Can Sunkern be Shiny in Pokemon Go?

Belonging to Generation 2, Sunkern is undoubtedly one of the most adorable Pokemons in the franchise. The seed Pokemon can be found during the day in the wild and has a catch rate of 9%. It has base stats of Attack 55, Defense, 55, and Stamina 102 with a Max CP of 497.

50 Sunkern Candies and a Sun Stone are required to evolve it into Sunflora, which has a max CP of 2141. It isn’t worth investing in since it lacks sufficient stats for Ultra League.

The Grass-type Sunflora also has limited movesets which makes Raid battles or PVP tricky for the Trainer, with Charge moves like Solar Beam and Sludge Bomb taking a lot of time. Leaf Storm, although quick, harms Sunflora’s own attack.

Sunkern in Pokemon Go is usually caught to fill up the Pokedex entry. Although, it does have greater offensive capabilities than other Grass-types such as Bellosom and Ivysaur.

Sunkern can be used as an attacker paired with Swords Dance to inflict maximum damage before the others step up to a Raid Boss or in the Gym Battle.

Can Sunkern be Shiny in Pokemon Go? 

shiny sunkern
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Yes, a Shiny Sunkern can be caught in Pokemon Go. It has a drop rate of 1/500 though. To increase the chances of catching a shiny one, trainers need to look forward to the next Spotlight Hour in the Pokemon GO mini-event. Sunkern spawned all around the map on June 20. Unfortunately, Trainers now need to wait till next month or two.

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What is the Spotlight Hour?

Spotlight Hour in Pokemon Go is a rare mini-event that originated in April 2020 due to a merging with the Mystery Bonus Hour.

The event is termed such because, for one hour, the scheduled Pokemon will appear more frequently in the wild, allowing trainers to catch as many as they can. Using Pinap Berries will double the number of candies received from the catch.

Spotlight Hours only last for 60 minutes. This could help in filling in a missing entry in the Pokédex or capturing a strong Pokémon for Raids. There are also multiple bonuses attached to the event such as double transfer candy and double catch stardust. Some rewards can also be 3x.

Capturing a Shiny Sunkern in Pokemon Go

A Shiny Sunkern is one whose eyes will be more glittery and whose green leaves are a bit shallow. It openly spawns in the wild similar to the regular ones. The more encounters trainers have with the Pokemon, the better the chance of a Shiny popping up on the map. Thus, taking the mission of catching a Sunkern is usually done around Spotlight Hour.

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Weather boosts (Sunny) and purchasable items like Incense and Lure Models can increase the spawn rate. Keep spare Great Pokeballs and Ultra Pokeballs as well. Maximizing the encounter rate for Sunkerns is one sure-shot way of encountering a Shiny next time.

When is the next Spotlight Hour?

Spotlight Hours in Pokemon Go occur from 6 P.M. – 7 P.M. Local Time. The next Spotlight Hour will be on June 27, when trainers will get a chance to grab Doduo along with 2x Evolution XP. Compared to a Shiny Sunkern, a Shiny Doduo is easier to recognize since it has green skin rather than the usual feathery brown.

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