Hyper Roll Ranks System | Explained

Teamfight Tactics (TFT) is one of the popular games it was released in 2019 basically it’s an auto-battler game that resembles the League of Legends.

Since its release, the game has had a huge player base and developers introduced more optional modes such as  Double-Up and Hyper Roll.

Most of the players do not know about the Hyper Roll Ranking system and most of the time players get confused and prefer a guide here we featured information that covers related to the Hyper Roll Ranks System with complete information.

Without wasting your time let’s focus on the guide.

hyper roll ranks

Technically the Hyper Roll in the TFT does not has a ranking system based on the character instead it has a color ranking system that why player usually get confused based on color like Bronze, Silver and Gold. 

Tiers in Hyper Roll

There is a total of 5 tiers in the Hyper Roll and all are mentioned below.

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Hyper Roll TiersPoints
Gray 0
Green 1400
Purple 3400
Hyper 4200

Most importantly unlike the LOL and TFT in Hyper Roll, the highest tier is Hyper and there is a no different or higher tier in the game.

Hyper Roll ranking system is the same as the Teamfight Tactics system once you play the game and end up in the top four tiers you get points for your rank. For example, if you reach the Blue rank and win the game then you will get 2600 points and the same goes for losing the match.

The TFT Hyperroll system is based on color ranking and not on the metallic system. For example Iron = Green, Platinum = Purple and more.

This is the end of the Hyper Roll Ranks System guide for more helpful content do read our User Guides.

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