Dark and Darker How to Get Soul Heart

If you’ve been playing with a team in the newest Dark and Darker playtest, you’ve probably come across the Soult Heart item.

If you’re new to Dark and Darker, the Soul Heart may seem obscure, but it’s really one of the most important objects in the game if you want a successful team extract.

We’ll go through the Dark and Darker Soul Hearts in detail below so you know what to do with them when the time comes on your Dungeon Basement Level adventures.

How to Get Soul Heart in Dark and Darker 

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Soul Heart is nothing more than a physical manifestation of each player’s soul. You, whether ally or foe, have a Soul Heart, and you cannot die forever as long as your soul is alive. In Dark and Darker, you must approach your ally’s corpse and loot it to obtain the Soul Heart. Soul Heart can be found among different things.

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You can only take Soul Hearts from allies’ bodies; adversaries’ Soul Hearts are inaccessible to you.

Taking a teammate’s soul is the finest thing you can do to help him if the enemies assaulting him are too powerful. After all, Soul Heart can return an ally back to life, allowing him to exact vengeance on the perpetrators.

How to Use the Soul Heart in Dark and Darker

Once you’ve collected the Soul Heart, you should head straight for a little altar. The altar is located differently depending on the dungeon. However, it is frequently found in small chambers on the lower levels of the dungeon.

As the ritual takes some time, make sure there are no harmful monsters or opposing players nearby. In Dark and Darker, walk up to the altar and interact with it to resurrect the player.

You must surrender some HP to resurrect an ally, but this is a minor price to pay for a faithful companion. Also, we recommend that you call another player to keep an eye on you so that a pickpocket does not rob you.

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That’s how to get and use Soul Heart in Dark and Darker as I’ll see you in the next guide.

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