Guide To Conquer The Boss Deerclops Terraria

Deerclops Terraria: Firstly we will discuss how to spawn this monster as it is not easy. To spawn this new monster in Terraria, players must first create a Deer Thing at an Altar by fusing one Lens, three Flinx Fur, and either five Demonite Ore or five Crimtane Ore Ore.

Due to how simple it is to obtain these materials, fans may summon Deerclops fairly early in pre-hard mode.

Players can take on Deerclops before taking down the Destroyer of Worlds, albeit the fight could be challenging at that stage of the game. Once the Deer Thing has been created, users should go to a Terraria winter biome and utilize items used for summoning to summon the Deerclops.

Fans must avoid the Deerclops’s numerous assaults when it is susceptible for a brief period after it spawns before they may target it.

For those players who are interested, the boss can attack with three distinct attacks: one that spawns nightmare hands, one that launches balls made of snow into the air, and one that forms ice spikes waves on the ground.

How to defeat Deerclops Boss In Terraria

Before trying to defeat deerclops, let us understand what they bring to the table and what they can do. Deerclops can be fought in Pre-Hardmode, but that doesn’t imply it’s an easy target.

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The unprepared player may find it downright harsh, and this is especially true in the master and expert game settings.

deerclops terraria

A deeper look at the statistics that Deerclops contributes is provided below:

Stats Traditional Mode

●     Defense: Max Life: 7000, 14000, and 21000

●     Knockback Resistant: 0 0 0

●     Knockback Resistant: 100% 100% 100%

●     Damage from Melee 20 40 60

●     Damage from an Ice Spike is 26 52 78

●     Debris Attack is 36 72 108

●     Shadow Hand is 20 40 60.

Now let us talk about what kind of attack it can throw at you and how to prevent them. Deerclops may attack with a variety of methods. Its roar should be your first line of defense since if it gets to hit you, the Slow debuff will be applied to you for 12 to 30 seconds. Once you are aware of the attack’s position, Deerclops will remain in the same spot throughout most of the roar, making it simple to avoid.

Don’t let it touch you, though, since the Deerclops runs incredibly swiftly, and the Slow debuff may be fatal. you may not believe but deerclops also has a surprise up its sleeve for when it draws near to you. Ice spikes that it may conjure will sadly move quickly across the battlefield.

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You can survive this onslaught by using any air travel gear or wings. Deerclops can also hurl heaps of dirt your way, but only if you’re far enough away. This assault doesn’t pose a significant threat because it isn’t as swift as the ice spikes.

Now we know its stats and how he attacks. We can easily find a way to defeat him. This is all we have for this guide, hope it helps you.

So the best approach to combat Deerclops is to build something like a platform above it because its assaults tend to miss targets from above. if you go directly above it will be dangerous as it can use 5 to 6 nightmare hands before you even do something.

Deerclops may also cause slowness, making swiftness potions quite helpful. If you have a bed there and a place where it can’t get away, you may prolong the fight because even when the boss kills you it doesn’t despawn.

The Cthulhu shield is fantastic for evading if you are on expert or master mode. Well, congratulations you have finally defeated the deerclops boss now it is time to get rewards for defeating it.

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Predictably, the Deerclops gives stuff as reward when it is killed, and Master mode is the only way to get several of its special goods. The goods that are unique to Terraria’s Master mode have indeed been mentioned, and this list of Deerclops’s drops is comprehensive:

Bone Helm (Expert+): Calls forth attack-launching nightmare hands. – 100% drop rate

In Terraria, the Deerclops Eyeball (Master) may summon a Tiny Deerclops pet. – Deerclops Relic Drop Rate: 25% (Master) – Deerclops Trophy drops with a 100% drop rate. – Deerclops Mask drops with a 10% drop rate. 14.29% is the drop rate.

Eye Bone: Calls forth a travelling piggy bank. – 33% drop rate

Eyebrella: An adornment that causes a cloud of rain to appear over the player character. – 33% drop rate

A sentry summoning weapon that generates Houndius Shootius is called a hound. 25% of drops.

If placed in a garbage bin, or not used, Lucy the Axe speaks in sentences. – Drop Rate: 25% Pew-Matic Horn: Projectiles appear as a variety of objects. 25% of drops.

The visual effect shown in the seed of a constant world is activated by the radio thing. – Drop

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