Can Litwick be Shiny in Pokemon Go

Litwick, a fire/ghost Pokemon first introduced in Pokemon Black and White, is the focus of this month’s Community Day.

Litwick will come in the wild more frequently than usual throughout the event, allowing you more opportunities to catch them and stock up on Litwick sweets. This candy is required to develop the Pokemon into its next two forms, Lampent and Chandelure.

Litwick may also be found in a premium event-exclusive Special Research narrative called Trick of the Light. For $1, you may purchase a ticket to access this Special Research in Pokemon Go’s in-game item shop.

How To Get Shiny Litwick in Pokemon Go

Shiny Shiny Pokemon Go
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Right now, the only chance to capture a shining Litwick is to attend Community Day. Fortunately, trainers will have plenty of opportunities to do so throughout the three hours on October 15 2022 from 2 pm to 5 pm local time.

Trainers will want to take advantage of these chances by employing some of the following suggestions:

  • Additional Litwick encounters for extra shining opportunities will be provided via the Special Research event.
  • Use Incense to attract more Litwick in-game, as they last for a limited time.
  • Purchase a ticket to the Special Research story for $1.
  • Camp at a PokeStop and place down a Lure Module to also attract more Litwick.
  • Tap on every single Litwick to make sure a shiny is not missed at all during the event.
  • Use Razz Berries during an encounter with a shiny to increase the catch rate.
  • Use an Ultra Ball with an Excellent Curveball Throw to further increase the catch rate.
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Once the Community Day is complete, it is uncertain when shiny Litwick will be accessible again in Pokemon GO. Trainers will need to take advantage of this event if they want to capture a slew of shiny Litwick.

They can then transform it into Chandelure. Chandelure is a very powerful battler throughout several Leagues and Cups, therefore they’ll be able to show it off in the GO Battle League. There you have it about shiny Litwick variant as I’ll see you in the next guide.

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