All Vampire Survivors Arcana Cards Ranked

In Vampire Survivors, you must get a certain artifact from Gallo Tower’s fourth stage in order to access Arcanas.

When a Dairy Plant run reaches Level 60, Gallo Tower becomes available. To get there, you must make it through any other stage’s Level 40. The Randomazzo is a relic that allows Arcanas to be both unlocked and activated. It takes the form of a floating spade-shaped playing card with a faint purple glow.

Once at Gallo Tower, you would notice a green arrow just at top of your display pointing in the direction of this artifact.

To access a room with a long red carpet running all along the middle, obey this green arrow together all way up. A Randomazzo is drifting about towards the top of this carpet and is available for your grasp. Once you enter it, a pop-up asking if you want the Randomazzo will display.

After obtaining the Randomazzo, Arcanas will be unlocked for you to use. The ten Arcanas are described here, with descriptions of each of their requirements and effects:

Vampire Survivors Arcana Cards
Vampire Survivors Arcana Cards

All Vampire Survivors Arcana Cards Ranked

ArcanasHow to Unlock
IV – AwakeAt Level 99 including Krochi
V – Chaos in the Dark NightAt Level 99 including Giovanna
VI – Sarabande of HealingUnlocked instantly after locating Randomazoo Relic
VII – Iron Blue WillAt Level 99 including Gennaro
VIII – Mad GrooveGet minute 31 in the Mad Forest
X – BeginningAt Level 99 including Antonio
XI – Waltz of PearlsAt Level 99 including Imelda
XII – Out of BoundsGet minute 31 in Gallo Tower
XIV – Jail of CrystalAt Level 99 including Pasqualina
XV – Disco of GoldGetminute 31 in the Inlaid Library
XVI – SlashAt Level 99 including Lama
XVII Lost & Found PaintingAt Level 99 including Poppea
XVII Boogaloo of IllusionsAt Level 99 including Concetta
XIX Heart of FireAt Level 99 including Arca

Disco of Gold XV

Disco of Gold
Disco of Gold XV

These Arcana can be identified with its name and the roman number is XV. This arcana will be able to heal the characters at time when they are able to pick up the gold.

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This “disco of gold” is the reason for all the moneybags by which the players will be able to trigger the gold fever in the game.

The players will be able to trigger the gold fever at the time when the enemies drop the gold coins after their death. By this, the players will be able to increase their gold coins.

To get these arcana of “disco of gold” the players have to spend 31 minutes at the Inlaid Library.

Sarabande of Healing VI

Sarabande of Healing
Sarabande of Healing VI

The players of the vampire survivor will be able to get this arcana at first in the game. In addition, this is the arcana, which gets the most love from the players of this game.

With the help of these arcana, The players will be able to double all the damages as well as the healing power when they are in the battleground with the enemies.

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These arcana also helps the players at the time the enemies are closing the floor chicken and the players get the option to their levels in the game.

Heart of fire XIX

Heart of fire
Heart of fire XIX

The players of the vampire survivor may feel that this best arcana in the game. They will be able to use these arcana in the Fire Wand. With the help of arcana, the players will be able to explore the impact of the light sources, Hellfire, and as well as Fire Wand.

The players will find that the damage by these arcana will become a little bit underwhelming. The “Hart of fire” arcana only gives effects on the weapons. Players will be able to blast the radius in a bigger manner.

Lost and found painting XVII

Lost and found painting
Lost and found painting XVII

The players of vampire survivors may find these arcana more interesting. The players will be able to change their weapon’s duration every ten seconds with the help of these “Lost and found painting” arcana in the game.

Hey will be able to change the range from “-50% to +200%”. This arcanum gives the weapons an effect around “+75% duration”. For this reason, players of vampire survivors may find these arcana more interesting.

Boogaloo illusion XVIII

Boogaloo illusion
Boogaloo illusion XVIII

The players of the vampire survivor will be able to change the area every ten seconds of their weapons with the help of this “Boogaloo illusion” arcana. This arcana is able to change the ranges from “-25% to +50%”.

The players if use this arcana then they will be able to get the “Candelabrador passive item”. With the help of this arcana, the players will be able to change the size of their weapons to a large size. So these arcana are related to all the weapon items.

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Chaos in the dark night V

Chaos in the dark night
Chaos in the dark night V

This “Chaos in the dark night” arcan is proven unstoppable. The players will be able to alter the speed of their projectiles with the help of these arcana in the game.

The speed can be changed from “-50% to +200%” every ten seconds. By this, the players will be able to boost their projectiles by +75%.

When the players will find the bonus to come near the +200% then the projectiles will start to fly at a speed across the whole screen. This will make “Sonic jealous”.

Jail of crystal XIV

Jail of crystal
Jail of crystal XIV

The “Jail of crystal” will help the player’s projectiles by giving them a chance so they can freeze their enemies in the game. This arcana enhances the “Holy Wand”, the “Eight the sparrow weapons”, the “Magic Wand”, and the “No future”.

These arcana are very much useful for the players in this game. However, to get these advantages the players will have some limitations as well. The players who will start these arcana for the first time will not be able to freeze their enemies in a high range. To do this freezing in a high range the players need to have 300% of luck to get the freezing power.

Awake IV

Awake IV
Awake IV

The players will be able to unlock these arcana after getting “Krochi to level 99”. The players will be able to have the grant of three with the help of these arcana.

The players will be able to get six receive if they get able to purchase the “Revive power up” and Krochi uses this Awake arcana.

Out of bounds XII

Ti helps by transforming the least used weapons into the strongest weapons.

Mad groove VIII

It has the power to transport in all stages of the game.

 Beginning X

This helps the players by increasing the number of weapons around by +3.

Waltz of pearls XI

It helps the players to bounce the weapons three times.

Iron blue will VII

This is the same as the “waltz of pearls”. The only difference is its effects on the weapons.

Slash XVI

It helps the players by improving the least damage-giving weapons.

A note on arcana synergies

The iron blue and the slash do a great job altogether.

Many more Arcanas are available in the game Vampire Survivor.

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