Dying Light Cheats Codes (2024)

If looking for cheat codes for Dying Light Cheats and want to have some fun with your friends you’ve invited them to play dying light in multiplayer.

Well, you’ve visited the correct website, here we have shared all the working cheat codes that you can use in Dying Light to get free items without having a hassle.

What is Dying Light?

The Dying Light is a horror video game in which you needed to survive the zombies the game was introduced on January 26, 2015, and it was developed by Techland and released by Warner Bros. In this game, the story follows an undercover agent known as Kyle Crane.

Kyle Crane was sent to a mission in the quarantine area in the middle eastern city called Harren. The city is getting infected with a deadly virus and converting people into zombies. These zombies are clumsy and slow in the daytime and become more powerful and aggressive at the night.

In this game, Kyle fights with the zombies with the help of advanced weapons such as guns, laser guns, swords and much more and terminates the zombies. Moreover, the game also supports multiplayer gaming which means you can play Dying Light with your 4 friends in your home or office.

Dying Light Cheat Codes For PC (2023)

Dying Light Redeem Code

To use the Dying Light Cheat PC you needed to use the trainer software called Pitch or any other trainer to use the cheat codes. This is a legal way but there is a cache you can only play solo using the trainer it does not allow for multiplayer mode. However, there are other modes that you can access in Pitch which are as follows.

  • Dying Light infinite ammo
  • Dying Light God mode
  • No Reload and much more

If you’re searching for simple Dying Light PC cheats, Dying Light PS4 cheats, or Dying Light Xbox One cheats, continue to the next section. We never let you down, even if it lacks massive cheats list like these latest Roblox Star Codes, All New Satisfactory Cheats Codes and Sims 4 Cheats.

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Dying Light Cheats PC (2023)

These are all the dying light codes that you can use on the PC using the Plitch trainer and get take your gaming to the next level without having a hassle.

Infinite moneyLCTRL+F2
Infinite gas (car)RCTRL+F2
Infinite nitroRCTRL+F3
Godmode (carparts)RSHIFT+F1
Infinite stamina (running)ALT+F3
Indestructible weaponsLCTRL+ F1
Infinite ammoLCTRL+F5
No reloadLCTRL+F6
Infinite gas (flamethrower)RCTRL+F1
Infinite stamina (weapons)ALT+F2
Easy lock-pickingLCTRL+F7
Fill survival-experiencesHOME+F1
Fill agility-experiencesHOME+F2
Fill power-experiencesHOME+F3
Infinite equipmentLCTRL+F3
Minimum 50 itemsLCTRL+F4
Infinite grappling hookLSHIFT+F5
Infinite UV-flashlightLSHIFT+F6
Infinite potion durationLSHIFT+F7
Infinite repairs (carparts)RSHIFT+F2
Infinite challenge timeLCTRL+F9
Freeze time of dayLSHIFT+F1
Infinite Bozak Horde timeLCTRL+F10
Time of day: middayLSHIFT+F2
Time of day: midnightLSHIFT+F3

with the gaming codes, you can take your gaming skills to the next level without a hassle. We all get bored sometimes when a single take and want some action such as you can enable freeze time of day cheat and kill all the zombies in a glance.

Pro Player Tips on Dying Light For Beginners

If you’re a beginner in the dying light game then you need to consider these below-given tips by some experts. To improve your gaming skills.

Dying Light codes

Dying Light Console Commands

First and foremost, familiarity with Dying Light console controls is critical, as agility is crucial in the game. Killing 30 zombies in a short amount of time is required in challenges like Dying Psycho Cut in Half.

Try To Keep Your Self on Rooftops

The ground is full of zombies and danger, Yes hundreds of zombies were present on the roads and it become way too hard to survive on the ground. So some pro players recommend gamers to stay on the rooftops to survive for a longer time in the game.

Keep Your Axe Sharpen

If your weapons is in good condition then you can easily get into danger or face much trouble during the fight with zombies. Because most of the time the weapon gets broken in the middle of the fight or when you encounter large numbers of zombies. Pro player recommends keeping your weapon at the top-notch when you’re planning to go for the hunt in the dying light.

