Why You Can’t Leave Rannis Rise in Elden Ring

If you can’t leave Rannis Rise Tower. Here you need to do these things in order to get out from the cant leave rannis tower without a hassle.

Elden Ring is one of the most popular fantasy niche games. Elden Ring’s gameplay may be defined as an action role-playing game performed from a third-person perspective.

The Elden Ring has been an enormous success for both the creators and FromSoftware it is recognized to be one of the most addicting games so far and can be classified as one of the top ten fantasy games accessible outside.

Not only the statements but there are a variety of reasons to support these plus points as well, Elden Ring comes with a tremendous and massive plot, to say the least, as well as a slew of NPCs (Non-Playable Characters) and a slew of backstories and sidequests to play and engage with.

Elden Ring is a massive, open-world game that can be completed in 30 hours, as SpeedRunners have shown, but the average player will require between 40 and 60 hours to complete the main plot. Furthermore, most gamers consider it one of the finest games ever created.

Who is Ranni in Elden Ring?

As we all know that the game Elden ring is famous for the vast number of NPCs (Non-Playable-Characters) that are there in the game, the players can encounter all of the following questlines of these NPCs as well, some of the questlines are the side questlines whereas some of them are the main ones and also impacts largely on the main storyline of the game.

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Ranni the Witch is a non-player character in Elden Ring like the other NPCs in the game. Ranni the Witch is a mystery character who presents herself as Renna at first.

When you encounter her again at Three Sisters, she reveals her actual name and finally recruits you into her service, sending you off to find a secret treasure. This article contains critical information regarding Ranni’s quest for the Elden Ring.

Talking about the family or the past life of Ranni, she is the daughter of Radagon, who was a Golden Order champion, and her mother is Queen Rennala, who is shown as the ruler of the Carian royal line the Academy of Raya Lucaria.

Besides that, her siblings, Radahn and Rykard were Ranni’s two siblings. Ranni was born an empyrean, which meant she had the potential to succeed the heavenly Queen Marika one day.

can't leave rannis rise
elden ring can’t leave rannis rise

Why can’t you leave in Ranni’s rise in the game Elden ring?

While pursuing Ranni’s quest might be possible that you are stuck at the gate and are not able to leave Ranni’s rise in the game Elden ring.

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For those who have not reached this point in Ranni’s questline here, we have some context for you- In case you try to leave Ranni’s Rise just after speaking with Ranni while you are at the top of the tower, you must first speak with all of the ghost people downstairs before you may depart.

After you’ve spoken with everyone, return back to Ranni at the top of the tower, and she’ll tell you to continue your mission.

While you are stuck in this problem as engaging in the quest it somehow becomes perplexing at first, but the only reason you can’t get out has a silly reason which is again related to Ranni.

She will keep the door shut until you spoke with everyone in the tower and then return to Ranni when you have completed everybody’s dialogues. After that, you are free to do anything you wish. It’s aggravating when you are stuck in a silly boobytrap and there is no clue what to do.

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This is the end of this short guide.

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