Dead island 2 Crashing How To Fix

The reasons for the crashing problem on Dead Island 2 on PC and the processes to fix Dead Island 2 from crashing on PC

If you are a fan of Dead Island 2 and play this game on a regular basis then there is a possibility that you may face the problem of crashing Dead Island 2 on PC. If you are facing this kind of problem and searching for the solutions to fix Dead Island 2 crashing on PC then stop searching because from this article you will get the perfect solutions to get rid of these problems.

For those players who are zombie game lovers, this game Dead Island series is a wonderful and perfect choice. And you will get this game with a story featuring a harmful dangerous virus circulating across the city Los Angeles in the second edition. You will be able to explore the storyline throughout this exciting gameplay.

Reasons For Dead Island 2 Crashing on PC

If you are running this on your PC then you have to know that there are some specific system requirements. If you want to run this game without any issues then your PC needs the important specification or this game will be crashing.

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There is also a chance that your drivers might be problematic or outdated and for this reason you are facing these kinds of difficulties.

You should also check your game components, if they are missing, corrupted or outdated then there is a chance that Dead Island 2 may stop working and crash.

How to fix Dead Island 2 from crashing on PC

At first you have to ensure that the system requirement of Dead Island 2 is absolutely perfect on your PC, then apply some quick methods before moving to the main process.

At first, you have to install the directx Runtime and Visual C++ and restart your PC. After doing that you have to enable the high performance mode and also ensure that your PSU is well suitable without any hardware related issues. And after doing this you have to go through the following methods mentioned below.

At first you need to update the graphics card driver and for this open the Start Menu and type Device Manager then press Enter. After doing this you have to expand the Display Adapters and do right click on the GPU driver and choose Update driver. Then you have to click on the Search automatically for drivers and finish the process. After finishing this, restart
your PC.

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Then you should repair the Dead Island 2 game files after facing the crashing issues. For this at first open the Epic Games Launcher and go to the library and click on the three dots which you can see under the Dead Island 2 and go to the Mange then lastly click on the Verify and the processing will be finish after some time.

Then you should clear the web cache to avoid this crashing. For this at first open Run by pressing win + I on the keyboard and type %localappdata% then click OK. After doing this you have to navigate to the EpicGamesLauncher directory and save. Then you need to find the folders of wecache and delete them all.

Then you should clear the shader cache to avoid this type of crashing. For this you have to press win + I on the keyboard to open window Settings and you should navigate to System and click on the Storage. Then you have to go to temporary files and select direct Shader Cache and remove those files.

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The new fullscreen optimization feature of the game might be an excellent improvement but sometimes it can be the cause of the crashing Dead Island 2 on your PC. To avoid this problem you are suggested to disable fullscreen optimization.

For this you have to go to the Dead Island 2 installation directory and do right click on the application file and go to the Properties. After doing that you have to go to the Compatibility tab and select the Disable fullscreen optimization and press OK.

To avoid unwanted crushing of Dead Island 2 you are suggested to uninstall suspicious apps like MSI AfterBurner, FPS Booster, Game Booster, GeForce Experience, Razer Synapse. This type of apps may create an overlay on the game which can be the case of crushing Dead Island 2.

If you are continuously facing the problem of crushing Dead Island 2 then you should re-install this game and enjoy your game without any disturbance.

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