Hyper Roll Ranks System? Explained

Hyper Roll Ranks System: Many players are confused about the new game mode riot games added and its ranking system, those of you who know about it are good, but for those who don’t know about the new game mode. Here we go, Hyper Roll is a brand-new game mode that Riot has introduced.

In TFT, preserving your early-game gold till stage 3-1 was referred to as a hyper roll. It’s a tactic designed to help you obtain Tier 1 champions at level 4 so you can grab a 3-star champion right away. The term, however, now refers to a new model with shorter games and a different gold mechanic.

For players who don’t want their games to go on for too long or be tedious, the Hyper Roll option is ideal. It is made to make sure that players still enjoy the gameplay even though it lasts less time. On average, a Hyper Roll match lasts for 15 minutes.

Now, for this model to achieve this balance, it must deviate slightly from the original team fight tactics game mode but also have key similarities. Matches are kept brief, interesting, and competitive thanks to a few characteristics and restrictions of the mode. And those characteristics are:

  • Health
  • Leveling up
  • Drafting and stages
  • Gold mechanics
  • Rating
  • Wrapping up

Now let us talk more about the hyper roll rank system in team fight tactics in the brief down below.

hyper roll ranks

Hyper Roll Rank System in Team Fight Tactics :

First off, there is no way to play an unranked game in Hyper Roll; everyone has to play in a competitive mode by default as this game has no unranked feature, its normal mode even has ranks. Tiers, however, are distinct in this game mode as compared with team fight tactics and here prizes are also not combined with Teamfight Tactics.

There are five tiers in total in hyper roll mode. They are identified in Hyper Roll by various colors such as green, blue, yellow, grey, and red. You will begin your trip from the Grey tier after your first game and as you complete it you will receive 500 points. What are the other tiers of Hyper Roll, though?

Tiers in Hyper Roll Ranking System :

In hyper roll mode in team fight tactics, There are five tiers in total, as we just explained, you begin climbing the ladder from the Grey tier. But how many points are required to advance in the Hyper Roll?

  • 0 points for the grey tier as it’s just the beginning of the tier.
  • 1,400 points for the green tier and it comes after the grey tier.
  • 2,600 points in the blue tier and it comes after the green tier.
  • 3,400 points in the purple tier and it comes after the blue tier.
  • 4,200 points for the hyper tier and it comes after the purple tier.

You must place at least fourth in the game in order to move up the ladder. However, in other games, finishing fourth can earn you 0 points. Therefore, if you want to move forward, always aim for the top three. Naturally, if you finish lower than fourth, you will lose points.

Now you must be questioning what makes the hyper roll ranking system. so different from the team fight tactics ranking system. Well, now we will tell you exactly how their ranking system differs.

The difference between the Ranking System Of Hyper Roll and Team Fight Tactics:

The key distinctions between the team fight tactics and Hyper Roll ranking systems are shown below – 

  • There is a ranked system specific to Hyper Roll and other labs. Instead of the usual Iron through Challenger stages, it uses grey, green, blue, purple, and hyper tiers. All of that has already been covered.
  • Starting in the blue tier, players will get Ranked gifts based on the highest rating they receive at each stage. At the end of the set, Hyper Roll will receive its own unique tiered prizes.
  • Although each game of Hyper Roll only offers a flat 50 XP, players can still earn XP by completing missions.

So now you know about hyper roll, what is it? Hyper roll ranks, tiers, and how the hyper roll ranking system work. Only one thing is left, that is Rewards after all rewards are what make games so fun to play. 

Rewards in Hyper Roll Mode

Regarding the Hyper Roll rewards. The only thing you have to do to regain your rank tier is moved up to the blue tier, so don’t worry. The lowest rank that pays you is that one. Naturally, you can ascend as high as you like to receive a bigger reward.

The important thing to remember is that, even if you later decide to plunge, you will still earn the award for the highest tier you have managed to reach. Good luck, and Have Fun!

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the frequently asked questions related to the Hyper Roll Ranking System with complete information.

What are the layers of the hyper roll?

Tier G receives 0 points.
1,400 points for the green tier.
2,500 points for the blue tier.
3,400 points is the purple tier.
4,200 points for hyper tier.

How many layers does hyper roll have?

In comparison towards the nine rankings in Ranked TFT or League of Legends, Hyper Roll has only 5 tiers. Following are indeed the tiers: Tier Gray: 0 points

Is Hyper roll more rapid than usual?

Hyper Roll games often last 10 to 15 minutes, as opposed to a conventional game which could go up to an hour. That is indeed because you have 20 instead of 100 HP. Damage received from losing rounds differs in addition to the HP numbers.

Does the hyper roll factor into missions?

Yes! All TFT missions can be finished in Hyper Roll, but you’ll get the full amount of experience points. Additionally, each Hyper Roll game awards 50 XP. So enter and start earning XP right away!

This is the end of this guide.

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