Ulcerated Tree Spirit Recommended Level Guide

Defeating an Elden Ring boss is not a piece of cake unless you know the moves and combinations and you have to face bosses all the time both inside traditional dungeon-style levels and the overworld so how are bosses in Elder Ring

Well, there are hundreds of bosses in Elden ring although you do not have to defeat all of them, you only need to defeat 12, but you have to defeat them in a specific order in order to progress others are optional.

Some are easy to defeat some are very difficult, defeating an optional boss gives you rewards so even defeating some optional boss are worth it. There are three types of boss in Elden ring:

1. Demigods, legends, and lords
2. Great enemies bosses
3. Field bosses

Out of these three demigods, legends and lords are the elder ring main bosses and if you defeat an Elden ring main boss you are usually rewarded with one of the 10 Great Mending Runes. In the case of optional bosses u may and may not defeat them.

But you have to defeat at least some of them for example Afflicted Begar, Laurence the first vicar, The witch of hemwick, watchdog of the old lords, Gehrman the first hunter these are all optional bosses but you need to defeat at least two of them.

ulcerated tree spirit recommended level

To progress as you need two or more great runes to move forward removing the barrier and you great runes but defeating bosses. Among all the optional there is a boss called ulcerated tree spirit.

Ulcerated Tree Spirit

It is a Field Boss found on Mt Gelmir. This is an optional boss and it’s not compulsory to defeat it in order to progress but defeating it will grant you some great rewards. 

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It is on Mt. Gelmir. In order to find the ulcerated tree spirit, you need to first stone sword fog wall you encounter before you ascend to limgrave and it requires two stone sword keys to unlock, there is a gauntlet leading up to this boss.it is found in Minor Erdtree, on the way to the broken sacrifice bridge beneath the Volcano Manor.

Recommended level

30+, ulcerated tree spirit can be very difficult to defeat if you are low level so we will recommend players to reach at least level 30 before fighting ulcerated tree spirit 

Recommended Weapon Level:

+12 to +17 (standard), +5 to +6 (somber)


Its size is huge, and the room in which you fight is small so it is very hard to fight this boss as you have to change your camera position, again and again, to get it in the field of view. It is a kind of aggressive boss and it is quick to move in fact very quick.

Some common moves you will face are lunging slither, it could be the first move spirit makes its a gap closing ability that allows the boss to move across the entire room and if you come in its path, it will deal damage to you.

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It will also use a writhing attack, one move that can really throw you off is the boss’s roar chop combination. now let’s see what you will get as a reward for defeating the ulcerated tree spirit.


After defeating the ulcerated tree spirit you will get 15,000 runes, Banished Knight Oleg Ashes, and also a golden see which can increase the amount of flask you carry. But before discussing rewards, we should know how to defeat the ulcerated tree spirit.

How to defeat Ulcerated Tree Spirit

We will recommend you take a sword and shield and fight it with a physical-based character. You need to kit its attacks as they do so much damage and some moves can even kill you in one blow.

You should take fire grease for sure as its a tree spirit it is very weak against fire and fire attacks deal additional damage to it.

So if the mouth of the spirit starts glowing yellow as it charges fire to throw at you, you should be ready to dodge, or better you should try to close the gap between you and its mouth and try to get behind its head, it will not only keep you safe from its attack but you can also do some combos on it while it’s preoccupied charging its attack.

One of its attacks you need to watch out for is when the spirit shakes its head rapidly as it is going to fire a powerful attack which will take your most if not all health, so if the spirit shakes its head rapidly try to get as far as u can get from it and be ready to dodge.

One of its attacks is it makes the distance from you and lunge forward with a mouth wide open, to catch you off guard. So do not think you are safe and let your guard down when it makes distance because if it catches you, you will be locked in animation and certainly die.

You should know that ulcerated tree spirit relies on one big heavy attack instead of combo attacks so if you get hit by one of its attacks, you should quickly heal yourself as you get enough time to heal before its next attack. Now you can easily defeat The ulcerated tree spirit and go get your reward.

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This is the end of this short guide.

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