Can Mega Gengar be Shiny in Pokemon Go?

Pokemon Go is known to be a successful game with millions of users playing the game every day. The popularity of Pokemon Go is huge due to its never-ending thirst to get all the Pokemon. It is basically a game where the players need to find different Pokemon using GPS tracking on the mobile and capture them to train and win in the battles.

While doing so the competition becomes intense when you want the shiny version of legendary or mythic characters. So, the players train the Pokemons in order to take part in the raid battles and win in order to get the exclusive Pokemon. One such Pokemon is recently a burning topic known as the Mega Gengar. Players have doubts about whether the shiny mega gengar exists or not.

If you are one of those who want to know about the shiny mega gengar, we have got you covered because we bring the insights and all you have to know about the shiny mega gengar. So, without wasting much time let’s dive into the next section.

What is Shiny Mega Gengar in Pokemon Go?

Shiny Mega Gengar
Shiny Mega Gengar

The players spot the regular types of Pokemons most of the time but getting a shiny Pokemon is where the game actually begins. It is a matter of fact that many of the shiny versions of the Pokemons are not found in the wild but when you win the raid battles.

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One such Pokemon known as the shiny mega gengar exists. The Shiny Haunter is known to be one of the Pokemon that was introduced in the Pokemon Go spotlight event that takes place in October 2022.

During the active time of the event, the players who got the chance to get the shiny Haunter can later be evolved to get the shiny mega gengar. Yes, you read it right. The shiny mega gengar is the evolving version of the Shiny Haunter.

Special Features of Shiny Mega Gengar

So, you must be wondering what is so special about Shiny Mega Gengar in Pokemon Go. The answer lies in the fact of skin color and tone along with its abilities and movements.

While most shiny variants have different color combinations to make them look more appealing, the shiny mega Gengar is known to be a pure white Pokemon. Thus, it is known to be a fan favourite due to its simplicity yet beautiful color combination.

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How To Get Shiny Mega Gengar in Pokemon Go?

In addition to the arrival of shiny mega gengar, you can also get various Pokemon and various bonus points known as the stardust which could help you to level up your game.

Thus, the Pokemon Go spotlight event comes with loads of opportunities to not only evolve the shiny haunter to a shiny mega gengar but also to get different bonuses and rewards. Thus, the odds of getting the shiny mega gengar are high and you can get it easily by the event of the spotlight.

More importantly, to evolve Shiny Hunter first, you need to collect the 100 Mega Energy throughout different raids battles, field research and more. The best chance to get Mega Energy in Pokemon Go is by simply completing the Mega Raids. There are two benefits of completing the mega raids first it will allow you to obtain the Mega Enegery and second you may grab your hands on any shiny Pokemon.

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This is sum up for the Shiny Mega Gengar guide for more similar content such as Shiny Rayquaza or Shiny Mew do check our Pokemon Go guides.