Destiny 2: Broken Blade of Cunning Guide

To get the latest new wicked implement scout rifle, you need all three of the broken blades in this. But this time, unlocking this scout rifle is not as easy and simple as it was with the previous guns.

I have prepared a guide on how to get to the broken blade of cunning and how the players can use it, so stay tuned with us and keep reading the article below.

How To Get and Use Broken Blade of Cunning in Destiny 2

broken blade of cunning destiny 2
Image via Bungie

All the players who have been fishing in the EDZ outskirts must be familiar with an outstanding exotic fish named Aeonian alpha betta fish.

The Aeonian alpha beta is the last fish released in the deep season. Once you turn the Aeonian alpha beta into an H.E.L.M. aquarium, you will receive the broker’s blade of cunning.

This blade, which you have obtained from the exotic fish, is the last of the three broken blades that are needed for  Xivu Arath’s secret encounter in the game. It is important to note that before initiating the exotic encounter, you need to bring all the broken blades of cunning to the three statues.

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You will get your second Ahsa blessing once you have fueled up the drills as a part of your first exotic encounter in the deep dice activity. Move towards the lower area, and you will find yourself in the water area.

Keep moving forward until you reach a point where there is a fan at the bottom of a hole after you drop down into it. There is only one way to get out, so don’t rush yourself.

Down there, you will bubble, eat it and start moving forward until you reach a tall plant. On the corner, you will find a statue. Offer all three of your bladed statues to complete this quest.

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