How to Unlock missingNO in Vampire Survivors Secret Character

MissingNo, also known as “missingN” is a playable hidden character in Vampire Survivors who begins each level with randomized stats and the Axe or Death Spiral as their beginning weapon. Playing missingNo is undoubtedly chaotic, since the character is intended to be a glitch of sorts, with its unusual beginning characteristic.

Due to the impracticality of this hidden character’s gameplay and balancing concerns in Vampire Survivors, the developer chose to remove MissingNo in Patch 0.2.12, replacing them with Mask of the Red Death, also known as Red Death.

How to Unlock missingNO in Vampire Survivors

To unlock MissingNo as a playable character, you must first acquire the Yellow Sign. This is a hidden relic obtained through the secret stage, Holy Forbidden. To get to this stage, you must first survive in Moonglow for 14 minutes with a regular character and fight the boss there.

vampire survivors missingno
Screenshot via Poncle and Reddit (r/VampireSurvivors)

Just keep in mind that when you enter Holy Forbidden, you will lose all of your armor and power-ups, leaving you with only your starting weapon. It’s advantageous to have a swift character here so you can travel through the stage quickly and get the secret relic.

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You should make sure you have access to the Green Acres challenge stage once you’ve unlocked the Yellow Sign. This is accomplished by enabling Hyper Mode for two steps. Once you have this, enter Green Acres while in both Hurry Mode and Hyper Mode.

Now, proceed southwest, and you should see everything changing around you, as if the game is glitching out. Large winged foes will start appearing, and you must destroy at least 128 of them. Once you’ve dispatched them, go back to the character selection area and you should be able to purchase MissingNo.

That’s how to unlock missingN in Vampire Survivors as I’ll see you in the next guide.

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