Destiny 2: How to Get funnel-web god roll and Guide?

If you are a die heart fan, you must know this already. Destiny 2’s much-awaited expansion is finally out! The Witch Queen is now making players face the deadliest villain directly. Therefore, players must prepare themselves for tough competition. Consequently, many new weapons have also been introduced to the game. One such is the funnel web god roll. 

This article has everything you should know about this latest release and how to get the funnel web god roll and guide. 

Funnel Web Godroll: Complete Guide

The funnel web god roll is a submachine gun. Many call it the mini version of the handy Recluse pinnacle weapon. But, the real reason behind its fame is that it’s a void with excellent perks. 

How to get the Funnel Web God roll and Guide? 

Funnel-web can drop from many different sources. However, target framing the gun takes work. Moreover, presently, it is not craftable either. So, you should wish it comes your way at the end of a playlist activity or legendary engram. 

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However, you can pseudo-farm it using a few awkward steps. Firstly, you’ll have to switch to a different platform from where you bought the Witch Queen. In case you play the game on PC and don’t have its expansion on your PlayStation, log into Destiny 2 on your play station. 

Then, finch chest farm on the account you don’t have on DLC. As a result, world weapons like funnel web will drop from the chests you open. However, note that this is an inaccessible method for most players. Therefore, you should only give it a shot if you feel like you won’t be able to breathe without a god-roll funnel web!

Funnel Web PVP god roll

  • Accurized Rounds
  • Range finder
  • Perpetual motion or Killing Wind
  • Hammer-forged rifling or Corkscrewed rifling

Funnel Web PVE god roll

  • Appended or Tactical Mag
  • Frenzy
  • Subsistence
  • Corkscrew Rifling or Arrowhead Brake

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