Giants Mountaintop Catacombs Walkthrough | Elden Ring

Mountaintop Catacombs is one of the difficult areas in Elden Ring it was full of traps, enemies and underground tunnels.

To reach the entrance of the Mountaintop Catacombs go to the Zamor Ruins Site of Grace and move in the southeast direction until you see the broken wall after that you need to move to the south direction as shown in the below image.

Giants Mountaintop Catacombs location
giants mountaintop catacombs

After that you need to follow the path until you see a narrow pathway you need to reach that location and then you will the bridge of broken wall just under the bridge you find the entrance of the Giants Mountaintop Catacombs as shown in the below image.

Giants Mountaintop Catacombs location guide

How To Complete Giants Mountaintop Catacombs In Elden Ring?

Once you enter the catacombs of the giant’s mountain head to the site of grace and take the stairs to go in the right direction after walking the few steps you will encounter the Imp that you need to defeat and then move forward to the path.

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In the path, you will get the first elevator that takes you to the underground tunnel. Now keep moving in the left direction until you see the room there you will encounter three Imps that attack you at once. Defeat all three Imps and you move forward to the pathway.

After moving a few steps you will get to the second Elevator which has chains that also take you to the underground. Go in the south direction to the larger room with the statues from there you need to go to the right to another room. Make sure to avoid the trap while going from one room to another as shown in the above image.

In this room, you will see huge blades that you need to avoid while moving forward along with moving jars. After dealing with the moving jars go in the south direction to another room and then take the upstairs and move forward to enter into another room.

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After that, you need to drop from the window given in the left direction and then drop again. After going in the north direction there you will get the third elevator (activate the elevator but don’t use you need to stay on the ground) once the elevator goes up you need to drop again.

Now move forward and you will find the lever that opens the Boss room simply activate the lever and go back to the start at the door that has two statues.

Once you enter the room fight with the boss named Ulcerated Tree Spirit here is the complete guide on how to defeat the Ulcerated Tree Spirit boss in Elden Ring.

Once you defeat the Ulcerated Tree Spirit you will get the Golden Seed and Gloveworth Picker’s Bell Bearing as the reward after going to the chest appears at the larger roots on the wall location open the chest and you will get Deathroot and near the chest get access to the entrance.

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This is the end of the Giants Mountaintop Catacombs guide for more helpful content do read our Elden Ring Guides.

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