Nintendo Switch Dock Not Working | How To Fix

Nintendo Switch Dock can be used for multiple purposes however the Switch Dock is an electronic connector that you can use to connect your Switch to a TV for charging purposes and more.

However, most of the time due to some issue Switch Dock is not working properly and if you’re thinking to purchase a new switch dock then before that you must try some of the troubleshooting methods that worked for us.

These methods have been tested by us on our Switch Dock that stop working and some of the below-mentioned troubleshooting worked perfectly for us.

Firstly you must know what are the reasons due to your Switch Dock stopped working.

  • Cables are connected wrongly.
  • Your Switch Dock may be Faulty.
  • Cables are not supplying enough power.
  • There is an issue with an HDMI cable.
  • Power Outlet issue.
  • Wrong configurations.
  • Are any other relevant points to consider.
Nintendo Switch Dock Not Working

How to fix Nintendo Switch not connecting to the issue?

These are troubleshooting methods that you can try out to fix your Switch Dock. All these methods are tested by us and some of them worked for us. Especially resetting the dock to format the dock to the initial settings or state.

1.  Updating your TV software

You should also try rebooting the AC adapter on your TV. To do this, unplug the console from the docking station and reconnect it to the console.

To perform the update, press the HOME button on your switch console and go to the TV settings menu. Choose the Support tab and then choose “Software Update.”

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If this still does not work, you can also try resetting your TV manually by checking the network panel on the router. If the issue persists, you should update your TV software.

To solve this error, you should enable your smart hub to connect to your WiFi network. To do this, you should find the MAC address of your smart hub in the Settings menu.

You can find it by going to Support > About This TV. Alternatively, you can contact your ISP and request that they whitelist the IP address of your TV. After this, the issue should be resolved. It is important to update your television’s software on a regular basis.

2.  Disconnecting your Joy-Cons

One way to solve the Switch not connecting to a TV issue is to disconnect your Joy-Cons and power them down. This way, you will not have any additional noises coming from the speakers. You can also remove the joy-cons from the console by locking them.

Before performing any repair, remember that opening up the Joy-Cons could void your Switch’s warranty. You should have the following tools and materials to perform this fix.

The Switch’s joy-cons can be charged by using the Switch Console or the Joy-Con Charging Grip. Plugging your Joy-Cons into the Switch Dock or the AC Adapter is another option.

If the problem persists, you can also try connecting the Joy-Cons using a USB 3.0-compatible device. If these steps fail, you should try reconnecting your Joy-Cons to fix the Switch not connecting to a TV.

The Switch will also try reconnecting your Joy-Cons after disconnecting them. Sometimes, this step can fix the problem for a while, but it’s not guaranteed.

In some cases, a simple power cycle may also work. To power cycle, your Switch, press the power button and hold it for three seconds. This should wake the console up. If it doesn’t, try to reconnect your Joy-Cons.

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3.  Resetting your Switch’s display settings

If you’ve tried all the standard troubleshooting steps without success, you may need to reset your Switch’s display settings. Resetting the display settings of your Switch can solve many common problems, including the failure to connect to a television.

First, make sure that your Switch is plugged into the correct HDMI input. In addition, your TV should be connected to the same HDMI port that your Switch is docked to. This step will ensure that your Switch will display video when docked to the TV.

Resetting your Switch’s display settings may also solve the issue if the TV is faulty. In this case, you should remove the console from the docking station and reconnect it to the console. If this doesn’t work, you should update the firmware of your TV and Switch to the latest versions.

Outdated firmware can cause compatibility and performance problems. You can do this by pressing Home on your Switch console and then selecting “Support” on the menu.

If your Switch still won’t connect to the TV, try a factory reset instead. This process will wipe all your personal data, including save data. However, be sure to back up the system before doing this, as there’s a chance you will lose your games.

If this doesn’t work, you can try a soft reset instead. You can also try turning your Switch off and on again. This method is not recommended for all cases, as it will delete your game saves and user information.

4. Reconnecting your Switch to your TV

Before you begin, make sure that the Switch is disconnected from the dock and that all ports are clean and undamaged. You may also want to make sure that you have the proper cables, as some devices require different connections.

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Once this is done, simply plug your Switch into the HDMI port on your TV and turn it on. When it connects, the screen should turn green, indicating that the connection is working correctly.

If the black screen still persists, you should try to charge your handheld using the cable. If you’ve recently purchased your Switch, you may have a faulty HDMI cable, power cable, or USB port.

Also, check if your TV has any other problems before reconnecting it to your Switch. If so, you may need to consult a retailer or contact Nintendo support to replace the dock. The Nintendo Switch is compatible with HDMI ports from most manufacturers.

While connecting your Switch to television may sound like a pain, it can be done in just a few minutes. If you have a power bank or other device, you can use it to connect your Switch to your TV.

Besides, this will give you a bigger screen and a better experience. Ultimately, a Power Bank is an excellent advantage for a Nintendo Switch owner. So, keep reading to learn how to reconnect your Switch to your TV.

This is sum up this Nintendo not working guide for more similar content do read our Nintendo Switch Guides for more helpful content.

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