something like that. But if the players wish to tame a panda then they have to give some extra effort. The players have to use a tag of name.

By using this nametag, the players will be able to keep the panda from despawning. After doing this the players will not be able to lead the panda.

The players will be able to lead the panda only around the bamboo. After reaching the side of the bamboo forest, the players have to use the bamboo to breed the pandas around it.

The players have to use this bamboo to breed as they fenced the cows and the sheep in the area. The players have to grow the bamboo in the same enclosure. If the players somehow get able to breed, the panda then that panda will be passive to those players instead of being neutral.

What Are The Conditions To Tame Panda on the Farm

To tame a panda is very difficult so the players have to maintain some conditions. After maintaining those conditions, the players will be able to tame a panda.

At this point, all those conditions are mentioned below. Therefore, the interested players who may want to know these conditions may read this point at once.


The pandas are in this game Minecraft in fight mode. Therefore, if the players are able to find any pandas that are not in fighting mode, then the players can tame them on their farm.

However, there is a thing, which the players have to remember. Like the other animals in this game, the pandas also have some specific enclosures. Those enclosures are:

The players need to block at least eight bamboos near the pandas, which the players may want to tame.

The players need to spend as much time as they can feeding both pandas, which they want to tame in their farm.

The players have to remember that the pandas do not like to get closer to other pandas in this game Minecraft.

Taming A Panda Minecraft
Taming A Panda Minecraft

The usefulness of breeding Panda in the Minecraft

At first, the players need to have eight bamboos for each panda at a distance. The players have to remember that the players do not like to be closer to the other pandas.

If anyhow the players get able to breed the pandas then they will become closer to taming the pandas.

The main thing the players have to remember is that they only have to breed the pandas that are not in fighting mode.

After breeding the panda, the players can see that those bred pandas will be passive to them. If anyhow by mistake the players may hurt those pandas then they will not attack the players, as they become the most passive ones. After being passive, the players will not need to use the major pack to breed those pandas.

Role of baby Pandas

Now come to the baby pandas. If the players can breed the baby pandas also then they will be able to see an amazing fact. The time the baby panda will sneeze then the players will be able to see that after sneezing a slime ball will fall.

This happens very rarely. Therefore, the players have to keep their eyes on the baby pandas. This is the reason most of the players want to tame the baby pandas.

Additional information:

Sometimes players may dislike the pandas for their behavior. As all know pandas are very lazy, playful, weak and sometimes aggressive. Therefore, for these reasons players may not like to have a panda as their pet.

However, if the players can breed the pandas from time to time then they will be able to see a personality that is newer in the panda. Therefore, after this players may use this new personality at various times.

Therefore, these are all the needed information about the panda if the players of Minecraft may want to tame this panda. By following these ways, the players will be able to tame the panda in Minecraft.

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FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

What personality do pandas have?

The pandas in Minecraft have the personalities, which the real-life pandas have. That means the pandas are very lazy, they are weaker than the other animals, fluffy and cuddly in nature.

What are the main things the players need to maintain?

The players have to maintain a distant space between two pandas and they have to breed them in the right manner.

What is the effect of right breeding the panda?

If the players are able to breed the panda from time to time then new personalities will grow in the panda and they will become stronger and more useful.

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