Elden Ring: Find & Use Sentry Torch (Lantern) Guide

Elden Ring offers a variety of weaponry that you can employ. However, a torch can also be utilized in combat. Finding and using a sentry torch is one of the ways to avoid significant dangers and to make some portions of the Elden Ring simpler to navigate.

The Sentry Torch can be used to unlock Black Knife Assassins inside of Elden Ring. It can also be used to frighten undesirable creatures and is most effective against those who are weak to fire-based assaults.

So, in this article, we’ll tell you more about the Sentry Torch, where you can find it, and how you can use it for avoiding some very unknown and serious hazards in Elden Ring.

sentry lantern elden ring
How To Find Sentry Torch

How to find the Elden Ring Sentry Torch?

There is only one place where players of Elden Ring can find the Sentry Torch, and that place is at Hermits Merchants Shack.

You must make the trip to the Hermit Village on Mount Gelmir. It is closer to Grace’s location at the Seethewater Terminus. The Sentry Torch is available for purchase at the Hermit Merchants Shack on the island of Leyndell.

Sentry Torch Location
Sentry Torch Location

It is just outside of the northwest entrance, beyond the first wall. You can buy the Sentry Torch at the Hermit Merchants Shack in the Ring of Elden.

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Once you arrive at this place, you just have to speak with the particular merchant in question and choose Sentrys Torch. The Sentrys Torch is only found in the Hermit Merchants Shack and is only available to players of Elden Ring.

The Sentrys Torch is not an item that you find, nor received as a reward for defeating powerful enemies it is merely something you must purchase from one of many vendors throughout The Lands Between.

The merchants will sell the Sentrys Torch, along with other items, for 7,000 runes. As you leave Stranded Cemetery, the first trader you see is Merchant Cale, who also sells torches.

Sentry Torch Elden Ring
Elden Ring: Sentry Torch

How to use the Sentry Lantern in Elden Ring?

The Torch Lantern will light up the environment around you, allowing you to carry weapons or shields with your hands.

The torch’s Lantern is just like the Lantern, except that it lights up your surroundings, making tunnels and other dungeons a lot easier to traverse.

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Although its light is duller than a torch, it gives the user the advantage of using a device without having to hold one. The light that the lantern provides is not nearly as powerful as that provided by a torch, and the diminutive little instrument cannot be used as a weapon.

The lantern in the Elden Ring can be turned on/off by pressing and it will illuminate the environment roughly as well as a torch, with the added advantage of leaving one hand free to take the gun/shield.

The torch shows enemies that otherwise would be totally occluded by the darkness, making it easier to avoid getting lost in caverns and in the dark, as well as being usable as a weapon. The sentry torch makes that boss fight much more approachable since you can evade attacks and easily splat down on top of them.

Torch Attack is a Sentry Torch weapons ability, which works similarly to the other Torches, as the player pushes a torch forwards to attack opponents.

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While Torch Attack does not do a lot of damage, it can be helpful against opponents that are susceptible to getting caught on fire. You will be able to make use of the Influence position, or double-wield the Sentry Torch, though it does not have any special abilities.

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