Take Advantage of Safe Houses

You needed to uncover all the safe houses in the game as soon as possible. Because when massive numbers of zombies attack you. Then you can take a retreat to the safe houses because the safe houses will keep you safe from zombies’ attacks and give you time to grow your health back.

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How To Use Dying Light Duplication Glitches

If you want to learn how to duplicate items in Dying Light then read this short guide carefully and apply the glitches to get the benefits.

Dying Light Duplication Glitches

Duplicate Items

In this you needed to play as a multi-player for duplicating items and for this you need your friend as the 2nd player in the dying light game and drop the items you need to duplicate now the second player will pick up the items and then exit the game.

This will make storage inventory for the second player then again re-invite the second player into the game and then play the player to drop the items and exit the game by simply shutting down the system and unplugging it.

The items will remain in the 1st player inventory and you can repeat this process to easily generate multiple copies of the items.

Dying Light Unlimited Money

There are also other cheats to get unlimited money in Dying Light but the glitch works very well compare to cheats.

To get unlimited money in the game you needed to double enough melee through the costly weapons. Once you’ve enough weapons in the game you can easily sell them and get enough money. This is the easiest method to get infinite money in the game without having much hassle.

Dying Light Agility Exploit

For quick agility XP, get the ‘unlimited adept’ skill first. Then advance to ‘Free Running Expert.’ Visit the tower and stay until nightfall to earn approximately twice XP. Ascend the casings close to the building to the left of the tower, then the building itself.

As soon as you hit the peak, take a step back. You can now re-ascend the construction and barrels. You will gain Agility XP up to 120 this way. This glitch can be very useful in the Dying Light Jealous Runner task or the Dying Light Chasing Past reward.

Easy Power XP

Whenever you come to cross the pit in the mission on dying light a smaller house will be unlocked. Now, this is a place where you can easily boost your power. Firstly you needed to pick up a powerful weapon in the game and wait till the night.

After this go hunting and take all zombies with camouflage, once you terminate all the zombies two giant zombies will appear in the game and terminating these two zombies will give you lots of XP Power. Repeat this process one more or two times and you will gain lots of XP Power by this glitch.

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Excalibur Sword

The Excalibur is one of the powerful sword that can easily kill zombies within seconds or a single strike. This sword can help you to complete half the challenges in the game.

To obtain the Excalibur sword you needed to move forward to the south-eastern zone which is toward the water where you’ll find a huge rock and if you turn around, you’ll find a zombie with a sword in its chest.

To obtain the sword simply press the interact button for 2 minutes and you will get the sword and the zombies will perish with fire.

Hidden Loot Caves

When we talk about the secrets in Dying Light, we come across the secret hidden loot caves on the top of hidden places. A hidden cave can be found on the northeastern outskirts of the slums.

If you’ve already arrived at the safe house, keep moving along the riverbanks until you come across a flipped-over boat. Now, proceed to the left till you meet a barricade. Now, dive into the underground passage and swim until you reach the tomb.

When you enter the tomb, a message pops up that says, ‘Your destiny is to build your legend.’ The terrifying zombie barrage will now start and last for a few mins. After you’ve gunned down them all, you can begin looting.

The patch will then be enabled, and another message will be displayed advising you to ‘do some quests’. A waterway runs along of the wall, leading to the open cave system. This is where the gems are. Eventually, scale the wall in order to obtain some other duffel bags. Your loot is finished.

Dying Light fast moving

Fast Moving

Most of the players do not know that once you complete the story the fast travelling mode has been activated. Now you can easily go back to the slum areas of the old town in a glance along with that you can also hunt very fast.

To access the fast travel mode you needed to visit the tower and enter the bedroom. On the wall of the room, you will see a poster that allows you to travel from one location to another in a few seconds.

Easy Survivor Points

This is the most popular Dying Light glitch for PlayStation 4. In this firstly you needed to open the Bolter grounds and once it is unlocked move towards the nearest safe house and wait till the night and then go for the hunt and target the Bolter at the head to kill.

After this goes back to the safe house and gets 3000+ survivor points. Now, wander freely around the area, and spewing woman zombies will end up coming after you. You protect yourself from the women by taking refuge in the safe house. If you spend a night in the safe room, you will earn 30,000 survivor points.