List of all Attack Changes in Pokemon Go

Season 12 of Pokemon Go has brought a few changes in the moves to rebalance the PvP mode. This was in lieu of trainers complaining that the metas for Go Leagues had become stale, considering that there were hardly any differences between the Pokemon used in the 2022 World Championships and this year’s championships.

Multiple Charged Moves and Fast Moves have been either buffed or nerfed so that other Pokemon that lay in the shadows have been introduced to the meta-system. Altaria, Lanturn, and Swampert have been the most affected by the changes while Greninja and Scizor have risen to the PvP occasion.

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All move changes in Pokemon Go

  • The base damage of Spark Fast Move has jumped from 4 to 6 in trainer battles but its EPS has decreased. Raichu, Lanturn, and Togedamaru have been affected.
  • Astonish Fast Move has increased energy generation in trainer battles. Gholdengo, Haunter, and Sandygast will now find good play in the Leagues.
  • Psychic Charged Move has less damage in PvP, decreasing from 90 to 85.
  • X-Scissor Charged Move has increased power in trainer battles, jumping from 45 DMG to 65 DMG. Bug-type like Goliosopod and Scizor will benefit from the change.
  • Aerial Ace Charged Move has a low energy cost in trainer battles, giving Wing Attack users competition. Greninja has massively benefited from the change.
  • Sky Attack Charged Move will now require increased energy. This has affected metas like Altaria and especially Nocowl, whose Flying-type moveset was key in PvP.
  • Dig Charged Move will do less damage in trainer battles, having been nerfed from 100 base damage to 80 base damage. However, its energy cost has been decreased.
  • Damage for Earthquake Charged Move in PvP has been nerfed from 120 to 110 power. Galarian Stunfisk and Swampert’s plays have been affected by this change.
  • Poltergeist Charged Move now does increase damage in trainer battles, jumping from 140 power to 150 power. Golurk and Chandelure benefit from the change.
  • Boomburst Charged Move now has a low energy cost. Exploud is the first Pokemon that comes to mind although the move is generally disliked in PvP.
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The League battles have become spicier than ever. Trainers have started experimenting with new parties, although the previous metas are still finding play in the Leagues.

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