Can Tyranitar be Shiny in Pokemon Go

Finally the waiting for Pokemon GO’s new Adventure Week event is going to end. The players were excited and eagerly waiting for this for so long. And the super excited thing is the debut of the beloved Mega Evolution for the Pokemon Tyranitar comes with the new adventures of Pokemon GO.

And there is a new version of Mega Tyranitar, the current Mega Raid Boss which you are able to defeat as a player. Here we have a question that or not they can find the shiny version of this creature.

The Shiny Pokemons are mainly the most highly desired types of creatures that players are able to figure out in their mobile game and this is a very rare kind of creature and also difficult to find.

How To Catch Shiny Tyranitar in Pokemon Go

Here are some tips to find Shiny Tyranitar in Pokemon GO.

The great news is finally Niantic has confirmed directly that Shiny Tyranitar is present in Pokemon GO for the debut of Mega Tyranitar. And we all know that many shiny hunters are feeling the urge to grind for their opportunity to discover and catch the shiny variant of the popular Kaiju-inspired pocket monster.

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And you should know that many of those who also have the urge to discover a Shiny Tyranitar have to do it as very quickly as soon as possible. And for this, players need the best luck to grind these Mega Raid Battles after getting the luck of killing one after defeating the boss at a base rate of 1 in every 20 or 30.

And this also has a very high price, like if a player wants to hatch a Larvitar to develop it, the rate will be around 1 in 500. So players need to keep this in mind and they also need to know how will they manage to win against the new Mega Tyranitar Raid Boss.

Mega Tyranitar Best Counters

The best ways to win against the Mega Tyranitar in Pokemon GO

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At the very first you have to know that Mega Tyranitar keeps its Rock and Dark typing as its base form. They mainly use their influential Fighting-type moves which is the best way to secure the victory. And Pokemon GO also hosts a gathering of strong Ground types, so you have to bring a couple that would only help you as a player’s odds against this boss.

If you are able to bring the Primal Groudon or Mega Swampert then it would be the best way to maximize one’s damage output. And we should thanks to their type advantage and heightened base stats from their form change.

If you want to complement these creatures then you have to bring Fighting-types like Lucario, Machamp, and Conkeldurr which is suggested as they can only help the player’s odds in this battle.

If you are new to this game then you also should know that Gyarados, Garchomp, and Excadrill are also proven to be very valuable investments in this fight, approved if the player has access to them.

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These creatures are mainly well known for their oddity, so other choices like Golem with Ground-type attacks, Vaporeon, and Blastoise are great choices too, we must say. And Rhyperior is also a very good choice for this raid according to the players who have access to Rhyperior.

Finally, players need to run in teams of between 6 to 9 other players. Just because Mega Raids are some of the toughest challenges Pokemon Go has to offer, you are suggested to work together. It will help you to get victory quickly and you will find your Shiny Tyranitar.

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