How to Rotate Objects in Cities Skyline?

Ever wondered what it is like to run your city? You would have to stand for elections, impress the voters and get elected to run a city.

What if we told you that you could do the same without any of these hassles? Cities: Skylines is a game that does just that.

However, one of the most common queries we receive regarding Cities: Skyline is how do we rotate the objects?

Mastering control over objects will not only help you assess how accurately the objects fit but also greatly improve the entire aesthetics of your city in this flexible open-ended game.

Well, we have done the research, so you don’t have to and this article will help you to build the city of your dreams.

What is Cities Skyline?

Released in 2015, this open-ended city-building game published by Paradox Interactive has made its own reputation among gamers as one of the best-developed city-building, single-player simulation games.

You can pretty much do anything you do in real life, but better. From engaging in town planning by road placement, zoning, public services, taxation, and transporting an entire public area.

The objective of the game

The objective of the game is to maintain and upkeep the different parts of the city such as health, pollution levels, and employment. Players should definitely try out the sandbox mode which offers plenty of creative freedom.

What are objects?

The most basic items that the player can tweak around with are the objects. Now, objects may not always be buildings. They could be decorative items, terrain, rocks, fences, trees and gazebos, etc.

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You will find them in the Landscaping and Disaster part of the menu. Building usually automatically orients according to the road on which they are placed and they cannot be rotated.

Other structures like Wind Turbines move according to environmental conditions like wind. So, your control over these structures is limited.

How To Rotate Objects?

how to rotate roads on skylines

For PC and Mac

Now for the part, you’ve been looking for; How do we rotate objects in Cities: Skyline? The game is very intuitive and the tutorial does a great job of explaining the controls.

You can easily rotate any object at 45 degrees by simply right-clicking it and this is the simplest way to change the orientation of the object.

If you want to freely rotate the object one degree at a time you should right-click and hold that object. Players usually prefer this method as it gives them a lot of space and flexibility while orienting the structures.

The default setting for rotating an object is by right-clicking it.

However, some players may unintentionally change the default setting to rotate objects. This usually happens when they try to calibrate the control of the camera to the mouse.

In fact, this is one of the most common reasons why players come up with the question of how to rotate objects in this game.

If you’ve done that, don’t worry!

You can detect that problem by simply right-clicking your mouse. If you’ve accidentally changed your controls, you will not be able to rotate the objects.  This can easily be solved by heading to the control menu and setting up a new input key for rotating the objects.

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For Xbox, PS-4 and Nintendo Switch

When it comes to Xbox and PS4 the controls for rotating the objects are relatively simpler. The rotation of objects depends upon whether they are situated beside the roadside or not.

If they are not bound by roadside criteria then by D-Pad. If they are bound by being roadside then move them so they attach to the roadside not much can be done besides that.

The buildings will always face the road you zoned them to. Service-buildings as well. You can play around with the roads to make the buildings face other ways, but rotating them manually requires mods you can’t get on the console.

rotate roads on Cities Skyline

Expert Tips For New Gamers

Even Though the main cause of confusion is overwriting the key bindings and the other controls are relatively easy, we are going to address some of the other confusing elements of the game.

You should know that there are some other reasons why right-clicking may not change the orientation of the object.


Certain objects like windmills are dynamic and they change directions automatically. Due to a peculiar quirk, if you right-click dynamic objects like windmills, they may not move. Usually, this problem presents itself, not because of overwriting your default settings but because of their dynamic nature.

However, if you closely observe the foot of the windmill or other objects, you will see that it does rotate. The rate at which it rotates is quite slow and it is kind of difficult to see.

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Like windmills, buildings are also designed peculiarly. If you observe them, you will see that their roads always face the streets.

You might see that if you try to position a building, it automatically adjusts itself to the nearest road. Manually rotating the building is impossible. The only way to solve this problem is by running the game with a mod.


You may also see that the roads flip automatically and get into all kinds of configurations. Almost all the time they arrange in a neat manner. However, sometimes it can seem a little out of place.

Reconfiguring the roads becomes necessary if you’ve created a skewed layout. In those cases, the game doesn’t correctly place the roads.

You can’t simply right-click to turn them by 45 degrees. Instead, you should use the right-click hold method to deftly place the roads with small movements.


Roundabouts can be rotated the way you rotate any other object in the game, i.e by right-clicking and then dragging it. After placing it, you won’t see it as a single object but as a collection of different roads, which cannot be rotated as one single unit.

Now that you know how to rotate objects and place them correctly, go ahead and create the city of your dreams.

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