Dark and Darker How to Link Items in Chat

In Dark and Darker, you can trade any item from your inventory. It’s like real-life trading where you have to pay some fees to create a trading account, an eligibility requirement, and some rules and regulations you must obey.

After doing that you can trade particular items at different categorized locations of Dark and Darker, you can either trade with gold or another item. We have listed all the steps in this Dark and Darker: How to Link Items in Chat Guide. 

Go through this Dark and Darker to know all about trading in the game.

How Can I Become a Trader in the Dark and Darker?

Dark and Darker Guide
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It’s easy to become a trader in Dark and Darker, you just need to fulfil some requirements and have to be bound by the trading rules and regulations. 

Follow this step to become Trader in Dark and Darker:

  1. Go to the Main Menu
  2. Head to the Trade Option
  3. That interface will have room categories on the right hand and to the left there will be the option for the message. 
  4. Under the message tab, there may be another option with Become A Trader. 
  5. Click on the Become A Trader. 
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At last, there will be some rules and regulations you need to follow. While creating a trading account in Dark and Darker you have to pay a fee of 25 gold. 

You have to fulfil this requirement to become a Trader in Dark and Darker:

  • Level: 5
  • Charge: 25 gold
  • Monthly dues: 0
  • Trading charge: 15 gold

After following the process now you can join the Trading Categories in Dark and Darker.

Where Can I Trade Items in Dark and Darker?

After creating a trading account, you might wonder, where can I trade items in Dark and Darker? There are some categorized rooms in Dark and Darker where you can trade your things. In Dark and Darker, trading rooms are categorized as per specific items such as weapons and goods. 

There you can buy and sell the specific item in the respective trading room with gold or other items. While making any trading in Dark and Darker you have to pay 15 gold as a trading fee. 

Trading Rooms in Dark and Darker:

  1. Weapons
  2. Armor
  3. Utilities 
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As per your requirement, you can go to the respective room and buy and sell items as per your need. 

In Dark and Darker: How to Link Items in Chat?

As per your requirement, whether you want to buy or sell weapons, armor, or utilities you have to join that categorized room. After that, you have to move your cursor to that item. 

To Sell any item in Dark and Darker, you have to first become a trader and then have to join the specific room. Join the room, there to sell the items, on the screen, you can see the inventory popping up in that room, you have to select that item. To link an item in chat, you have to press and hold the SHIFT key and Left click on the Mouse. 

To Buy any items, head to the items you want to buy, press and hold the SHIFT key, and Right click on the Mouse. As you do that, the other person has to request your offer,  there will be some gold you need to enter or have to trade it with other items. 

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In this process, while selling or purchasing any items you have to pay 15 gold for a single trade. You have to enter a specific room to find your item. Further in the chat box, you have to send a request to purchase the item, and to sell have to accept the request. 


Here end of this guide in short you need to follow these below given steps to link items in chat.

  • Create Account: Main Menu> Trade> Become A Trader Option> 
  • Requirement: reach level 5, pay 25 gold, obey the trading rules.
  • Join the room, Weapons, Armor, Utilities,
  • Chat to sell and buy in the trading room, 
  • Hold Shift+ Right Click = Buy Item
  • Hold Shift + Left Click = Sell items 
  • Pay Gold or trade with another item with a 15 gold charge fee. 

This is all for how to link items in chat on Dark and Darker for more similar content do check our Dark and Darker guides section.

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