Nothingness Void Gauntlet Guide

Today, we will look at some of the best Nothingness Void Gauntlet builds for New World, which greatly uses what the weapon offers. Both styles are viable for PvP and PvE: We have rounded up the best Void Gauntlet builds for each situation below, including recommended perk stacks and abilities shown using The New World Fan Sites ability tree tool.

The Void Gauntlets are among the 12 weapon categories accessible to players in the New World. To be one, one must make, obtain, or purchase the NW Gear, and for that, you must become familiar with the New World Gear Score Drop.

It is helpful to use New World Gear Score Tracker to gain complete insight into each Legendary piece you find. Watermarks are also unique to every type of weapon. To make a Nothing in the New World, the character must have 200 arcane skills and an arcane repository tier 5.

New World- Overview New World is a multiplayer online role-playing game that Amazon Games Orange County has developed. The company published the game on April 10, 2016. New World game is an online role-playing game where players create unique characters and explore the world of New World.

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They can enter battle with other players, gather relics, and use them to create weapons, tools, and armor, or progress through shorter adventures to earn new skills. New World is an open-ended, massively multiplayer, sandbox-style MMO in a cursed, supernatural version of North America during the 17th century.

Like any massively online game, you will have to play through New World to truly wrap your head around the many elements in New World. The game itself is not the primary measure of success for New World — the dynamic scenes built around it on Discord and social media, with players planning out the best way to reclaim the aeternum from any claimants.

What is the Nothingness Void Gauntlet?

One of the several Legendary Void Gauntlets in the games is the Nothingness Void Gauntlet. It is a very dangerous and challenging weapon, but it is up to any player who wants to acquire this item. This would be an awesome gauntlet for players who find themselves in dire straits and can’t beat the boss or even a normal miniboss.

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It takes out everything from your inventory, including potions and other consumables, and protects you from negative statuses like poison and stun lock. Gauntlet can consume every piece of equipment and make it into nothing after you jump out of its hand. For those who desire to utilize this legendary weapon, this power comes at a high cost.

The Void Gauntlet grant both self-healing and healing abilities to allies — making the Void Gauntlet the only other source of healing in an MMO aside from Life staff. Enchantment will be applied to Void Blade, increasing its damage output when it is active and counting your attacks as melee, allowing backstabs to be used more heavily with Vicious or Thief.

Void Blade is needed so that we can stack Void Essence stacks for Voidcaller, a passive skill at the end of a tree. You will also want an artifact ingredient for the Void, although how you obtain that or its exact name has yet to be revealed.

Nothingness Void Gauntlet

How To Craft Nothingness in New World?

In the New World, the player must have 200 Arcana talents and a Tier 5 Arcana Repository in order to produce Nothingness.

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For this:-

  • You will need 20 Death Quintessences
  • You will need 15 Runic types of leather
  • You will need 5 Rune stones
  • You will need 1 Void Crystal Cores
  • You will need 1 Eternal Ices
  • You will need 4 Wildwoods
  • You will need 2 Blister weaves

What are the Information & Stats of Nothingness?

These are the stats for Nothingness, which:

  • Include 600 Gear Score
  • Include 54 Damage
  • Include a 2% Critical Hit Chance
  • Include 1.3 Critical Damage Multiplier
  • Include 42 Block Stamina Damage
  • Include 20% Blocking Stability
  • Include Tier V
  • Include Scales with Intelligence 90%, Focus 65%
  • Include 4.8 Weight
  • Include 3000 Durability
  • Include Salvageable: Yes Include Bind on Equip

This is end of this short guide.

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