Find the Jeok Clan Miracle Drug In Elden Ring

Lost Ark has lots of collectibles that players need to collect in the game to progress to the next level. One of the collectibles is named Jeok Clan Miracle Drug and in order to get it you need to find the Secret Pill of the Jeok Family.

If you searching for a guide to know where you can find the Secret Pill of Jeok Family then you’re on the correct platform. Here we cover all information that helps you to know the location of the Secret Pill of Jeok Family in the Lost Ark.

Without wasting your time let’s focus on the guide.

Jeok clan miracle drug
Jeok clan miracle drug location

Where To find the Secret Pill of Jeok Family in Lost Ark?

To find the Secret Pill of Jeok Family you need to go to the northeast direction of Ascetic Temple Triport and then go down to the vines. After that, you need to reach the Bamboo Forest and then you need to reach the Jeok Clan Training Grounds.

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You need to move forward in the north direction until you see the house. Above the house there is a cart just beside the cart you will find the Secret Pill of Jeok Family. After opening the inventory and press the “I” button and then right-click on the Jeok Clan Miracle Drug to complete the Adventurer’s Tome cooking recipe.

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